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Used Ps4 for 210 - Worth it?

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yongyong139 Level 76 Renegades
Get a wii u
Sep 04 2015
ayenick Level 216 Scania Night Walker 4
no controller?
Sep 04 2015
sheritin Level 178 Reboot Night Walker 4
No it's not worth it. You can get this instead

500GB PlayStation 4 Console - Destiny: The Taken King Limited Edition Bundle for $400. I can't post the link cause this is a new account.

Includes: 500 GB PlayStation 4 System, 1 DualShock 4 Wireless Controller, AC Power Cable, HDMI Cable, USB 2.0 Cable, Mono Wired Headset, a physical copy of Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition, and a digital voucher for Destiny: The Taken King Digital Collector's Edition Upgrade.

Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition includes the newest installment as well as all Destiny content released to-date.

Controller($50), Game(At least $60, probably more cause of collector's edition upgrade), headset($10), HDMI and USB cable($5) and it's a brand new limited edition.

You're pretty much paying $40 less for a normal and used console if you take that deal. I personally stay away from used electronics at all costs.
Sep 04 2015
ox0shad0w0xo Level 206 Broa Night Walker 4 Abyssel Guild
Well 210 is cheap. Even having to buy your own controller and cables, it's less than pretty much every other used PS4 I've seen out there. I'd say it's worth it if you don't mind the used part. Although I realize as I type this that the deal has expired lol.
Sep 05 2015
liam Level 175 Windia Mihile 4 See what games, anime & art liam is intoLiam
if there's exclusives you've had a keen eye on or if most friends have a ps4 that they play with then I'd say take it.
Sep 06 2015
zlyphor Level 113 Bera Blaze Wizard 3
It's out of stock now so if you didn't buy it yet than you're out of luck with that offer.
Sep 06 2015
ohwellz Level 175 Reboot Mercedes 4
I play my vita more than ps4 unfortunately ._. But i dont trust used so no.
Sep 06 2015
kevqn Level 200 Windia Demon Slayer 4 See what games, anime & art kevqn is intokevqn
Never get a pre-owned anything
Sep 07 2015

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