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Traced Split Edge versus primed?

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0o0abbadon0o0 Level 224 Demethos Blaze Wizard 4
So I'm in the process of funding a xenon and I've found there really just isn't gear for purchase in my server for the most part (least not a weapon that is reasonably priced).

I've accepted that means I'm likely to be making my gear from scratch which I'm okay with. I don't know though whether or not to spring for prime scrolls for my whip blade. I understand that primes will be better for sure, but do we lose out more than other classes with traces since we rely on the allstat bonus and 15% traces force you to pick one Stat? Anyone who is more versed with the class that can help would be greatly appreciated! ^^
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Traced Split Edge versus primed?

100%1 / 1Just spring for primes
0%0 / 1You can get away with 15% traces


aeraxis Level 210 Khaini Xenon 4
If affordability isn't an issue, then go for the primes - But first, let's look at the stats in a simplified manner.
Think if the primes as 10 attack 9 "main stat" each scroll, while 15% traces can be looked as 9 attack "4 main stat".

The difference matters to super-endgame players who are looking to min-max their stats, but can you get away with using 15% traces instead of primes?


Priming a weapon versus 15% tracing isn't a very cost efficient upgrade, maybe in your server it's not as costly, but imo, it's more of a "I want the absolute best stuff possible" upgrade because you'll really only notice a major difference in the 10m+ clean range levels of funding, and it'll amount to a couple hundred k difference.

So in the end, it comes down to how much do you care about min-maxing your Xenon. It's still possible to have a funded character using a 15% traced weapon, however, if you plan to take it to real endgame levels, there will come a time when you might regret not going for primes, as at some point, that will become your most cost-efficient upgrade when the rest of your gear reaches a certain point.
Apr 30 2017
masinko Level 174 Broa Battle Mage 4 Abyssel Guild See what games, anime & art masinko is intoMasinko
Basically what @aeraxis said, but I disagree with his 9stat vs 4stat difference, the differences between primes and 15% is much closer. Most fafnir weapons are 160 - 170 att, so after scrolling and starforcing them, you're looking at a difference of 10-20 (m)att and -10 in stats.

Depends on your budget and what gear you plan on having. I don't know about your world, but in mine you can perfectly 15% for as little as 5b during fever time if you hoard inno's and slates for cheap beforehand. Also, if you don't already have really absurdly godly gear, you're not going to benefit that much from primes.

So it basically comes down to is it worth it for you to dump an extra 15b-20b just to get 10-20 att? If your gear or projected outcome is at the point where 10-20 att makes a substantial difference, then go primes. If you can see yourself utilize the money on other stuff, then go traces.
May 01 2017
aeraxis Level 210 Khaini Xenon 4
@masinko: The reason I said 9 main stat vs 4 main stat is because xenons benefit from str, dex, and luk.

Primes give 10 atk, 3 all stats, while 15% traces gives 9 attack and 4 of one stat.

In the end, if you're only comparing attack, a perfect 15% traced fafnir whip has 301 attack at 15 stars, while a perfect primed whip has 315 attack at 15 stars (but again, the all stats actually work in xenon's favor a little bit more than other classes, who actually would prefer getting the 4 main stat over the 3 all stats).

Regardless, the cost makes priming pretty inefficient unless you have money to throw around.
May 02 2017

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