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Trading a Pokemon IGN

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dogpukeyellow Level 216 Windia Night Lord Trill Guild
...for (most likely) another Pokemon IGN. Anyone else grabbed any?

Please feel free to PM and/or post if so and we'll talk. I love the one I got, but there are a few I like more and you might be in the same spot - mine might be the one you like a bit more. Mine is a Gen 1 type. I absolutely won't consider anything past Gen 2 (and it's preferably within 1), please and thanks.

Not opposed to trading it for another kind of IGN but it's got to be one I adore. Prioritizing the little creatures.
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I have Flareons...
Jan 09 2016
xlgunshotlx Level 141 Scania Phantom 4
not a pokemon IGN or even on Maplestory but you said you might consider other IGNs so...
I can trade IGNs from other games for your pokemon IGN if you're interested.
on Elsword: Snipe, Killstealer, Integrity(need to check if I still have this one)
Vindictus: Knightmare
Dragon Nest: Symbolic
I'm assuming these are alot harder to come by than maple IGNs since there was a wipe on Maplestory recently but I don't mind lol.

PM me if you need to discuss about it.
Jan 09 2016
xeiam Level 200 Yellonde Bishop
I got Bellsprout and Victorybell
Jan 09 2016
samygxz85 Level 198 Yellonde Evan 10th Growth
i have shiny pokemons.
Jan 09 2016
star909 Level 220 Windia Phantom 4
I have Milotic and Luxray
Jan 10 2016
sellsellsell Level 100 Scania Cannoneer 4
Jan 10 2016
phanman Level 195 Bera Mihile 4
i dont have the original name but a variant of it sort of (Blastoy)
Jan 10 2016
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