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Transposing to a 500 m.att Sweetwater Fan

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yonax Level 215 KradiaEMS Kanna 4
I made a video how I transposed my Aye-No-Uzume Fan to a sweet 497 m.att Sweetwater Fan (11*), when I got little more mesos in future I make it 12* to go above the magical barrier of 500 m.att for my Fan on Haku!
Posted: August 2016 Permalink


yonax Level 215 KradiaEMS Kanna 4
Thank you very much!

How do i change my avatar to my Kanna? It refuses to use my 96x96 png.
Aug 14 2016
yonax Level 215 KradiaEMS Kanna 4
@conceit: Thank you, will keep them comming got a couple more videos planned and some in the making.

Little update Fan is 12* and 507 m.att now (I show it in the equip video I'm making).
Nov 07 2016

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