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Translating Hayato changes

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DemoDango Level 178 Khaini Hayato 4
I posted a quick thread a couple of hours ago before I realized that I was missing the collapsed portion of Silver Bullet's post, so I've gone back and read/translated it. I'm going to make a similar thread for kanna's changes.

All-in-all, actually quite disappointing.
Given the amount of detail, I'm going to simplify what he said in part because I can't highlight -> copy-paste things from his site. Talk about possessive website design.


Sanrenzan: damage reduced at all levels by 10%. MP cost reduced by 2 at all levels.
That one movement-ish skill with iframes: Damage reduced at all levels by 25%.


Sanrenzan: damage increased by 10% at all levels. MP cost reduced by 9 at all levels.


Sanrenzan: MP cost reduced by 2 at all levels.


Sanrenzan: MP cost reduced by 1 at all levels.
No, I'm not kidding. This is pathetic.

Falcon Dive: Damage scaling per skill level increased by 1% (from 2 to 3).

Summer Rain: Changed into a 4th job skill. Buff effect remains. Master level is now 10.
-Damage increased to 1300 + 20 * level
-Cooldown reduced to 5 minutes

Counterattack: Changed to a toggle (on/off) skill.
Lazy design, Nexon Japan. Thanks for that.


That's it. Kanna's changes were much more profound.
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Elufu Level 240 Scania Mercedes 4 Reconcile Guild
To replace Summer Rain's movement to 4th job a new beginner skill was added:
**Shintou** [i][Mind Sword / Sword of the Mind][/i](Master level:1)
120% damage once against 1 monster.
Jul 25 2014
Fighterdoken Level 220 Scania Hayato 4
@VietUA: I swear JMS doesn't even care anymore
Jul 25 2014
pokeystick1 Level 220 Scania Hayato 4
1st job: reduce sanrenzan by 10% on all levels
2nd job: increase sanrenzan by 10% on all levels

.. what?

also, why did surging blade get nerfed? not that it matters, that move doesn't kill anything anyways.

i like that summer rain's cd was decreased by half, but it would be nice if it acted as like a hayato version of final cut or sacrifice
Jul 25 2014
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