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Dawn Warrior Guide

Dawn Warrior Guide

Welcome to my new Dawn Warrior guide. This is an updated version for Chaos update and since I have stopped playing a while ago, some of the information posted here might be wrong, please notify me in the comments section or pm me if you find something wrong.

About me

I am level 120 Captain Knight Dawn Warrior and I achieved level 120 and I have good experience with Warriors in general.

Guide Updates

I am pretty sure this guide will evolve more as time grows, this section will track its growth.
v 0.01 Guide created.
v 0.02 Guide Stickied on June 2nd and updated with Tofu Tags.
v 0.03 Guide updated with must have skills, credits and FAQs.
v 0.04 Guide updated with the big bang update.
v 0.05 Minor updates.
v 0.06 3rd rank build updates.
v 0.07 Training spot updates.
v 0.08 Brandish part fixed.
v 0.09 Updated for Chaos patch.
v 0.10 Guide updated with skill build each level.
v 0.11 Slightly modified the second job build.

What is a Dawn Warrior?

Dawn Warriors are close-combat warriors. Unlike their Explorer counterparts, however, a Dawn Warrior will gain access to certain magical abilities as they advance in level that allow them to move quicker.

Dawn warriors can be considered a mixture of classes, though they're not as powerful. They have skills that are similar(Or literally the same) It can be considered a mixture of: Hero, Night lord,and a Paladin.

A normal warrior wouldn't get soul rush, a skill which is similar to a Night lord's flash jump, but not completely, as soul jump can only be preformed while on the ground. It's also like a magician during 3rd job, it can gain access to Mp Recovery, and also have an elemental attribute(Holy). The Dawn Warrior is especially similar to a hero: It has Advanced Combo, Brandish, and Rage.

The maximum level a Dawn Warrior can reach is level 120.

Things to know about Dawn Warriors:

They're tough.
They do a lot of damage.
They usually have to fight up close.
When they level up, they gain access to "Soul Runner," a skill that allows the character to move very quickly for a short distance.
When they level up, they gain access to a companion Sprite named "Soul" that increases their defense and attacks their enemies.

[url=]Official Dawn Warrior Promotional Video[/url]

Must read Related Guides

Before we get get started on the skill information and builds, there are some things you must know.

[url=]Recommended Equips Guide by Annihilatron[/url]- This guide basically tells you all the recommended equips you can wear.
[url=]The comprehensive Impartial Guide to Warrior Weapons by Annihilatron[/url]- Another great guide by Annihilatron which discusses about weapon choices, do read this, if you don't know whether you should go 1 handed + att shield or 2 handed sword user.
[url=]Cygnus Knight Quest Guide by Tatterdragon[/url]- A guide that covers all cygnus knights quests. Might be useful when you get Echo of Hero Skill.
[url=]Cygnus Knight damage ranges by Icebane[/url]- This might be a good place for you to compare your damage ranges or HP.
Those guides should clear you up most of the questions you have about AP builds, equips, quests and training grounds, if not please post them here and I'll try to answer you.

Dex or No Dex

Warriors need dexterity for two things, for accuracy and to wear some equipments. Now after Big bang update your level plays a key role on accuracy and hitting mobs and also with the availability of potential equips, it's better to go with a base 4 dexterity now.

Cygnus Knights Creation

Cygnus knights were released in GMS v0.77, Cygnus Knights can be created like any other normal character. Your home town is Ereve and job instructor is Mihile.

Noblesse Techniques

Basic skills any character can get

[skill=Beginner=Three-Snails] Three Snails
[skill=Beginner=Recovery] Recovery
[skill=Beginner=Nimble-Feet] Nimble Feet

Skill Build for Noblesse

♣ My personal build is maxed Three Snails and Nimble feet with Recovery left out, but it doesn't really matter as you won't be using three snails, once you have a point in Power Strike. Nimble feet will come a lot handy before you max Soul Rush though. But like said before, none of those skills are essential and have fun playing around with them.

##Training/Leveling for Noblesse
Follow the quest line, that should take you to level 10 in no time. No training necessary.

The Basics Of a Dawn Warrior - 1st Rank

Once you get to level 10, You can advance to Dawn warrior by doing the following quests
[url=]5 different paths of cygnus knights[/url]
[url=]Path of a Dawn Warrior[/url]

You get a total of 5 skills as a Training Knight and 3 of them are essential skills
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-1=Improving-MaxHP] Improving MaxHP
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-1=Power-Strike] Power Strike(Single target)
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-1=Slash-Blast] Slash Blast(Mob attack)
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-1=Soul] Soul
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-1=Iron-Body] Iron Body

Skill Build for 1st rank

LevelStandard Build
10+1 Power Strike (1)
11+3 Slash Blast (3)
12+3 Slash Blast (6)
13+3 Slash Blast (9)
14+3 Slash Blast (12)
15+3 Slash Blast (15)
16+3 Slash Blast (18)
17+2 Slash Blast (Maxed) ; +1 Power Strike (2)
18+3 Power Strike (5)
19+3 Power Strike (8)
20+3 Power Strike (11)
21+3 Power Strike (14)
22+3 Power Strike (17)
23+3 Power Strike (Maxed)
24+3 Iron Body (3)
25+3 Iron Body (6)
26+3 Iron Body (9)
27+1 Iron Body (Maxed) ; +1 Soul (1) ; Save Points (1)
28+3 Save Points (4)
29+3 Save Points (7)
30+3 Save Points (10) ; Dump all 10 points into HP Boost(Improving MaxHP)

♣ Start with 1 point in power strike, which will unlock slash blast, after that you can either max Power strike or Slash blast, going slash blast first probably will allow you to level faster.
♣ Max HP increase, increases the amount of HP by %, this skill unlike pre big bang doesn't matter when you max it as long as you max it. I suggest you save all 10 points for it and dump it in one go at level 30, as it raises your hp by a % and since you will have more hp at level 30, maxing it at level 30 and in one go will result in higher hp
♣ Once you maxed the three key skills, everything else is left up to you. Personally I'd go for maxing Iron body as the 200 w.def it gives is pretty good compared to the little damage and annoyance soul gives.

Why Soul shouldn't be maxed?
In my experience, the last time I used soul was at level 30. Soul eventhough might be helpful at hunting bosses and at earlier levels, it's not recommended to max it/ use it while training past level 50s, the reason being, soul when used while training unnecessarily aggravates monsters with its puny little damage that you are not interested, leading to higher pot usage. So stay away from Soul.

##Training/Leveling for 1st rank

Level 10 - 15: Blue/Horny Mushrooms, Blue Ribbon Pigs.
Level 15 - 20: Zombie Mushroom, Wild Boars, Blue Ribbon Pigs.
Level 21 - 25: Ligator/Crocos, Dark/Mixed Stone Golem.
Level 26 - 30: Swamp Monster, Rocky mask, Wooden Mask , Zombie lupin.

At the end of first rank, you will have the following skills maxed

[skill=Dawn-Warrior-1=Improving-MaxHP] Improving Max HP
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-1=Power-Strike] Power Strike(Single target)
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-1=Slash-Blast] Slash Blast(Mob attack)

Path of the Dawn Warrior - 2nd Rank

Congratulations on level 30, this is where the fun starts. The second advancement can be done by doing the following two quests.

[url=]The End of Knight-in-Training[/url]
[url=]Knighthood Exam: Dawn Warrior[/url]

These are the skills you'll get as a Official Knight
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-2=Sword-Mastery] Sword Mastery
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-2=Sword-Booster] Sword Booster
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-2=Final-Attack] Final Attack
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-2=Rage] Rage
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-2=Soul-Blade] Soul Blade
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-2=Soul-Rush] Soul Rush

Skill Build for 2nd rank

LevelOption A (Recommended)Option B (Not Recommended)
30+1 Soul Blade (1)+1 Soul Blade (1)
31+1 Soul Rush ; +2 Sword Mastery (2)+1 Soul Rush ; +2 Sword Mastery (2)
32+3 Sword Mastery (5)+3 Sword Mastery (5)
33+3 Sword Booster (3)+3 Sword Booster (3)
34+3 Sword Booster (6)+3 Sword Booster (6)
35+3 Sword Mastery (8)+3 Sword Mastery (8)
36+3 Sword Mastery (11)+3 Sword Mastery (11)
37+3 Sword Mastery (14)+3 Sword Mastery (14)
38+3 Sword Mastery (17)+3 Sword Mastery (17)
39+3 Sword Mastery (Maxed)+3 Sword Mastery (Maxed)
40+3 Soul Blade (4)+3 Soul Blade (4)
41+3 Soul Blade (7)+3 Soul Blade (7)
42+3 Soul Blade (10)+3 Soul Blade (10)
43+3 Soul Blade (13)+3 Soul Blade (13)
44+3 Soul Blade (16)+3 Soul Blade (16)
45+3 Soul Blade (19)+3 Soul Blade (19)
46+2 Soul Blade (21) ; +1 Soul Rush (2)+3 Soul Blade (22)
47+3 Soul Rush (5)+3 Soul Blade(25)
48+3 Soul Rush (8)+3 Soul Blade(28)
49+2 Soul Rush (Maxed) ; +1 Rage (1)+2 Soul Blade(Maxed) ; +1 Soul Rush (2)
50+3 Rage (4)+3 Soul Rush (5)
51+3 Rage (7)+3 Soul Rush (8)
52+3 Rage (10)+2 Soul Rush (Maxed) ; +1 Rage (1)
53+3 Rage (13)+3 Rage (4)
54+3 Rage (16)+3 Rage (7)
55+3 Rage (19)+3 Rage (10)
56+1 Rage (Maxed) ; +2 Sword Booster (8)+3 Rage (13)
57+3 Sword Booster (11)+3 Rage (16)
58+3 Sword Booster (14)+3 Rage (19)
59+3 Sword Booster (17)+1 Rage (Maxed) ; +2 Sword Booster (8)
60+5 Sword Booster (Maxed)+3 Sword Booster (11)
61+3 Final Attack (3)+3 Final Attack (3)
62+3 Final Attack (6)+3 Final Attack (6)
63+3 Final Attack (9)+3 Final Attack (9)
64+3 Final Attack (12)+3 Final Attack (12)
65+3 Final Attack (15)+3 Final Attack (15)
66+3 Final Attack (18)+3 Final Attack (18)
67+3 Final Attack (21)+3 Final Attack (21)
68+3 Final Attack (24)+3 Final Attack (24)
69+3 Final Attack (27)+3 Final Attack (27)
70+3 Final Attack (30)+3 Final Attack (30)

♣ There are two skill builds, they revolve around maxing booster or maxing soul blade.
♣Option A maxes booster and leaves Soul blade at 21. Soul Blade at level 21, hits 5 monsters(the maximum it can hit at maximum levels) with 334% damage, which is good enough to get you through second job till you get Brandish. Even though it makes you a bit weaker in second job, it will make your path to 120 much easier. It maxes booster, so you don't have to constantly recast it and save a lot of time. Pick what you believe is best and suits you.
♣ You can even do a in between kind of skill build by leaving booster at 15 and get 3 more points into soul blade, but anything less than 12 on booster will be totally inefficient and can be quite annoying.

No matter which build you use, follow these guidelines
♣ First you start with level 1 Soul blade, which has a very good horizontal range helps a lot in luring mobs, you can use Slash Blast to finish the mob.
♣ Sword mastery improves your damage, by raising the damage minimum, so that you can do a very stable damage. It also adds accuracy.
♣ Next get 1 soul rush for mobility, even though it consumes a good amount of MP, if you know how to [url=]soul jump[/url](credits to cookie4mesos), it will help you a lot.
♣ Booster increases your sword speed and hence increases your DPM, 6 booster, which lasts for a minute, should be good enough at early levels.
♣ Once soul blade is maxed or left out at 21,max out soul rush, faster mobility with less MP consumption can help your training go faster.
♣ Rage is the next step, 20 extra w.att is awesome.
♣ Finish off the build with maxing Final Attack, it works with Brandish and Soul Blade.

##Training/Leveling for 2nd rank
Level 30 - 37: Mushroom castle quests, Helmet Pepe, Royal Guard Pepe
Level 37 - 41: Carnival Party quests, Helmet Pepe, Royal Guard Pepe, Kerning square(first 3 floors)
Level 41 - 45: Kerning square CD's, amplifiers
Level 46 - 50: Truckers, Chlorotrap, Emo Slime, Scarecrows
Level 51 - 55: Drumming bunny,Oly Oly, Dark Fission, Drakes, Teddy, Scarecrows
Level 56 - 60: Toy Trojan, Moon Bunny, Scarecrows, V/Hoodoo
Level 61 - 65: Robo, Master Robo, Samiho, Rodeo, Charmer, Water goblin, Twisted Jesters
Level 66 - 70: Mateon, Mecateon, Desert Bunny(M,F), Grays, Twisted Jesters.

At the end of second rank, the following skills are a must have

[skill=Dawn-Warrior-2=Sword-Mastery] Sword Mastery
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-2=Sword-Booster] Sword Booster
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-2=Final-Attack] Final Attack
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-2=Rage] Rage
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-2=Soul-Rush] Soul Rush

Dawn Warrior's Guide - 3rd Rank

Congratulations on level 70! Time for another advancement. To do this, the following quests must be done.
[url=]The Lost Treasure[/url]
[url=]Ereve Investigation Permit [Dawn Warrior][/url] Note: You no longer need Dark Crystal for Job advancement, instead you need 20 Mateon Tentacles.
[url=]The Master of Disguise [Dawn Warrior][/url]
[url=]Shinsoo's Teardrop [Dawn Warrior][/url]

Welcome to Advanced Knighthood!

You will feel the real power of a Dawn Warrior from now on. The skills you get at this point are awesome, yes I mean it. You get the following skills you get at 70.

[skill=Dawn-Warrior-3=MP-Recovery] MP Recovery
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-3=Combo-Attack] Combo Attack
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-3=Coma] Coma
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-3=Panic] Panic
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-3=Soul-Charge] Soul Charge
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-3=Brandish] Brandish
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-3=Soul-Driver] Soul Driver at level 100
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-3=Advanced-Combo-Attack] Advanced Combo Attack at level 110

Skill Build for 3rd rank

LevelStandard Build
70+1 Combo Attack (1)
71+3 Brandish (3)
72+3 Brandish (6)
73+3 Brandish (9)
74+3 Brandish (12)
75+3 Brandish (15)
76+3 Combo Attack (4)
77+3 Combo Attack (7)
78+3 Combo Attack (10)
79+3 Combo Attack (13)
80+3 Combo Attack (16)
81+3 Combo Attack (19)
82+1 Combo Attack (Maxed) ; +2 Brandish (17)
83+3 Brandish (Maxed)
84+3 Soul Charge (3)
85+3 Soul Charge (6)
86+3 Soul Charge (9)
87+3 Soul Charge (12)
88+3 Soul Charge (15)
89+3 Soul Charge (18)
90+2 Soul Charge (Maxed) ; +1 Coma(1)
91+3 Coma (4)
92+3 Coma (7)
93+3 Coma (10)
94+1 Coma (11) ; +2 Save Points (2)
95+3 Save Points (5)
96+3 Save Points (8)
97+3 Save Points (11)
98+3 Save Points (14)
99+3 Save Points (17)
100+3 Save Points (20) ; Dump all 20 points into Soul Driver(Maxed)
101+3 Coma (14)
102+3 Coma (17)
103+3 Coma (Maxed)
104+1 Panic (1) ; +2 Save Points (2)
105+3 Save Points (5)
106+3 Save Points (8)
107+3 Save Points (11)
108+3 Save Points (14)
109+3 Save Points (17)
110+3 Save Points (20) ; Dump all 20 points into Advanced Combo Attack(Maxed)
111+3 Panic (4)
112+3 Panic (7)
113+3 Panic (10)
114+3 Panic (13)
115+3 Panic (16)
116+3 Panic (19)
117+1 Panic (20) ; +2 MP Recovery (2)
117+3 MP Recovery (5)
118+3 MP Recovery (8)
119+3 MP Recovery (11)
120+3 MP Recovery (14)

♣ The skill build is really easy from now on, start by putting a point into combo attack to get the cool looking orbs and then leave brandish at 15 at which it attacks 3 monsters. Once you have brandish at 15, start maxing combo attack, after combo is maxed, get brandish maxed. After that max soul charge which helps with MP3 training. Start putting points in coma or panic(it's your preference, if you boss alot panic, otherwise coma. At level 94 start saving points for soul driver and dump all points into it at level 100, continue maxing coma or panic. At level 104, start saving points for Advanced Combo Attack and get it maxed at level 110. After that get coma or panic if you haven't maxed it before. Finally put some point into MP recovery or get Soul Blade maxed. I would get soul blade maxed at this point since it will help in mobbing harps for collecting peridots in case you want to make an UA.

The key skills for a third rank dawn warrior are

[skill=Dawn-Warrior-3=Combo-Attack] Combo Attack
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-3=Soul-Charge] Soul Charge
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-3=Brandish] Brandish
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-3=Soul-Driver] Soul Driver at level 100
[skill=Dawn-Warrior-3=Advanced-Combo-Attack] Advanced Combo Attack at level 110

♠ Build A) You might ask, what about coma and panic? Well, Coma is really nothing compared to soul driver. The downsides of using coma against soul driver are one too many
  1. Soul driver has a long vertical and horizontal range, while coma's range is short and confined to horizontal only.
  2. You will lose orbs when you use coma as a result it leads to unstable damage, whereas soul driver doesn't make you lose orbs as a result your dpm will me more.
The only upside of coma is that it has the ability to stun mob.
When it comes to panic, it's really a waste of skill points at early levels.

##Training/Leveling for 3rd rank
Level 70 - 80: Twisted Jesters, Big Spiders, Guard Robot L.
Level 81 - 90: Wolf Spiders, Booper Scarlions, Stormbreakers, Vikerola, Roids, Twisted Jesters, MP3(late 80's)
Level 91 - 105: Mp3, Galloperas, Himes, Gobies, Homunculus
Level 105 - 110: Mp3, Captain/Krus, Ghost Pirates.
Level 110 -120: Death Teddies, Dual Ghost Pirates, Ghost Pirates.

Again these are the fastest training options and you can experiment to find out which one yields the most exp for you.

Completion of Dawn warrior

Congratulations on 120! you have made it. Make sure you do the final quests to obtain your Echo of Hero, Empress's Prayer skill and Shout. Good Luck on collecting the materials you need for creating your Ultimate adventurer if you are making one.

Frequently Asked Questions

This part will cover FAQs and more will be added.

Q: Do I need mastery books for Advanced combo and Brandish?
A:No, you will need no skill or mastery books ever to advance your skills.


  • Hidden-Street- For Quest related information
  • Maple-Wiki- For Dawn warrior information
  • [url=]Basil Market team and Mr.Basil[/url]- For this great site
  • My Fellow guide writers and their wonderful guides
  • Thanks to BrainControl for his valuable contribution on training spots.


I do not claim any ownership for the related guides or videos presented in this guide, all guides and videos credited belong to their respective owners.

Contact me

Please let me know of any errors or any better skill builds or training spots you might know of and I will add it here and credit you, thank you.

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