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Van leon items. Screen

By idoed

idoed Level 141 Broa Corsair
Mar 14 2011 Better the my bow when it was clean.

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Wait.. theyre not better then VIP right?
Mar 14 2011
Brad816 Level 177 Khaini Hero
You need coins from Von Leon and he only drops like 1-2 coins each time.
Mar 14 2011
Xlustful Level 156 Windia Blade Master
Honestly I would only get them, Because I do love some of the weapons look, Pretty Much Like another Bain Weapon to me
Mar 15 2011
The van leon weapon's are only best for Aran's because of the attack speed

Edit: Unless I'm thinking of the level 140 ones...[/quote]

Your thinking of the lvl 140 ones
No these aint better then the VIP weapons but it helps people that didnt get VIP and want a extra slot over a reverse weapon. 10 x 5 = 50 over 9 x 5 = 45, not "that" big of a boost but it matters.
Mar 15 2011
getting coins for the staff
Mar 15 2011

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