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Training at golden temple ?

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So i am wondering where i should train my 104 CB at the golden temple ?

It is a waste spending nx for small ratio spawn or is good to train there
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The monsters give good HP:EXP ratio, TRAIN THERE!
Feb 24 2011
use ur free ticket and find out for urself.
its really good
Feb 24 2011
Thnx, but which exactly
Feb 24 2011
kookehmonsters Level 185 Broa Demon Slayer 4
It's a good HP:Exp ratio, though the amount of spawn is low, but the spawn rate is high. It's just like regular training maps without all the other people and it's a bit more exp. It's also a good source of money, if you can pick up and train at the same time. >.>
Feb 24 2011
well... i got like 100% an hour at golden temple (lvl 104 mirror baby monkeys)
but i get around 90% an hour at krus/captains...

monkeys didnt drop a single thing while i was training on them for 2 hours.
yet at krus/captains i got 1 enhancement scroll, and a chaos scroll....

GT=lame spawn, a bit better exp/hr, costs real $$
Krus/Capts = godlike spawn, close xp^^, drops good things.

I'd suggest going to the golden temple for the 30minutes/hr a day, but not spending nx on it
Feb 24 2011
Heretic Level 133 Windia Shade 4
people make it seem that it is much better than normal training places. I trained there with my lv 110 WH, and i got around 3 % more exp per 10 min there, normally i get around 10% or something @ captains mini dungeon, so it's not worth to spend the nx.
It is hower a nice change in scenery for those 30 free minutes, captains/kru can get kinda boring xD
Feb 24 2011
falconz94 Level 159 Scania Mercedes 4
wait how do you fight monsters that lvl? i mean like when i try and fight monkeys it says they're lvl 34 or whatever, but im lvl 113...
Feb 24 2011
go all the way to the right of golden temple until you see this golden portal pop up (its under the ravana portle)
go in there and you'll me in mirrored golden temple. then go to the monkey portal and booosch, lvl 100+ monsters
Feb 24 2011
geoduty Level 117 Renegades Chief Bandit
wait how do you fight monsters that lvl? i mean like when i try and fight monkeys it says they're lvl 34 or whatever, but im lvl 113...[/quote]

Go to the very right of the map and theres a yellow portal, go in it
Feb 24 2011
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