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Trapped character, can anyone help?

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cosmomaniac Level 124 Bellocan Demon Slayer 1
Hey y'all,
Just hoping someone would know what to do...
Out of my stupid curiosity, I followed a path called "Hidden Street: The Unknown Underground Passage" and into "Hidden Street: The Black Magician's Lab." I now realize that these are the areas/maps for a quest called "The Black Magician's Magic Pentagram" which I do not have. Does anyone know how to get out? I've tried searching the map for a portal or a rope to climb out, but found none.

Edit: Thanks for everyone's advice, I'm now free!
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wellness Level 199 Mardia Phantom 4 Justaway Guild
There is either a forum section or ticket section to report your character getting stuck and getting it out.
Jul 11 2017
pinyin Level 107 Zenith Beginner
The dark labyrinth map? I afk there hehe. Try relogging maybe or look for videos if that doesnt work, you gotta really check every corner in the map, go through walls kind of stuff.
Exit is at top left corner, its a sewer thingy sorry im not familiar with the English word for it
Jul 11 2017
cosmomaniac Level 124 Bellocan Demon Slayer 1
@darksword: Yup, I have! There was a rope leading down that I followed and resulted in a steep drop to where I am now. I'm not able to climb back out though, since the rope is too high above to reach.
Jul 11 2017
animus Level 160 Aquila I/L Arch Mage
Just change channel will do. It'll put you on the top platform.
Jul 11 2017
cosmomaniac Level 124 Bellocan Demon Slayer 1
+1 @wellness: I submitted one and I am no longer stuck! Thanks for the advice
Jul 11 2017
cantstopme Level 197 Windia Night Lord
pay money 2 nexon and they will release u
its how it works
Jul 16 2017

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