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Vancouver hangout thread.

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spreadthegen Level 200 Bellocan Battle Mage 4
Hello, some of you might know me as Bray, and I live in Vancouver.

Few months ago there was a thread on Basil where whole bunch of Boston peeps met and hung out.

So this is just a thread to see how many people are actually willing down to come down when I have the exact dates and places figured out.

couple questions :
  1. I live in Surrey, close to Langley so I'd have to go far out anyways, but would you guys prefer a spot in Richmond, or places like Metrotown?
  2. Weekday or weekends?
  3. What kind of things you want to do when we meet up?

PM me or post here, then I will figure out the date and place. I am looking at it somewhere around late November.

Thanks, Bray.

Edit : The date has been decided, but depending on how many people can come out, I might change it. (I know the univ students have exams during this period, so I don't know.)

The date is December 10th, 2011. 3PM, in Metrotown. Entrance to Metrotown where you cross the bridge from the Skytrain station. You walk past A/W and then starbucks and wait inside or outside depending on the weather.
On what we are going to do... IDK. Probs all you can eat sushi and movies is the best idea for me.

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tagged everyone here who had intention of showing up. Now comment or PM me on if you are fully in or not on this day. Thanks!
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iEatApples Level 148 Mardia Hero
Im in coquitlam. It would be kind of cool for a meetup lol
Nov 24 2011
Not during winter, I don't wanna have to drive through the snow and wait for people in the freezing cold.
Why don't we just meet at 5 Guys Burger?
Nov 24 2011
im from cloverdale, its not ghetto at all. xD

and well, like im assuming as a massive group theres only 2 options really. to watch a movie. or go eat something.
OR A LAZER TAG[/quote]

Cloverdale FTW
Nov 24 2011
UBC haha c:
Nov 24 2011
@desifunction where's boundary park o-o I've never heard of it and I've lived here all my life
Nov 24 2011
Dude, you want to go all the way to richmond for a hangout?, I'd make the spot metro if I were you, since it's pretty much in the middle of everything, so less transit time for most people... Not that I'd be going, got college and work.
Nov 24 2011
Yay metro! ...
Nov 24 2011
uhh.... yay for vancouver/Richmond? ... I don't even know why i'm on here this late.
Nov 24 2011
spreadthegen Level 200 Bellocan Battle Mage 4
uhh.... yay for vancouver/Richmond? ... I don't even know why i'm on here this late.[/quote]

hahahha dont we all?
Nov 24 2011
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