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Unstable Memorize

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fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
Does anyone understand what the hell this does?

Unstable Memorize: Reuse magic based on the memory of magic you have used before. However, this skill is unstable because you are depending on your memory.
Level 25: Consumes 150 MP. Randomly use one of your 1st~4th job active skills. The selected skill's MP cost and cooldown will be ignored. You cannot use unlearned skills. Cooldown: 10 seconds. [Passive effect: 25 INT]

To me it seems like you just use an old skill...but why would you even wanna do that.
Posted: December 2016 Permalink


ieatrice08 Level 204 Windia Blade Master
If you used genesis and unstable memorize casts genesis, you technically skip the cooldown. Basically you have a chance to use a cooldown skill twice
Dec 26 2016

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