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Treasure hunting event.

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liquidjade Level 173 Windia Evan 10th Growth Dystopians Guild
Anyone miss this event as much as I do? I wonder if they're going to bring it back..
Posted: April 2016 Permalink


highqualityz Level 200 Reboot Dawn Warrior 4
Care to explain it to me? I've never participated!
Apr 05 2016
markred626 Level 233 Broa Demon Avenger 4
@highqualityz was basically collecting clues (use items) using them they showed you a pic then buy a radar go to the place use the radar got a box that could have lucky days. Slates 1% no boom. stamps for potential etc
Apr 05 2016
grawp77 Level 219 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
It was too good to be true to start with
I doubt they'll bring it back
Apr 05 2016
m4g02005 Level 230 Scania Dark Knight GameOfThrone Guild See what games, anime & art m4g02005 is intom4g02005
i used all my lucky scrolls to finish my polearm xD still saving 2 hyper rocks coupons to farm a bunch of scrolls if they put it back the event xD
Apr 05 2016
liquidjade Level 173 Windia Evan 10th Growth Dystopians Guild
@highqualityz: Basically what markred said.
the benefit was that you could get a TON crap of good scrolls and it was beautiful..
I USED IT TO PERFECT ALL MY WH GEAR. But i quit recently and decided to start fresh and refund a Evan. :c
@grawp77: It literally makes me cry that they won't bring it back. I would love for it to come back. T_T
Apr 06 2016

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