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mark85 Level 170 Broa Corsair
more then 1 glitch
friendship glitch 1 slot open in use when you do the francis story finish you can get 4 equip slot over n over til you open more use
i found on accident
Oct 30 2014
Micahmer Level 174 Renegades Blaze Wizard 4
Telling Nexon not to have a USM right after a patch is like telling a peacock not to fly.
Oct 30 2014
DemonSlayer Level 153 Reboot Kanna 4
I hope they also fix the game with the
Maplestory has stop working error and another maplestory is running, etc.
Oct 30 2014
Orgiez Level 206 Bera Blade Master
i love maplestory so i take screenshot of myself in game before server go down and set as desktop so i pretend i am still on maple when it server chek [/quote]
Oct 30 2014
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