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Tristan's sucessor medal obtained Screen

By XAznNinja

XAznNinja Level 223 Scania Buccaneer
Jul 02 2012 Finally managed to get 200 kills. Possibly the first legit one obtained?

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sk1037 Level 160 Broa Shadower
Not the first legit one obtained. Seen like 3 others on basil and I also had one since February last year. Still a pretty big accomplishment took me a couple of months.
Jul 03 2012
XAznNinja Level 223 Scania Buccaneer
Have you been doing this since the release?[/quote]
Yes I have. It was my main source for leveling between level 50-70.
Jul 03 2012
XAznNinja Level 223 Scania Buccaneer
How many rog weapons and WS have you obtained from it?[/quote]
About 20 weapons I believe. I haven't found any ws from bpq though. Maybe they removed it or I am just terribly unlucky.
Jul 05 2012

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