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Von Leon Quest I foreit the quest

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remsung Level 138 Windia Mercedes 4
Hello, I plan to solo Von Leon at level 138 on Easy Mode (I don't know if this can happen as a bowman), because I got slaughtered trying to solo it on Normal Mode. I don't know when the challenge to kill Von Leon is reset (I know it is reset everyday), and I didn't feel like waiting at the entrance of the Audience Room until I can go inside, so I left the entire area, and now I cannot get the scroll to go back to the Audience Room. Additionally, I thought if I forfeit the quest, I can reactivate it, do the prereqs for the quest to get the scroll again, however when I forfeit the quest, I cannot find the NPC to reactivate it. (Are they in the Lion King's Castle?) Anyway, I don't know how to restart the Von Leon quest... Any help?
Posted: January 2017 Permalink


kaxi Level 210 Renegades Zero Transcendent
Like Pink Bean's reset, the actual item and the mission to gain the item itself resets everyday. This allows you to teleport into the are right before the boss everyday. Therefore, if you wanted to solo and you don't have any partners to queue you (if you queue in boss tab for von Leon, it actually teleports you before the boss arena after the daily reset so you do not need to do the quest to teleport there) then walk to the last tower, get the quest from the ghost, and regain the item to teleport in the area before the boss fight.
Jan 13 2017
remsung Level 138 Windia Mercedes 4
@kaxi: Thanks so much!!
Jan 13 2017

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