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Von Leon Dagger

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Heya, I'd like to know the price for a clean von leon dagger. I need one to get it perfect with gm scrolls . Are there any suppliers in Broa for one?
Posted: October 2011 Permalink


Whale Level 205 Scania Shade 4 Studio Guild
prices are inflating cuz vl isn't glitched anymore
Oct 06 2011
Ragsco Level 185 Windia Demon Slayer 4
I recently sold a VL dagger for 2.1b, but I could sell them for even more now.
Gloves go for about 950m-1b in windia, which are only 1 coin.
Oct 06 2011
Von Leon used to be glitchable (read as: Freeze it if you go in with a certain number of people), but now that Ascension fixed that, prices are upwards of 2,5~3bil.
Oct 06 2011
f2bi2n Level 224 Broa Hero Nimbus Guild
I can make you a Von Leon dagger, I still have enough coins left
Only problem is I do not have an accurate p/c either atm I'd gladly accept offers though
Oct 06 2011
Well can I get a PC in Broa then
Oct 06 2011

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