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Top 5 Most Dominant Classes of Their Time Video

By carterosa

carterosa Level 231 Bera Kaiser 4
Jun 03 2016 Top 5 Most Dominant Classes of Their Time

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tubring22 Level 188 Bellocan Zero Transcendent
+1 Constructive criticism: Get some facts rather than "if I remember right." Then write some bullet points for each thing that you've chosen so you don't say things like umm or have random spaces all the time
Jun 03 2016
aerial Level 213 Scania Beginner
+1 jesus.. write a script or at least know what you are gonna say. incredibly painful to listen to.
Jun 03 2016
forevervip Level 200 Broa Shadower
Tbh I don't think the video is as bad as everyone is making it seem? Like yeah you said "uh" quite a few times, but oh well.
Jun 03 2016
windowlegs Level 142 Kradia Buccaneer
edit out the pauses where you are thinking of what to say
Jun 03 2016
mpforever Level 33 Bera Cleric
freakin noob.
Angelic Bustser was the most op class of all time.
Jun 03 2016
mrsatan Level 207 Scania Blade Master
1. Hermit
2. Kaiser
3. Bishop
4. Dual blade
5. Luminous
Jun 03 2016
wiznewb Level 209 Bellocan Shade 4
Ahh I remember the days of Bishop Genesis spam, Dragon Knights being top tier.
and Dexless Hermits being the high DPS-ers
Jun 03 2016
libo720 Level 211 Elnido Demon Slayer 4
he made the video as a causal vlog style, not every videos needs a script and be treated like some kind of formal presentation. Calm urselves nerds.
Jun 07 2016

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