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USC update 3

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ultimaxexon20 Level 243 Windia Xenon 4 See what games, anime & art ultimaxexon20 is intoUltimaxexon20
[Update] MapleStory is still under going maintenance. We estimate the maintenance to be completed as of 5AM PST.
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pachomar Level 250 Bera Evan 10th Growth
@multik3d808: Beat me to it
Hope they don't keep extending for 2 hours until end of day -_-
Dec 01 2016
hoplikescotch Level 129 Reboot Kinesis 4
Bro... I was counting the minutes here.
Dec 01 2016
ixkwonjiyong Level 221 Bera Blade Master
i think it won't be up til at least night time.
Dec 01 2016
emtine Level 170 Khaini Shadower
@cocobenz: Ah the good old days of waking up early just for maple, to be filled with utter disappointment because nexongg.
Dec 01 2016
hoplikescotch Level 129 Reboot Kinesis 4
45 hours of no sleep and counting
Dec 01 2016
rebootyserver Level 145 Reboot Cannoneer 4
@sanjupm: Nah

[UPDATE - 6:40 AM] During testing of the patch, an issue was discovered that needs to be corrected. Unfortunately, this will require a delay of several hours, and we'll provide a more specific ETA and more information as we correct this issue.

Thank you Maplers once again for your continued patience and understanding throughout this Unscheduled Maintenance.
Dec 01 2016
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