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WARNING IRL Gang members playing maplestory

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themayorofchat Level 139 Reboot Bishop
According to my guild member, a guild by the name of E------- in Reboot server(wont say the entire name, also the amount of letters is random too. I dont wanna be a traget) is run by a bunch of IRL gang members.

Apparently they befriend a lot of people from other guilds, gain their trust, get their skype/irl phone number and then extort them after. They pretty much extort them since they have their phone number/skype and then track down their address.

Be careful who you give your skype/ phone number to in maple.
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meiguihua Level 160 Windia I/L Arch Mage
Well you told us that the guild name starts with the letter E, so next time i won't join a guild that starts with e
Jun 17 2017
xdarkshynobi Level 204 Scania Blade Master
LOLOL buy a gun they cost like 300$ & you won't have to worry!
Jun 17 2017
killeem Level 158 Reboot Aran 4
the people in reboot are harmless, relax
Jun 17 2017
mrsatan Level 207 Scania Blade Master
+2 oy you found out our plans

Jun 17 2017
themayorofchat Level 139 Reboot Bishop
@meiguihua: Good. In fact dont ever give out your social media to strangers on maple.
Jun 17 2017
vipdabes Level 220 Mardia Kaiser 4
I thought everyone understood not to do that on the internet to strangers....
Jun 18 2017
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