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UA and Cygnus Cash Shop?

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I was thinking of buying a permanent pet, but I heard Cygnus chars get their own specific cash shop, where bought CS items can't be moved within the account.

Does the UA have the same thing? I mean, can I buy a pet on my (Normal explorer) Hermit and transfer it over to my UA?
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UA'S & normal explorers share a CS.
I transfered my transparent hat from my brawler to my UA ;D
Mar 24 2011
TasteMango Level 55 Galicia Spearman
Uh....I can't share.
Mar 24 2011
So, I can buy a pet on my normal Hermit and transfer it onto my UA, but I can't buy a pet on my KOC and expect it to transfer to my hermit or my UA?
Mar 24 2011
Yep you are right bammitshenry
Mar 25 2011
Yep you are right bammitshenry [/quote]

Thank you Yoshibaka
Mar 25 2011
Oh...I think i might rage now...*leaves*
Mar 25 2011

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