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Tyrant Lycaon Gloves - ATK 145 Screen

By reflexes

reflexes Level 120 Galicia Thunder Breaker 3
Sep 11 2014 Made from the legendary BladeBlood of GAZED. 14 Enhancements like a baus, and Luk 26% + All 4%. Seen better? Did you enjoy the image? comment below!

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Green4EVER Level 213 Galicia F/P Arch Mage Solus Guild
+30 "the legendary BladeBlood"
lol. No.
Sep 12 2014
BeginnerSudo Level 160 Windia Beginner
+1 Yet another pair of gloves with more att than my actual weapon (stirge).
Sep 12 2014
HastyHeist Level 157 Galicia Blade Master
if he/she was "legendary", I'd know who he/she is.
Sep 12 2014
antycleax Level 55 Scania Assassin
+1 cuz u cant cap lol no pro 2m2m[/quote]

lol cap? I don't even play the game anymore. Haha
Sep 12 2014
ImCensored Level 244 Bera Dark Knight
+9 @antycleax: y r u on baselmarkt if u quit mapelstry
kaiser 1mill++ range antyclea r> c.vellum cannot solo noob use hack gimmersoul
Sep 12 2014
Doutei Level 239 Zenith Xenon 4
+7 the amount of money spent on a glove you cant wear in RL.
back to knitting for me.
Sep 12 2014

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