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Updated 2018 Training Guide Feedback Appreciated

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warrior0920 Level 250 Bellocan Paladin Revenance Guild

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One of my friends is an avid video making student and loves MapleStory, so he decided to make his first ever training guide! He isn't very familiar with BasilMarket so I want to help him out by posting it for him. Please give it lots of love!
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ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
Not a bad guide, though he forgot about Kerning Tower, and I think the Starforce Dual Ghost Pirates map deserves a mention due to its small platforms, high spawn rate, low starforce requirement (26), and great exp. I'll always go there after doing my zak run.

(That being said my Internet was being wonky so I was kinda skipping through the video since it kept buffering anyway. Maybe he mentions them verbally and I just didn't hear).
Jan 20 2018

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