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WTF 2 - 5th Job

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ecarina Level 239 Galicia Cannoneer 4
Yep I'm still doing this! I'm not embarrassed enough to stop yet!

It's Wishful Thinking Friday again, the day where I make a thread about an aspect of MS in hopes of people making suggestions to make them more interesting, without necessarily thinking of balance or viability.

Today's topic is 5th job! What could be done to make the 5th job system better or more interesting?
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sanjupm Level 230 Bera Corsair See what games, anime & art sanjupm is intoSanjuPMSheriff
I like the way the way the whole 5th job was incorporated into the system. With the nodes and cores.

However that being said, I would like to maybe see some skills added to actually alter main attacking moves.(kind of buff up from out 4th job main attacking skill) Since a lot of classes kind of build up from 1st -4th. 5th adds a lot of utility and differences in play style. I still wanna see something of sort of continuation of what you been working on reaching the different jobs of that particular class.

for example playing as a Corsair, from first job working up from double shot> triple shot > rapid fire > (I would like to see a skill thats the next step from this what ever that may be)

I know they're releasing more skills as time goes on, so I'm looking forward to it tho! Lets see what happens.
Oct 07 2017
nickyo Level 234 Bera Bishop
Agree with Sanjay.
For us bishops, I just hope we get a mobbing skill of some sort: one better than our 4th job skill "Big Bang" since it's pretty lackluster. (ha)
Oct 07 2017
ecarina Level 239 Galicia Cannoneer 4
@beefly: Yeah high-level leveling is definitely an issue. Like there are a bunch of rewards for lvling, new areas, new node slots, hyper stats, etc. but other than AP they're all for like a new bunch of levels. There's virtually no difference between level 220 and 224 other than that the level 224 person is only 1 level away from going to Arcana rather than 5. The individual levels are lacking in incentive.

I agree that 5th job skills should be more skill-like. Like right now most of them are just buffs with long cooldowns or attacks with long cooldowns, they rarely feel like an actual part of your arsenal, and are instead just something you use whenever it's off cooldown and go back to spamming your 4th job skills.
Oct 07 2017
chowder94 Level 184 Bera Hero
Something along the lines of a new main attacking skill to either replace or buff up your 4th job one. Not unlike what enrage is to hero, giving it a new animation and better stats.
Oct 09 2017
horsechub Level 212 Bera Beginner
+1 I hated almost everything about 5th job. It just felt like we got an additional hyper skill and then they stuck everything else behind a massive grind/paywall. I would have much prefered getting actual 5th job skills over improving the skills I've already been using for 200 levels. I mean seriously we get dozens of skills between levels 1 and 101 which takes like a day, but for end game we get 3 active hyper skills and a 5th job skill to use for bloody years.

I also hate how the game changed to such a grindfest after 5th job came out. I'm fully aware maple was already and has always been a grindfest, but every single piece of worthwhile content after level 200 has been purely related to gaining arcane force and nodes through hours and hours of farming. There are zero options for people who don't want to or cant get arcane force. For example I'm a level 212 Beginner. I have to train at the antiquated scrapyard maps because I literally can't access the 5th job reliant areas such as arcane river or chuchu. I get 1-2% exp an hour on 4x because I can't access modern training maps. And take my brother in middleschool for example. He's still pretty much a kid and has a 100k range. It takes him about 5 minutes to kill one arcane mob. He's clearly too weak and too poor to fully experience this content, yet it is the only viable content for someone his level. It's just frustrating he has to do an entire questline in which the monsters are too hard for him because of lack of arcane force in order to gain arcane force that would make killing the monsters take a reasonable amount of time. The game forces you to struggle during this whole questline and it's not a big deal for most people, but if you think about the kids with CRA gear and cracked gollux stuff with 3-6% stat on each item, you know they struggle.

I just don't like the direction Nexon went with 5th job. It would have been nice if we actually got 5th job where we got a regular tab of fresh new skills. No one asked for just one cooldown skill that isn't even that great and hours of grinding to make the skills we've already been using good again. No one asked for 5th job exclusive content from 200-250. I get it if they have an area for 5th job post-quests like arcane river, but why stick the whole rest of the game behind that?? People should have at least one or two other options in my opinion.

Anyway sorry for the repetitive rant. I get most people don't deal with the same 5th job related problems as me so most of this is just from my perspective as someone who plays this game primarily wrong.
Oct 10 2017
ecarina Level 239 Galicia Cannoneer 4
@horsechub: Yeah I really can't agree with this. It would be absurd to expect them to balance the game around Perma Beginners, something they probably never even expected people would do, or people with 100k range, which would make the whole game way too easy.

Has your brother gotten the initial 30 Arcane Force? The first 10 monsters are supposed to be ridiculously hard to kill to show how different it is with and without Arcane Force. I've got 1 or 2 characters with around 100k range so I guess I can see later if I can see what your brother's going through, but I mean if you're having trouble killing monsters at 100k range, I don't really think the game is at fault at that point.
Oct 10 2017
neuralize Level 122 Broa Xenon 4
@horseclub even if you say your brother is in middleschool funding is not that hard, it is extremely cheap to hit 1m nowadays specially when you can buy 1b for 1usd, i'm sure you brother even being in middleschool can drop 10-20 dollars on the game. And if he can't or doesn't want to, there are still a lot of ways to farm easy mesos. legit hitting 1m range requires so little, just get everything to around 9% stat and that should be around 200%stat or so, which is enough to be 1h koing mobs up to chuchu
Oct 10 2017
gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
@neuralize: legit hitting 1m range requires so little, just get everything to around 9% stat and that should be around 200%stat or so, which is enough to be 1h koing mobs up to chuchu.......

My lvl202 Lumi is barely hitting 500k. But thats in Reboot. He doesnt have RA stuff because he isnt in a Guil. And soloing RA is out of the question for him. But hitting 1 M Range is still a dream i try to keep alive.
Oct 11 2017
neuralize Level 122 Broa Xenon 4
oh well yeah i wasn't considering reboot
Oct 11 2017
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