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Triple my Range Screen

By ereckgoose

ereckgoose Level 240 Scania Buccaneer See what games, anime & art ereckgoose is intoPrivateereck
Mar 27 2015 I have 159k unbuffed on my Bucc (includes 1k/1k soul meter). I managed to reach 450k from just buffs, timing and RNG, NLC diamond buff, and a red potion. Not sure about what PB buff gives (maybe some attack or something). Still couldn't 1hko SH mobs, but getting triple range from ~150k is insane, for me at least.

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Cast Level 203 Windia Battle Mage 4
The top of the 4 is cut off D;
Mar 30 2015
Etrayo Level 201 Elnido Aran 4
you are using decay rune?[/quote]

Yeah that gives a crazy boost.
Apr 09 2015

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