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Verkatos has reached lvl 200 Screen

By bomberb0i2

bomberb0i2 Level 210 Scania Bow Master
Jun 04 2011 old friend Verkatos (kyle) has reached lvl 200

so has his journey ended?

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Oh, wow, grats!
*Waits for Lvl. 200 video...
Jun 05 2011
True Hyena Inspiration lols JK Nice You were my hero inspiration
Jun 05 2011
Hyena Mounts are much more cool than people who achieved level 200. I mean, you see more level 200s than those mounts.[/quote]

Lets see how cool lvl 200s are on hyenas
Jun 05 2011
Let's see how badly you guys drool after JUMP makes the Hyena easy to get
Jun 05 2011

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