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Unleashed training aliens

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MSbro23 Level 161 Mardia Blade Master
Everybody is saying we are losing aliens in this patch... is this true?
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IsGamer Level 201 Renegades Bishop
No, we are losing plenty of exp given by them, they literally are gonna half the exp gained.
Jun 20 2013
No, there will be plenty of them in Omega Sector.
Jun 20 2013
Pwnmasterice Level 202 Nova Cannoneer 4
In the patch coding, jesters are lowered to 300xp and aliens are nerfed to 1.45k exp. Not confirmed yet from nexon...
Jun 20 2013
Higguz Level 154 Galicia Battle Mage 4
Why don't you just read the patch notes?
Jun 20 2013
It's about time Nexon decided to remove omega sector.[/quote]

Omega sector is staying.
Jun 20 2013
Pwnmasterice Level 202 Nova Cannoneer 4;amp;feature=player_embedded[/quote]

AHHAHAHAHAHA, I love your name and class XD, I named my guy after the aether mod in minecraft, and the fact that you need to use a pickaxe for the first boss. AetherMiner, Its a fun class and i met a lot of supporters of me and the class in general. I don't know why its getting hate...
Jun 20 2013
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