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Since almost all of you know, alot of people were wrongly banned after the 2nd rollback,leaving us with no account, even if there were threads about this issue, they were either locked by the TS or Forgotten.
This thread is not a petition to nexon or something related, this is a thread where people can leave theirs IGNs banned, Day when they send the first email, extra like if they send more than 1 email in total or when they exactly got blocked and finally, if they were unblocked and when.

Hopefully we can get a Control about this and know how many people they unblock per week and get an order. Since Im the TS ill Start:

IGN-------------------Date 1st Email----------How many emails Sent-----------------When you got Blocked-----------------------Date of Unblock
  1. DarkAslay-------------11/12/2010----------------------4-----------------------------------1 Hour After first rollback------------------------12/08/2010
  2. endGame--------------11/11/2010---------------------2------------------------------------------11/11/2010----------------------------------------S.B
  3. xMadlove--------------11/11/2010---------------------2-----------------------------------Right after 2nd rollback--------------------------------S.B
  4. DragonSkiIL------------11/12/2010---------------------2-----------------------------------------11/12/2010----------------------------------------S.B
  5. k0ekenbakker---------11/11/2010---------------------2-----------------------------------------11/11/2010----------------------------------------S.B
  6. Jikuniz-------------------11/13/2010---------------------1-----------------------------------------11/12/2010----------------------------------------S.B
  7. Tiitiimo------------------11/14/2010---------------------1----------------------------------------11/12/2010-----------------------------------------S.B
  8. MaIware----------------11/11/10-------------------------3--------------------------------1 Hour After first rollback------------------------------S.B
  9. VirtuousFist------------11/11/10------------------------4/6-----------------------------1 Hour after second rollback---------------------------S.B
  10. Temrion----------------11/12/2010---------------------3/4-------------------------------------11/11-12/2010------------------------------------S.B
  11. esneider91------------11/12/2010---------------------4/5-------------------------------------11/12/2010-----------------------------------11/25/2010
  12. Paidthai----------------11/12/2010----------------------3---------------------------------------11/12/2010-----------------------------------------S.B
  13. Eiiminating------------11/11/2010----------------------1---------------------------------------11/11/2010-----------------------------------11/16/2010
  14. Lnvictinite-------------11/11/2010----------------------1---------------------------------1 Hour after 1st rollback--------------------------------S.B
  15. T4MPS0MEBONG-----11/11/2010----------------------2/3-------------------------------------11/11/2010----------------------------------------S.B
  16. Shiniquia--------------11/11/2010---------------------1/2--------------------------------------11/11/2010--------------------------------11/24(Will Remain Blocked)
  17. PervyMat--------------11/11/2010---------------------3+---------------------------------------11/11/2010------------------------------------12/08/2010

Also, for whoever to tell us the email-service they use to see who they reply the fastest, it will be Apreciated.

PS: Hopefully we can get alot of info about this issue and share ur troughts about this, have a good day maplers
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enGame, 11/11/2010, 2 emails sent, 11/11/2010, Still Blocked.
Nov 22 2010
I'm just gonna say this I had my 15+ accounts all banned (IP ban)
Still blocked
Nov 22 2010
k0ekenbakker 11-11-10 2 emails, 11-11-10 Still blocked.

This should get stickied
Nov 22 2010
do you tihkn its cause we all sent more than one email LOL im same as the guy above
Nov 22 2010
Ok guys going to update all the info you guys provided, hopefully we can see people that got unbanned at least xD

evelynmak: i don't think your Ban was the same as us so i wont include on list.
Nov 23 2010

Me and a friend got blocked apparently. The second character hadn't logged in for a few weeks and the first character hasnt done anything besides set up a fm shop (which was taken down on Sunday night before this stuff went public and it is also in kradia, where there arent any like pro hackers who would get this stuff early and cause chaos). They were blocked around 4-5pm est, I had logged onto the first account to use the maple points I had received after the second roll back and my friend told me he got emails from paypal around that time as well. Lucky him though, he quit the game and gets refunded a few hundred dollars lol.
Nov 23 2010
MaIware - 11/11/10 - 3 - 1Hour After first rollback - S.B
Nov 23 2010
0olgo0 Level 165 Windia Kaiser 4
im not banned =D
Nov 23 2010
VirtuousFist - 11/11/10 - 4 or 6 if you include my two replies - one hour after second rollback - S.B
Nov 23 2010
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