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Tots levels?

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awesomecake Level 141 Bellocan Night Lord
So I was playing a new page I had made, and at level 31, Tots let me level to level 35. When was this a thing?
Posted: May 2014 Permalink


Sanic Level 142 Chaos Dawn Warrior 4
Ever since the Academy dungeon was released.
May 22 2014
Tash Level 194 Bellocan Paladin
Mushroom Kingdom was turned into a level 60 dungeon in the last KMS patch.
May 22 2014
4Times Level 149 Demethos Phantom 4
It really does make the Mushroom Kingdom and Ellinel Academy pointless, except from 30-31... [/quote]

I can do 30-35 with tot....
May 22 2014

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