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Top 5 classes for HoH grinding?

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gomlyolobro Level 189 Khaini Blade Master
What are the best classes for grinding at HoH assuming ~10b funds?
Posted: February 2014 Permalink


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Jaacckk Level 204 Kradia Zero Transcendent
I'd say...Luminous, Zero, Xexon, NL, and I/l
Feb 14 2014
RFighter Level 205 Windia Bow Master See what games, anime & art RFighter is intoRFighter
Luminous and Battle Mage come to mind if you ask me.
Feb 14 2014
Castrius Level 202 Renegades Zero Transcendent
luminous, zero, i/l, phantom, and dualblade
Feb 14 2014
standknight Level 56 Kradia Assassin
Lumi, Demon Slayer, Aran, Night Lord, and Battle Mage
Feb 14 2014
skz1996 Level 186 Elnido Night Lord
Shadower definitely up there, our mobbing skills does so much damage, at 180k self buffed I can do 10m total each mobbing attack. And our lv170 hyper skill is OP, it hits the whole map for a good 12seconds dealing damage to every monster every .5 secs.
Feb 14 2014
Meowzza Level 213 Bera Dark Knight
Luminous, Zero, Wind Archer, Dark Knight, Demon Slayer
Feb 14 2014
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