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Unofficial Tempest Bugs Report 2

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DustOfPain Level 195 Windia Zero Transcendent
Not sure why my old thread was locked, but i hope this one won't be. I'll do my best to update it more often.
I'm only trying to help the community and keep everyone from making new threads for each single issue.

[Updated as of January 29th 2013]

Hello guys.
As a way to try and stop those many soon-to-be-created threads about bugs and glitches from the tempest updates (including the ones that are to come),
i'll try to maintain an updated list in here to try and regroup everything. It will also be a nice way to show Nexon we actually want them to help us by fixing the game, and that we are not just whining about the bugs and glitches.

If you would be kind enough to provide screenshots of the glitches that occur in the game, it would be quite appreciated as well, and i'll include them next to the issue.


Nexon: Gameplay and Functionality:

Aran class players are unable to pass "Return of the Hero" quest if they have equipped character cards that increase HP, unless they let their HP fully refill.
Days do not reset for the Scared in the Dark medal after skipping a day and abandoning quest then restarting the quest.
[Silent Crusade] The Silent Crusade Set in the Crusade Codex is no longer correct.
Several players are unable to progress further in the Lion King's Castle quest line due to partial completion of the quest line before the revamp
[Silent Crusade] The Coco card can't be obtained.
[100-Day Commitment] The Love Rain weather effect and Couple T-Shirt are not awarded to the participants in the ceremony.
The NPC list for each major city is outdated and will display NPCs from past events when viewed from the world map.
If you highlight Chaos Pink Bean's health bar, the monster's name is not displayed.
The player can move partly out of the top of the map in the Knights Chamber in Ereve.
There are no exits in Subway Rooms B1, B2, and B3.
Skins do not have names in the Skin-Care window.
The tutorial skip option for Mihile does not skip through the whole tutorial.
Inkwell is missing scrolls occasionally.
The Wedding Receipt item stays in the female character's inventory after the wedding.
Portals in Malaysia Trend Zone Metropolis should have a pop-up.
[Dragon Rider] Dragonoir uses the Damage Reflect skill.
Battle Mode is temporarily closed.
Quick Move for Tempest Coin Shop Gale and Spark does not work in certain towns.
Dragon Link skills cannot be performed with a gamepad.
[Mystic Fields] The countdown for using the Mystic Portals does not keep time correctly and there are text errors. However, the portals can still be entered after 20 minutes, regardless of timer text.
Sometimes dragging potions into the Potion Pot can cause a client crash.

If player uses a Giant Potion while sitting in a chair, the chair disappears and the player appears to be floating.
The item "Dark Force Cape" is incorrectly displayed in front of the player's weapon.
[Luminous] The first text bubble that appears over Luminous's head after the Black Mage fight in the tutorial is reversed.
If player jumps too high while on Maple TV, the character on the TV jumps out of the top of the screen.
[Luminous] During the quest, "Dark Rage", the quest bubble remains on NPC Lolo's head after starting the quest.
After defeating Horntail, the speech bubbles of the two Black Mage NPCs overlap each other.

Text is not translated in the Lv. 140 ~ Lv. 200 section of the Level-Up guide.
Certain Evan skills (Magic Guard, Critical Magic, and Magic Booster) should state that a mastery book is needed to unlock next level.
The information Victoria gives about the House Wedding Ticket is inaccurate.
The [Stranded 2] quest asks the player to destroy Barrels by attacking but image says by destroy by clicking.
Neo City level range is incorrect in quest log.
[Luminous] Description of skill, "Arcane Pitch" is incorrect.
The Mesoranger android speaks in Korean.
[Heliseum] After defeating Treglow, the message that appears on screen is incorrect.
The name for item Reverse Chive is misspelled as 'Recerse Chive'.
[Pink Zakum] Typo will appear when receiving reward with full inventory.
[Pink Zakum] There is text errors when exiting Pink Zakum.
Quest "The Last Tourist" has untranslated text in the quest log.
[Hot-Day Event] There is text errors on the Hot-Day Event when opening the reward box.
[Angelic Buster] Nefarious Priest calls Angelic Buster a "He" during the tutorial.
The Mysterious Girl incorrectly says "scroll" instead of "portal".
[Class Warfare Competition] Character names do not match up with their icons.

Technical Issues

- Upon patching, the MapleStory.exe file may sometimes disappear.
- Some people are still getting an error and are unable to patch and/or play. (Memory could not be written at process 0x00000XX)

Gameplay and Functionality

General Gameplay :

- Root Abyss does not allow you to acces to the Crimsom Queen, and therefore keeps players on its quest from finishing the main quest/entering any boss.
- Tempest NPCs do not appear in certain towns while they appear in the Quick Move list.
- Some players experience lag when near the NPCs "Cassandra" and "Gaga" or when monsters spawn.*
  • Issue might be related to the use of Windows XP Operating System.
- Players are still experiencing debuffs and random disconnetions when executing the Azwan Party Quest.
- GMS-Exclusive equipments and weapons still require the previous amount of secondary stats. (Not a glitch, simply a heads up)
- Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest does not work properly for the new Tempest classes (Luminous cannot enter any of the class rooms, Kaiser/Angelic Buster cannot enter the party quest).
- Some Medals and titles are not given out as expected when their notifications appear.

Skills and Jobs :

- Kaiser some players get stuck during several cutscenes from the storyline.
- Kaiser's Final Form armor turns black upon doing the 4th job advancement.
? - Phantom hyper skill Rose Carte Finale shows damage that is not dealt.
? - Jett keep its original power when entering the Balrog Expedition.
? - Aran skill Body Pressure disconnects several players for the HACK reason.

- Upon trying to pass the 4th Job Advancement, Dual Blades are stuck with too much SP.
? - Demon Slayer skill Leech Aura does not work properly.
- Some classes had their Skill Master Levels lowered while their skills didn't adapt to the change. (This applies mainly to Battle Mages).
- Many skills are removed upon changing channels.


- Time Traveler, Ebony Pimpernel, Dainty and Tempest capes aren't displayed properly.
? - [B]Corsair** skill Parrotargetting does not show the actual parrot.

Cash Shop

- Players are disconnecting upon being inactive for too long.

Misc and Text

- Rankings have not been updated for over a few months.
? - The 120 Thief Reverse Chive hat is mislabeled as "Recerse Chive"

Sources : MapleStory Forums and Basilmarket Forums.
Credits to whoever reported any of those glitches.
Me for gathering them up.

I will do my best to keep this updated at least weekly and add/remove what has changed.
Happy Mapling and Basiling !

Note most of these are To-be-confirmed.
I can't possibly try each one of them personally, so please if glitches occur,
try and reproduce it to know if it is really a glitch or was a simply a "bug of the moment".

? - Don't know if fixed or not.

Please report to me through PMs if any of these issues are fixed.

Thank you !


Please do tell me if any of these glitches are fixed and if you can confirm one yourself, please do add it to this thread.

Happy New Year 2013 !
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Superglu Level 210 Scania Mercedes 4
Got one for u Mercedes Hyperskill -wrath of enreal
shows dmg however sometimes it doesnt deal the dmg at all.
I noticed this when I used it on a boss and the dmg was like 1mil in total and it didnt decrease the health of the boss and than i used the other purple skill (sorry forgot what its called) and it killed the boss.
however when I use the hyperskill on normal mobs it works just fine.
Jan 06 2013
Pwnagewafflez Level 200 Arcania Battle Mage 4
Jetts keep their original damage in Balrog expeditions. (SHH)
The 120 Theif hat is labeled as "Recerse Chive"
I'll add more once I log on.
Jan 06 2013
The Jett one is fixed because I advanced a level 100 Jett to 4th job recently.
Jan 06 2013
Kaiser special mastery books don't work at all.
Jan 06 2013
QuackOutLoud Level 207 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
Very nice list, I had no idea how many problems there were or that there were problems at all.
Jan 06 2013
tsubasa128 Level 177 Scania Wild Hunter 4
Another addition to your list. In the resistance storyline, Orca's voice is in Korean.
Jan 06 2013
DustOfPain Level 195 Windia Zero Transcendent
@Superglu : It'd be awesome if you could try on another boss, sometimes the damage doesn't show up in the HP bar until a certain % is reached.
@Loveday : Thanks, i'll add that in !
@Pwnagewafflez : Thanks for the help, i'll make sure to add all you can tell me.
@GreenyScott : There are glitches, bugs, errors, it's all still related to MapleStory and can still help both the community and Nexon.
@Metalzdragon : Thanks for telling, i'll remove it asap.
@canihazclaw : Could you be more specific ? I've used the special one from level 70 + several others and all except one worked.
@JeffieAran : Sorry, i must've glitched. actually said "2 days left" when i checked it yesterday.
Though you're right it now says 3 more days.
@tsubasa128 : Thanks !
Jan 06 2013
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