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Trying to train more efficiently

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antagonist77 Level 100 Bera Marauder
Hi I just wanted to ask a question in regards to damage and leveling. I am a lvl 150 hayato and my range is only about 30k. Im just trying to train in the temple of time but it gets really hard to hit some monsters eventually so I was wondering what i could do to level more efficiently, like possibly getting more damage by upgrading my gear and also in general if there are some bosses i should be doing daily to get some equips or something. I have the frozen gear on right now (hat,katana,kadochi,suit,cape). Someone quite nice gave me a reinforced gollux pendant and a cracked gollux belt both clean. And the rest is just crappy rings like curbrock's ring and shoulder and the sailor mask. I haven't played in quite a while but i still have a bit of money from my other character about 1b and just trying to get back into the swing of things, so I'm not familiar with too much but if there is a couple of good ways to make my damage higher to level more efficiently i would really like to know, thanks
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chopin Level 177 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art chopin is intoShinsuke
Get the level 150 equips: royal warrior helm, eagle eye warrior top, trixter warrior pants, and Fafnir raven katana, scroll them and enhance them

You can find them in the free market

Your range will increase greatly then
Apr 11 2017
antagonist77 Level 100 Bera Marauder
Ok ill try that, hopefully it doesn't cost too much, thanks.
Apr 11 2017
rokani Level 216 Bera Aran 4
After you scroll the CRA gear use the transfer hammer thing to xfer 6-9% str pot from lower level items to them, if you don't know how to use this learn about it, its extremely good for low funded people. There is also a level 160 badge from MP3 area that can get pot on it. HT/CHT drops a level 110 ring that is potable, and LHC has a quest line at the end that gives 2 rings and earrings. Zak drops a face, or eye? acc. Magnus gives a shoulder pad.
Apr 11 2017
antagonist77 Level 100 Bera Marauder
Oh ok perfect, do you think I would be able to kill those bosses though with only 30k range? Regardless thanks for the advice I'll try doing what you've suggested. I've heard the end game items I should get are gollux items, is that also just as difficult to attain?
Apr 13 2017
ecarina Level 237 Galicia Cannoneer 4
Gollux equips aren't hard to get, they just take time. The prequest is long and tedious but once you finish and can Gollux, you should be able to farm the boss twice per day then kill it.
When you Gollux, you go to different maps on different parts of his body and kill 3 main body parts, his left shoulder, right shoulder, and torso, to determine the difficulty level. The fewer body parts you kill, the higher the difficulty level and the better the drops.
Kill all 3 body parts and you fight Easy Gollux once you enter the head map
Kill 2 and you fight Normal
Kill 1 and fight Hard
Kill 0 and fight Hell
Also each body part drops 1 Gollux coin, so the strategy is basically: go inside, kill all 3 body parts and collect the coins, then leave and re-enter to do it again. If you do this efficiently, you should be able to get 11 coins per day just from easy Gollux, and more if you can kill higher difficulty levels, though I'm not sure since you're at only 30k range.
Apr 13 2017
prefekt Level 176 Renegades Xenon 4
I would definitely recommend looking through the auc house and free market for good prices on the CRA set. As the first person stated, you can scroll them, upgrade them, and enhance them as max as you possibly can. If you can, get your hands on some ICOGs or COGs if possible. They help a lot, and if you happen to find any prot scrolls, that'll help even more. Do your gollux prequest! It shouldn't be too time consuming and it's really worth it! Do your daily bosses, gollux, magnus, hilla, etc. They may not be Hard level or normal level, but keep doing them. More bosing leads to more exp, possible drops from Magnus, and the overall bossing experience. Keep this up, and don't forget monster park! Continue this process, and you'll level up, get drops, etc.
Apr 13 2017
rokani Level 216 Bera Aran 4
@antagonist77: If you have the CRA gear decently scrolled you should be able to kill every boss I listed, CHT is more about surviving and you would probably be limited to easy magnus. If you can get the CRA gear to 6-9% str + star everything to 10 stars you should be over 100k range. Also don't forget about link skills, DA and Kanna give 20% TD together Xenon gives 10% stat, ect fro them being level 120.

Also after you get hisorkiwhatever strikes hyper for no CD PB will be a cake walk, granted it'll take a long time with a low range.
Apr 14 2017
antagonist77 Level 100 Bera Marauder
@ecarina: I've seen a couple of guides on youtube on how to do it but yeah that was my main concern with gollux because I only have 30k range so i dont think it would be enough to even do much tbh but thank you, what range do you think is the minimum needed to do it efficiently?

@prefekt: I think I can do the gollux prequest but I dont think I have enough range to do the actual boss, as for the others, magnus and hilla with 30k range only, do you still think I'll be able to do them?

@rokani: Do you think I'd be able to get all that with only about 1b? Like 6-9% str seems pretty hard to attain on all the gear. And yes thank you I've heard about link skills and that's something I should be able to do with some time
Apr 14 2017
rokani Level 216 Bera Aran 4
@antagonist77: Hilla is one of the lowest end bosses, it may take a while but you will be fine. Magnus, easy, might be doable, I've never tried on a weaker character though.

For 6-9% gear, make link mules and collect everything they find and reveal their pot, some will be 6%-9% STR, lower level items will be 4%-6%, you can then xfer that item to a higher level item with the transfer hammer, witch just moves the items pot and its stars over (research how to use it it's extremely powerful). That will work for top, bottom, shoe, glove, cape, hat, weapon, and pendent (if you find a good HT/CHT pendant). This would then leave 2nd weapons, Emblem, rings, belt and acc. items and you'll probably have to do this for your weapon too, for these items do events for epic/uni pot scrolls. Dojo and some other quests/dungeons give Epic pot scrolls as well, and then you'll just have to cube them to the stats you want.

In short, you can make 6-9% gear for nearly nothing if you have time to grind for it, but you can also drop money to help speed you along if you want.
Apr 15 2017
antagonist77 Level 100 Bera Marauder
@rokani: Ok i think im starting to understand, like do the bosses to get those secondary items and scroll them if you can and Transfer previously attained potentials to higher level gear. Very useful ill do my best, thanks for all the help, really appreciate it
Apr 17 2017

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