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Demon Avenger, the Avenger class

About Demon Avengers

Demon Avenger is a Resistance class that is currently only available on KMS. His gimmick is a that he is a Demon, so he can glide. He uses "Exceed" skills that uses his HP.

Demon Avenger has the highest HP in the game and he does not have any MP. He uses 1h swords also known as Desperado, and a Force Shield as his secondary weapon that can be potentialed at 4th job.

Please note that Demon Avengers have job advancement at level 10, 30, 60, and 100. He also has to do "quests" in order to job advance (it is not like kaiser where you just click the light bulb to job advance).

Demon Avengers are also Not gender locked.


The Demon Avenger's storyline is the same as Demon Slayer's. I will include it for those who do not know either storyline.
The Demon's story begins at the Temple of Time, approximately a hundred years ago. The Demon had served under the Black Mage for many years, and suddenly realizes he had became an absolute ruler and could no longer serve him.

He encounters his henchman, Mastema, and demands her who she serves. After she admits her loyalty to the Demon, he tells her to deliver a letter to the Heroes. Despite the concern, she agrees.

Earlier that day, there was a meeting between the Demon and the three other Black Wing commanders: Orchid, Von Leon and Arkarium. During the meeting, they mentioned that the Black Mage demanded everything destroyed.

This alarms the Demon, as his family was located near Leafre, one of the burning sites. He quickly leaves to that destination. However, all he could find was a locket of his deceased mother and brother.

Back in the current time, the vengeful Demon attacks Arkarium as he tries to enter the Black Mage's throne, but to no avail. Arkarium summons a few Lykas, but are quickly defeated by the Demon.

As Arkarium is about to make an all out attack on the Demon, the Black Mage opens up his doors, granting the Demon permission to enter.

The Demon engages the Black Mage in a fierce fight. However, the Demon is no match for his master and ends up being sealed in a large egg. Fortunately, the Demon severely crushes the Black Mage's defenses which would soon allow victory for the Heroes.

In present day, the Demon finds his energy dropping. He quickly breaks out and finds himself in the Black Wings' base in Edelstein, and realizes that he has dramatically weakened. When the Black Wings Rabbit Guards attempt to capture him, the Demon kills them with ease. J, a Resistance member who just witnessed the whole thing, explains the situation. The Demon collapses and faints, but is quickly brought to the Resistance hideout.

In the Resistance Base, the Demon begins to recap all the events. He then overhears the other Resistance members talking about him, and J takes the Demon out of the room. The rest of the Resistance members start interrogating him. They eventually come to the conclusion to recruit him into the Resistance in order to be able to defeat the Black Wings. Knowing that the Black Wings will get into his way, he agrees to join them.From then on, the Demon is bent on revenge, tracking down the Black Mage for the rest of his life to avenge his family, and killing those who betrayed him.

Directly from MapleWiki

Pros and Cons

There are both good and bad parts about each character. The pro and con is what I think is good and bad. This is merely an opinion, so you can disagree if you want to.

Has both Melee and Range skills
No mp usage
High attack range
Great defense
Has decent mobility
Extremely high hp

Uses a lot of HP
As your HP get lower, your range decreasen
Uses a Desperadon

Damage Formula

[CurrentHP / 9 + STR] * 1.3 * WA / 100

Important Explanations,etc.

Demonic Class

This is probably the most useful skill and how it makes DAs really cheap. Demonic Class is a beginner skill that lets you ignore the stats(not the levels) of any warrior equipment. So you can wear Warrior equipments while having high hp.

Want boss damage?

Then get a Demon Avenger card. It gives you 1%/2%/3%/5% boss damage.

Does my Avenger have a link skill?

Yes they do, it is called Wild Rage. On level 1: +5% damage. On level 2: +10% damage. This is a passive skill unlike ABs Soul Contact.

One hand swords

Demon avengers use weapons called desperado.

AP build?

So DAs main stat is hp and is known for high damage and hp. The hp when you are level 109 is 52k. Gonna laugh at Paladins now. Who's the real tank now? I'll bet you will use total of 1000 power elixir until you are level 200. Not including bossing.

Exceed System

Demon Avengers have a system called "Exceed" where you use your HP to activate certain skills. Exceed Skills make you stronger the more you use them but it drains your hp more. In order to use the Exceed System to its full potential, you must use the Exceed Skill until you reach your final stage. At the final stage, your attack speed will increase and your range will increase too.

Release Overload

Since one basiler asked me for further explanation, I will. Release Overload is a skill that you gain in your first job advancement. When you are at your maximum exceed (ex. Exceed execution turns purple instead of blue when you are at your maximum limit), you can use this skills to fully recharge yourself and reset your exceed (ex. The color will turn back to blue for exceed: execution).

Exceed Ease Pain

You get this skill at your 3rd job. This helps you lose less hp when you use exceed skills(ex. If you lose 7% hp from Exceed: Execution, you would lose 5% instead of 7). You also gain 20% extra damage for exceed skills.

SP Build

Beginner Skills

Exceed skills' damage and attack speed will be increased the more you use them, but when you hit 20 times, you will enter Overload and the amount of HP you can absorb from Absorb Life will decrease by 1%. Using another Exceed skill will reset the Overload state.

High Efficiency
Increases the efficiency of potions used by 300%.

Wild Rage
Your damage is increased by a certain % (10% for level 2) due to your rage. (Link Skill)

Blood Contact
Demon's authority allows him to wear warrior equipment while ignoring their stat requirements(not levels).

Demon Jump
The Devil Wings can be used in a variety of jump skills (high jump, double jump, glide). High jump: jump + up up , double jump: jump + -> -> or ←←, glide: jump while in the air

Demonic Class
Demons are born with a strong will and overwhelming charisma. Gives you level 20 Will and Charisma. You have a 100% stance effect.

1st Job Skills

Exceed: Double Slash
Slash up to 8 enemies in front of you for 200% damage twice. Consumes 1% HP. [Exceed: increasing attack speed, when you reach the final stage, range is increased] (max level: 20) [url=]Exceed: Double Cross[/url]

Release Overload
Release your Overload (maximum Exceed state) to heal 100% of your HP and gain 20% HP for 60 seconds. (max level: 20) [url=] Release Overload[/url]

Absorb Life
Recover 5% of your HP when you attack. (max level: 10)

Demonic Sharpness
Permanently increase your speed by 30, jump by 20, and critical chance by 20%. (max level: 15)

1st Job

LevelSkill 01Skill 02Skill 03
10+1 Exceed: Double Cross [1/20]+4 Demonic Sharpness[4/15]
11+3 Demonic Sharpness [7/15]
12+3 Demonic Sharpness [10/15]
13+3 Demonic Sharpness [13/15]
14+2 Demonic Sharpness [MAX]+1 Release Overload [1/20]
15+3 Release Overload [4/20]
16+3 Release Overload [7/20]
17+3 Release Overload [10/20]
18+3 Release Overload [13/20]
19+3 Release Overload [16/20]
20+3 Release Overload [19/20]
21+1 Release Overload [MAX]+2 Absorb Life [2/10]
22+3 Absorb Life [5/10]
23+3 Absorb Life [8/10]
242 Absorb Life [MAX]+1 Exceed: Double Cross [2/20]
25+3 Exceed: Double Cross [5/20]
26+3 Exceed: Double Cross [8/20]
27+3 Exceed: Double Cross [11/20]
28+3 Exceed: Double Cross [14/20]
29+3 Exceed: Double Cross [17/20]
30+3 Exceed: Double Cross [MAX]

Going to be spell checked when it comes out in GMS.

Final Results:
Exceed: Double Cross: [MAX]
Absorb Life: [MAX]
Release Overload: [MAX]
Demonic Sharpness: [MAX]

2nd Job Skills

Exceed: Demon Strike
Rush forward, cutting down up to 10 enemies in your path, dealing 125% damage 4 times. Consumes 3% HP. [Exceed: damage will increase by 5% each time you use this skill up to a maximum damage of 145%, when you reach the final stage, range is increased] (max level: 20)

Bats Swarm
Summon your followers, a swarm of bats, to attack up to 8 enemies dealing 200% continuously until either 10 seconds pass or 40 hits have been made. By pressing the skill key again, you can change their direction. Consumes 400 HP. (max level: 20)

Demon Booster
Consumes 200 HP to increase your attack speed by 2 stages for 180 seconds. (max level: 10)

Abyssal Rage
Increase your attack by 40 for 180 seconds. Consumes 400 HP. (max level: 20)

Solid Will
Due to your strong will, your defense and magic defense are increased by 100%. (max level: 10)

Desperado Mastery
Permanently increase your mastery over the Desperado by 50% and your accuracy by 200. (max level: 10)

Inner Strength
Permanently increase your HP by 10% and defense and magic defense by 250. (max level: 5)

2nd Job Skill Build

2nd Job Skill Build
LevelSkill 01Skill 02Skill 03
30+1 Exceed: Demon Strike [1/20]+1 Bats Swarm [1/20]+1 Desperado Mastery [1/10]
31+3 Desperado Mastery [4/10]
32+3 Desperado Mastery [7/10]
33+3 Desperado Mastery [MAX]
34+3 Demon Booster [3/10]
35+3 Demon Booster [6/10]
36+3 Demon Booster [9/10]
37+1 Demon Booster [MAX]+2 Abyssal Rage [2/20]
38+3 Abyssal Rage [5/20]
39+3 Abyssal Rage [8/20]
40+3 Abyssal Rage [11/20]
41+3 Abyssal Rage [14/20]
42+3 Abyssal Rage [17/20]
43+3 Abyssal Rage [MAX]
44+3 Solid Will [3/10]
45+3 Solid Will [6/10]
46+3 Solid Will [9/10]
47+1 Solid Will [MAX]+2 Inner Strength [2/5]
48+3 Inner Strength [MAX]
49+3 Exceed: Demon Strike [4/20]
50+3 Exceed: Demon Strike [7/20]
51+3 Exceed: Demon Strike [10/20]
52+3 Exceed: Demon Strike [13/20]
53+3 Exceed: Demon Strike [16/20]
54+3 Exceed: Demon Strike [19/20]
55+1 Exceed: Demon Strike [MAX]+2 Bats Swarm [3/20]
56+3 Bats Swarm [5/20]
56+3 Bats Swarm [8/20]
57+3 Bats Swarm [11/20]
58+3 Bats Swarm [14/20]
59+3 Bats Swarm [17/20]
60+3 Bats Swarm [MAX]

Going to be spell checked soon!

Final Results:
Exceed: Demonic Slash: MAX
Desperado Mastery: MAX
Demon Booster: MAX
Solid Will: MAX
Inner Strength: MAX
Bats Swarm: MAX

Explanation: You max EVERYTHING

3rd Job Skills

Exceed: Moonlight Slash
Slash up to 10 enemies around you in a circle, dealing 300% damage 3 times. Consumes 5% HP. [Exceed: increasing attack speed, when you reach the final stage, range is increased] (max level: 20) [url=]Exceed: Moodlight Slash[/url]

Inhale Vitality
While holding the key down, your Desperado will heal 10% of your health and attack up to 12 enemies for 400% damage continuously. After you let go of the key, an additional 1000% damage will be inflicted. Consumes 100 HP continuously. There is a cooldown of 12 seconds. (max level: 20)

Shield Charge
Rush through up to 12 enemies with your shield, dealing 200% damage. The power emitted from your shield after the dash will push enemies further away while dealing % damage. Consumes 500 HP. (max level: 20)

Refract Evil
Acquire the ability to defend against evil auras, increasing your resistance to states and elements by 50% and decreasing damage taken by 30% for 180 seconds. Consumes 900 HP. (max level: 20)

Diabolic Recovery
Increase your HP by 30% for 180 seconds. Consumes 900 HP. Passively recover 5% of your HP every 4 seconds. (max level: 20)

Ease Exceed Pain
Permanently reduces the amount of HP lost by Exceed Overload of the skill Absorb Life by 2%. Exceed skills' damage are increased by 20%. (max level: 20)

Advanced Absorb Life
Passively increase the HP recovered when attacking by 10%. (required skill: level 10 Absorb Life) (max level: 5)

3rd Job Skill Build

3rd Job Skill Build
LevelSkill 01Skill 02Skill 03Skill 04
60+1 Exceed: Moonlight Slash [1/20]+1 Inhale Vitality [1/20]+2 Shield Charge [2/20]+1 Advanced Absorb Life [1/5]
61+3 Advanced Absorb Life [4/5]
62+1 Advanced Absorb Life [MAX]+2 Refract Evil [2/20]
63+3 Refract Evil [5/20]
64+3 Refract Evil [8/20]
65+3 Refract Evil [11/20]
66+3 Refract Evil [14/20]
67+3 Refract Evil [17/20]
68+3 Refract Evil [MAX]
69+3 Diabolic Recovery [3/20]
70+3 Diabolic Recovery [6/20]
71+3 Diabolic Recovery [9/20]
72+3 Diabolic Recovery [12/20]
73+3 Diabolic Recovery [15/20]
74+3 Diabolic Recovery [18/20]
75+2 Diabolic Recovery [MAX]+1 Ease Exceed Pain [1/20]
76+3 Ease Exceed Pain [4/20]
77+3 Ease Exceed Pain [7/20]
78+3 Ease Exceed Pain [10/20]
79+3 Ease Exceed Pain [13/20]
80+3 Ease Exceed Pain [16/20]
81+3 Ease Exceed Pain [19/20]
82+1 Ease Exceed Pain [MAX]+2 Exceed: Moonlight Slash [3/20]
83+3 Exceed: Moonlight Slash [6/20]
84+3 Exceed: Moonlight Slash [9/20]
85+3 Exceed: Moonlight Slash [12/20]
86+3 Exceed: Moonlight Slash [15/20]
87+3 Exceed: Moonlight Slash [18/20]
88+2 Exceed: Moonlight Slash [MAX]+1 Inhale Vitality [2/20]
89+3 Inhale Vitality [5/20]
90+3 Inhale Vitality [8/20]
91+3 Inhale Vitality [11/20]
92+3 Inhale Vitality [14/20]
93+3 Inhale Vitality [17/20]
94+3 Inhale Vitality [MAX]
95+3 Shield Chase [5/20]
96+3 Shield Chase [8/20]
97+3 Shield Chase [11/20]
98+3 Shield Chase [14/20]
99+3 Shield Chase [17/20]
100+3 Shield Chase [MAX]

Going to be spell checked!
Final Results:
Exceed: Moonlight Slash: MAX
Shield Chase: MAX
Inhale Vitality: MAX
Diablo Recovery: MAX
Ease Exceed Pain: MAX
Advance Absorb Life: MAX
Refract Evil: MAX

4th Job Skills

Exceed: Execution
Using the true power of the demon, attack up to 3 enemies in front of you for 600% damage three times. Consumes 9% HP. [Exceed: increasing attack speed, when you reach the final stage, another slash is added] (max level: 30)

Shield Chasing
Throw two shields to chase up to 2 enemies, dealing 500% damage. Each shield can hit a maximum of 5 times before disappearing. Consumes 1000 HP. There is a cooldown of 12 seconds. (max level: 30)

Armor Break
Attack up to 12 enemies in front of you dealing 300% damage four times, tearing through their armor decreasing their defense by 30% for 20 seconds. Consumes 1000 HP. (max level: 30)

Bloody Imprison
Attack up to 14 enemies in front and behind you for 800% damage, imprisoning them for 20 seconds. Consumes 5000 HP. There is a cooldown of 120 seconds. (max level: 20)

Overwhelming Power
Your damage is increased by 30% and your attack speed is increased by 1 stage for 180 seconds. Consumes 2000 HP. (max level: 30)

Defense Expertize
Permanently increase the amount of monsters' defense ignored by 30% and the damage of Shield Charge and Shield Chasing by 20%. (max level: 30)

Advanced Desperado Mastery
Permanently increase your mastery over the Desperado to 70%, your attack by 30, and your minimum critical damage by 15%. (required skill: level 10 Desperado Mastery) (max level: 30)

Enhanced Exceed
When using Exceed skills, there will be a 70% chance of performing another attack of 200% damage two times attacking up to 2 enemies. (max level: 20)

Maple Warrior
Increase the stats of party members by 15% for 900 seconds. (max level: 30) [url=]Maple Warrior[/url]

4th Job Skill Build

4th Job Skill Build
100 +1 Exceed: Execution [1/30], +1 Shield Chasing [1/30], +1 Armor Break [1/30], +1 Bloody Imprison [1/30], + 1 Advanced Desperado Mastery [1/30]
101 +3 Advanced Desperado Mastery [4/30]
102 +3 Advanced Desperado Mastery [7/30]
103 +3 Advanced Desperado Mastery [10/30]
104 +3 Advanced Desperado Mastery [13/30]
105 +3 Advanced Desperado Mastery [16/30]
106 +3 Advanced Desperado Mastery [19/30]
107 +3 Advanced Desperado Mastery [22/30]
108 +3 Advanced Desperado Mastery [25/30]
109 +3 Advanced Desperado Mastery [28/30]
110 +2 Advanced Desperado Mastery [MAX], +1 Overwhelming Power [1/30]
111 +3 Overwhelming Power [4/30]
112 +3 Overwhelming Power [7/30]
113 +3 Overwhelming Power [10/30]
114 +3 Overwhelming Power [13/30]
115 +3 Overwhelming Power [16/30]
116 +3 Overwhelming Power [19/30]
117 +3 Overwhelming Power [22/30]
118 +3 Overwhelming Power [25/30]
119 +3 Overwhelming Power [28/30]
120 +2 Overwhelming Power [MAX], +1 Enhanced Exceed [1/20]
121 +3 Enhanced Exceed [4/20]
122 +3 Enhanced Exceed [7/20]
123 +3 Enhanced Exceed [10/20]
124 +3 Enhanced Exceed [13/20]
125 +3 Enhanced Exceed [16/20]
126 +3 Enhanced Exceed [19/20]
127 +1 Enhanced Exceed [MAX], +2 Defense Expertise [2/30]
128 +3 Defense Expertise [5/30]
129 +3 Defense Expertise [8/30]
130 +3 Defense Expertise [11/30]
131 +3 Defense Expertise [14/30]
132 +3 Defense Expertise [17/30]
133 +3 Defense Expertise [20/30]
134 +3 Defense Expertise [23/30]
135 +3 Defense Expertise [26/30]
136 +3 Defense Expertise [29/30]
137+1 Defense Expertise [MAX], +2 Exceed: Execution [3/30]
138+3 Exceed: Execution [6/30]
139 +3 Exceed: Execution [9/30]
140 +3 Exceed: Execution [12/30]
141 +3 Exceed: Execution [15/30]
142 +3 Exceed: Execution [18/30]
143 +3 Exceed: Execution [21/30]
144 +3 Exceed: Execution [24/30]
145 +3 Exceed: Execution [27/30]
146 +3 Exceed: Execution [MAX]
147 +3 Blood Imprison [4/30]
148 +3 Blood Imprison [7/30]
149 +3 Blood Imprison [10/30]
150 +3 Blood Imprison [13/30]
151 +3 Blood Imprison [16/30]
152 +3 Blood Imprison [19/30]
153 +3 Blood Imprison [22/30]
154 +3 Blood Imprison [25/30]
155 +3 Blood Imprison [28/30]
156 +2 Blood Imprison [MAX], +1 Armor Break [2/30]
157 +3 Armor Break [5/30]
158 +3 Armor Break [8/30]
159 +3 Armor Break [11/30]
160 +3 Armor Break [14/30]
161 +3 Armor Break [17/30]
162 +3 Armor Break [20/30]
163 +3 Armor Break [23/30]
164 +3 Armor Break [26/30]
165 +3 Armor Break [29/30]
166 +1 Armor Break [MAX], +2 Shield Chasing [3/30]
167 +3 Shield Chasing [6/30]
168 +3 Shield Chasing [9/30]
169 +3 Shield Chasing [12/30]
170 +3 Shield Chasing [15/30]
171 +3 Shield Chasing [18/30]
172 +3 Shield Chasing [21/30]
173 +3 Shield Chasing [24/30]
174 +3 Shield Chasing [27/30]
175 +3 Shield Chasing [MAX]
176 +3 Maple Warrior [3/30]
177 +3 Maple Warrior [6/30]
178 +3 Maple Warrior [9/30]
179 +3 Maple Warrior [12/30]
180 +3 Maple Warrior [15/30]
181 +3 Maple Warrior [18/30]
182 +3 Maple Warrior [21/30]
183 +3 Maple Warrior [24/30]
184 +3 Maple Warrior [27/30]
185 +3 Maple Warrior [MAX]
186 +3 Saved SP
187 +3 Saved SP
188 +3 Saved SP
189 +3 Saved SP
190 +3 Saved SP
191 +3 Saved SP
192 +3 Saved SP
193 +3 Saved SP
194 +3 Saved SP
195 +3 Saved SP
196 +3 Saved SP
197 +3 Saved SP
198 +3 Saved SP
199 +3 Saved SP
200 +3 Saved SP

Going to be spell checked soon.

Final Result:

Exceed: Execution: MAX

Shied Chasing: MAX

Bloody Imprison: MAX

Defense Expertise: MAX

Maple Warrior: MAX

Overwhelming Power: MAX

Armor Break: MAX

Enhanced Exceed: MAX

Advanced Desperado Mastery: MAX

Everything is maxed.

Hyper Skills and Skill Build

Hyper skills are skills that are exceptionally strong and have special damage caps instead of 999,999. Hyper Skills can be learned starting from level 140. Hyper skills also have stat enhancers and skill enhancers.

Passive Stat Boosts

Hyper Physical Guard:+500 physical defense (REQ lvl 165).

Hyper Magical Guard:+500 magic defense (REQ Lvl 174).

Hyper Movement:+10 speed (REQ lvl 152).

Hyper Jump:+10 jump (REQ lvl 146).

Hyper Accuracy:+20% accuracy (REQ lvl 158).

Hyper Critical Rate:+10% critical (REQ lvl 198).

Hyper Dexterity:+50 DEX (REQ Lvl 140).

Hyper Strength:+50 STR (REQ lvl 140).

Hyper Luck:+50 LUK (REQ lvl 140).

Hyper Intelligence:+50 INT (REQ lvl 140).

Hyper Max Heart Point:+15% HP (REQ LVL 192).

Hyper Max Magic Point:+15% MP (REQ LVL 186).

Hyper Max Demon Force:+50 DF (REQ LVL 180).

Passive Skill Boosts

Exceed - Reinforce
Exceed skills' damage are increased by 20%. [required level: 143]

  • *Exceed - Reduce Overload
The maximum rate of Overload while using Exceed skills is permanently decreased by 2. [required level: 162]

  • *Exceed - Bonus Chance
Exceed skills' chance of having an extra attack are increased to 80%. (required skill: level 20 Enhanced Exceed) [required level: 183]

  • *Refract Evil - Reduce Damage
Refract Evil's damage reduction is increased by 10%. (required skill: level 1 Refract Evil) [required level: 149]

  • *Refract Evil - Immunity Enhance 1
Refract Evil's resistance to elements is increased by 10%. (required skill: level 1 Refract Evil) [required level: 168]

  • *Refract Evil - Immunity Enhance 2
Refract Evil's resistance to states is increased by 10%. (required skill: level 1 Refract Evil) [required level: 189]

  • *Shield Chasing - Reinforce
Shield Chasing's damage is increased by 20%. [required level: 155]

  • *Shield Chasing - Extra Target
Shield Chasing's number of monsters hit is increased by 2. [required level: 177]

  • *Shield Chasing - Add Range
Shield Chasing's range is increased by 50. [required level: 195]

Active Attack/Buff Skills

Forbidden Contract: By using a forbidden contract, increase your HP by 30% for 30 seconds. During this time, your skills will not use up any HP. Consumes 5000 HP. [required level: 150] [url=]Forbidden Contract[/url]

Thousand Sword: The screen is shrouded in darkness, and then with tremendous speed, blue swords cut through up to 14 enemies dealing 300% 20 times. Consumes 3000 HP. There is a cooldown of 18 seconds.[required level: 170] [url=]Thousand Sword[/url]

Will of Liberty: The wish of the Resistance who dream of freedom and liberty in the Maple World becomes concrete, increasing your and Resistance in your party's damage by 10% and maximum damage by 5,000,000 for 60 seconds. There is a cooldown of 120 seconds. [required level: 200] [url=]Will of Liberty[/url]

Hyper Skill Build

140 Save 1 Skill Enhancer and Stat Enhancer
143: Exceed: Reinforce

146 +1 Hyper Jump
150 +1 Forbidden Contract
152 +1 Hyper Movement
162 +1 Exceed: Reduce Overload
165 +1 Hyper Physical Guard
168 +1 Reflect Evil: Immunity Enhance 1
170 +1 Thousand Sword
174 +1 Hyper Magical Guard
183 +1 Exceed: Bonus Chance
189 +1 Reflect Evil: Immunity Enhance 2
192 +1 Hyper Max Heart Point
198 +1 Hyper Critical Rate
200 +1 Will of Liberty


As I explained before DAs use Desperados instead of axes/swords. Here are all the Desperado Weapons:

Blue Ravager
Level : 10
Attack: 27
Available upgrade slots: 7

Dim Memory
Level : 30
Attack : 50
Available upgrade slots: 7

King Pepe's Dim Memory
Level : 35
Attack : 60
Available upgrade slots: 7
Transition possible by using Karma's Scissors

Chaos Dim Memory
Level : 35
Attack : 80
Available upgrade slot(s): 8

Eternal Wanderer
Level : 50
Attack : 70
Available upgrade slots: 7

Plum Sadness
Level : 60
Level : 80
Available upgrade slots: 7

Chaos Plum Sadness
Level : 60
Attack : 95
Available upgrade slots: 8

Cardinal Omem
Level : 70
Attack : 85
Available upgrade slots: 7

Xerxes' Cardinal Omen
Level : 70
Attack : 89
Available upgrade slots: 7
Transition possible by using Karma's Scissors

Frosty's Cardinal Omen
Level : 70
Attack : 94
Available upgrade slots: 10

Balrog's Brand Edge
Level : 80
Attack: 88
Available upgrade slots: : 8
Transission possible by using Karma's Scissors

Brand Edge
Level : 80
Attack : 90
Available upgrade slots: 7

Balrog's Nightmare
Level : 90
Attack : 92
Available upgrade slots: 8
Transission possible with using Karma's Scissors

Level : 90
Attack : 95
Available upgrade slots: 7

Chaos Nightmare
Level : 90
Attack : 110
Available upgrade slots: : 8

Cruel Vengeance
Level : 100
Attack : 100
Available upgrade slots: 7

Primm Vegabond
Level : 105
Attack : 103
Str : 1
HP : 50
Durability : 500000
Available upgrade slots: 7
Can only be scrolled with special scrolls

Dragon Rage
Level : 110
Attack : 105
Available upgrade slots: 7

Dragonic Supreme Vegabond
Level : 110
Attack : 113
STR : 5
HP : 250
Accuracy: 30
Durability : 500000
Charm : 60
Charisma : 60
Will : 60
Available upgrade slots: 8
Epic item
Transission possible by using Platinum Karam's Scissor
Can be only scrolled with special scrolls

Reverse Figure Seeker
Level : 120
Attack : 110
Available upgrade slots: 8
Untradeable after equipping
Equipment level 1- Attack (0~2), STR (1~2), Dex (0~1)
Equipment level 2- Attack (0~2), STR (1~2), Dex (0~1)
Equipment level 3- Attack (0~2), STR (1~2), Dex (0~1)

Timeless Figure Seeker
Level : 120
Attack : 112
Charm : 90
Available upgrade slots: 7
Untradeable after equipping
Equipment level 1- Attack (0~2), STR (1~2), Dex (0~1)
Equipment level 2- Attack (0~2), STR (1~2), Dex (0~1)
Equipment level 3- Attack (0~2), STR (1~2), Dex (0~1)
Equipment level 4- Attack (0~2), STR (1~2), Dex (0~1)
Equipment level 5- Attack (0~2), STR (1~2), Dex (0~1)

Max Von Leon's Blood Fury
Level : 120
Attack : 116
Charm : 80
Available upgrade slots: 8
Transition possible by using Premium Karma's Scissors

Abyss Figure Seeker
Level : 125
Attack : 116
STR : 4
HP : 300
Charm : 80
Charisma : 80
Will : 80
Available upgrade slots: 8
Untradeable after equipping
Transition possible by using Premium Karma's Scissors
Epic item
Equipment level 1- Attack (0~2), STR (1~2), Dex (0~1)
Equipment level 2- Attack (0~2), STR (1~2), Dex (0~1)
Equipment level 3- Attack (0~2), STR (1~2), Dex (0~1)

Fearless Figure Seeker
Level : 125
Attack : 120
STR : 4
HP : 550
Charisma : 90
Will : 90
Available upgrade slots: 8
Untradeable after equipping
Transition possible by using Premium Karma's Scissors
Epic item
Equipment level 1- Attack (0~2), STR (1~2), Dex (0~1)
Equipment level 2- Attack (0~2), STR (1~2), Dex (0~1)
Equipment level 3- Attack (0~2), STR (1~2), Dex (0~1)
Equipment level 4- Attack (0~2), STR (1~2), Dex (0~1)
Equipment level 5- Attack (0~2), STR (1~2), Dex (0~1)

Victor Van Leon's Blood Fury
Level : 125
Attack : 120
HP : 300
Charm : 90
Charisma : 90
Will : 90
Available upgrade slots: 8
Transition possible by using Karma's Scissors
Epic item

  • *Ageless Crimson Zodiac
Level : 130
Attack : 119
HP : 400
STR : 4
Accuracy : 50
Extra damage in PvP: 5
Charm : 90
Available upgrade slots: 8
Untradeable after equipping
Transition possible by using Premium Karma's Scissors

Lionheart's Painfull Destiny
Level : 140
Attack : 137
HP : 1750
STR : 20
Accuracy : 100
Charm : 100
Available upgrade slots: 8
Transition possible by using Premium Karma's Scissors

##Training Guide
You of course need a training guide.



##Training guide level 10~30


Blue Ribbon Pigs -Highly Recommended
18 is a awkward number but it is super hard to level up with blue ribbon pigs starting from 18.


Flaming Mixed Golem -Recommended
Rotting Skeletons -Highly Recommended
Big Boulder Munchers -Not Recommended


Scarecrows -Highly Recommended
Latest Hits Compilation -Highly Recommended
Greatest Oldies -Highly Recommended

##Training guide level 30~60


Scorpions -Highly Recommended
Twisted Jesters -Highly Recommended
Scarecrows -Recommended


Twisted Jesters -Highly Recommended
Selkies and Slimies -Highly Recommended
Ludibrium Party Quest -Highly Recommended

##Training guide level 60~100


Twisted Jesters -Highly Recommended
Ludibrium Paty Quest -Highly Recommended
Selkies and Slimies -Highly Recommended


MP3(a.k.a Selkies and Slimies) -Recommended
Twist Jesters -Recom
Romeo and Juliet Party Quest


Romeo and Juliet Party Quest


Alien Cogs
Romeo and Juliet Party Quest

##Training guide level 100~200


Alien Cog
Romeo and Juliet Party Quest


Alien Cogs
Romeo and Juliet Party Quests
Dual Pirates at Ludibrium(forgot the name)


120-160: LHC/Lion Heart Castle
120-140: evolving world
160-200: Stronghold

crits vs pdr vs boss

Very confusing. Which one? I would personally choose 100% critical but it is hard to get it because they do not have any buff or passive effect that increases their crits therefore you should go with PDR or bossing. Go with bossing the most useful!
Way for ultimate boss % (require a lot of funding)
Demon slayer link skill level 2: 15% bossing

Nebullite s boss damage 2: 35% bossing

You have 50% bossing so far. You can also get boss %s from potential.

Party you should train/PQ/Boss with and at which maps

Many people hate parting with other people because you have to share exps. But there are huge privileges if you party other people. Many guides doesn't have which jobs you should train with. I got the idea from reading a guide a long time ago. The idea goes for @temptedjerk
Which job it should be credit goes to @killerzero4
Demon Avenger(Yourself)

Explanation: Demon Avenger is you of course.

Pros: healing, Advance Blessing, Resurrection, Dispel, Holy Magic Shell, Holy Symbol, Mystic door and Heaven's door(hyper skill)
Usage: Healing, replacement for pots. Resurrection, replacement for Wheel of (I forgot. NX item). Dispel, Remove poison, burn, etc. Holy Magic shell, for defense. Mystic Door for Zakum.

Cons: Not the best attcker

Pros: so many buffs i can't name it. Good DPS too.
Make sure they have "haste"(1st Job), "Rage"(2nd Job), "Concentrate"(3rd job), "Magic Crash"(3rd job) "Resurrection"(4th), "Sharp Eyes"(4th).
You need Resurrection and Sharp Eyes because when the bishop just used resurrection, it has a cooldown so he can't use it for another 6 minutes, therefore, Phantom will use Resurrection. When he is done using Resurrection, he can switch to sharp eyes. Problem: if both Bishop AND Phantom used Resurrection and the cooldown isn't over, you guys are toast.

Cons: Low Defense and M.Defense.

Kaiser/Evan: they both have skills that reduce damage intake by 10%
They don't have cons!

Buccaneer: Speed Infusion. +2 weapon speed and time leap. (Help from @clashofpower)

Pros: Combat Order and good defense so it wouldn't die and wouldn't ask you for resurrections.

Cons: Not exactly the "attacker"

Where you should train:
Flat Maps but if you must Stronghold and LHC. Mechanics must carefully set up portals and amplifiers while Battle Mages must be in the middle of the map to give auras to party members. Bishops must continually teleport to heal and Phantom must buff a lot since others are far away and give buffs to them individually.


Most Important thing about characters are about funding of course. I will put about fundings for below-average, average, above average, and god mode. Idea goes for @TheDarkHero3

below-average funding

Chaos Zakum Helm (10%)

Rex's Perfect Red Earrings (10%)

Mystic Eye Accessory

Mystic Face Accessory

Tempest Epaulet (6%)

Tempest Belt (6%)

Tempest Cape

Tempest 3 Set Effect (10%)

Tempest Pendant (6%)

Tempest Ring (6%)

Legendary Ring

Curbrock's Ring

Ephinea's Ring

Lionheart's Painful Destiny

Lionheart's Battle Mail

Lionheart's Battle Boots

Lionheart's 3 Set Effect (15%)

High Quality Dimension Gloves

Master of All Knowledge

Totem: Any


Hat: Hats that have 6% hp such as zak helm, scarlion(STR), and Demon Avenger Hat

Medal: Any with att.

Pendant: 6%+ HTP

Face: Any with %

Eye Acc: any with %

Badge: event badges. Whatever you can find!

Rings: Each with 2% or level 10 Evo Rings and Angelic blessing

Cape: PAC with 6% hp

Earring: 9% hp+

Mantle: Gallant manual with 3 att

Shoulder: 5 att + must be level 120 shoulder pad

Overall: 12%+

Glove: 6%+

Belt: Any belt with 6%+

Shoes: Empress shoes with 9%+

Totem: Mighty Joe Totem

Set: any if possible

above average

Hat: 22%+ Czak/Empress hat

Medal: Any ATT medal

Pendant: CHTP 20%+

Face: 8%+

Eye Acc: 20%+

Badge: Event Badge with 8%+

Rings: Evolving rings with DAR

Cape: 10%+

Earring: Any with 15%+

Mantle: Gallant Emblem with 5 att

Shoulder: 15%+

Overall/bottom&top: 35%+ or 20% + with Nebuilite S: Hyper Body

Glove: 28att Empress glove with total damage %s or hp%s

Belt: Tyrant Belt with 15%+

Shoes: 15%+

Totem: Mighty Joe Totem

Set: Empress Set

God mode

Hat: 35~45% empress hat

Medal: Att medal

Pendant:36~ 49% hp dominant pendant(36% hp with additional potential)

Face: Face with 12+ hp%

Eye Acc: 30% hp raccon hat/branch nose

Badge: Any badge with 13 hp%+

Rings: White Angelic Ring, Cygnus Kohinoor ring, Guardians Eternal, Berserkers Eternal 12% hp+%

Cape: Tyrant Cape 36% hp+

Earring: 40%hp + Rex earring

Mantle: Gallant Manual 5 att+

Shoulder: Any with 35%+

Overall/top and bottom: 60%+ or 40% more with Nebuilite S: Hyper Body (good luck on this one)

Glove: Empress Glove with 32%+ and 28 att+ (option: nebuilite S: speed infusion)

Belt: Tyrant Belt with 35% +

Shoes: VSS or Tyrant shoe with 30% hp

Totem: Mighty joe totem(red leaf)

Set: Combination of Tyrant and Empress Set
  • * God mode means you hit max(50 mill now. New damage cap thanks to the new patch, Maplestory Unlimited).

    Potion guide

Demon avenger will have quit a lot hp and will probably hit the max hp(500,000) if you are the high-average funded or god mode funded. Now you need the guide for potions. Potions are probably the third most important information on this guide.

You see, I used ice-cream pops until DS was level 101. I didn't know anything about "honsters" and all that. Waste of money.(oil prices are cheaper than honsters!). Anyway I regretted making that mistake, therefore I wanted to inform you guys.

Demon avenger has a skill that will raise the potion efficiency by 300%, meaning if you used red potion, you would recover 300 hp instead of 100. But this becomes useless when it comes to % potions. It doesn't affect them! "Gasp." Back to the guide.

You should use the this potion when you are:

Level 10-30: white potions because you wouldn't use that many potions during this level.

Level 30-60: ice cream pots that recover 2k hp but you will recover 6k!

Level 60-90: [url=]Gingseng Root[/url]

Level 90-200: if you can find it use [url=]Power Elixir[/url]If you can't find one use Honster
If you want more specific guide please you [url=]Mr.basil's special guide[/url]
Where to get Power Elixirs: Hellisium Magnus(You have to be medium-high average funded). Help from


Q. Does Demon Avenger get Force Shields like Demon Slayer?
A. Yes they do and the 4th job Force Shields can be potentialed.

Q. Does Demon Avenger gain force from Force Shields?
A. No, they do not. It would be useless anyway.

Q. What weapon does Demon Avenger use?
A. They use a Desperado, a one handed weapon.

Q. Does Demon Avengers have hyper skills?
A. Yes, they do.

Q. Is Demon Avenger brother of Demon Slayer?
A. No, it is not.

Q. What is Demon Avenger's main AP?
A. It is HP believe it or not. HP increases Demon Avenger's range.

Q. What subclass is Demon Avenger from?
A. It is from "Demon."

Q. Will Demon Avenger get a nerf?
A. Yes, like every class.


Correct the skill names when DAs come to GMS
All equips for DAs.



[url=]Level 180 Demon Avenger soloing normal Zak[/url]
[url=]level 201 demon avenger soloing normal Von Leon[/url]
[url=]Pink Bean[/url]
[url=]Chaos Zakum[/url]


[url=]First job [/url]
[url=]Second job[/url]
[url=]Third job[/url]
[url=]Fourth job[/url]
[url=]Level 205 Demon Avenger at Twilight of Perion[/url]


[url=]Official trailer[/url]


@novacokeservice : myself
@skynets : Providing fixes with grammar mistakes.
@Thedarkhero3: Ideas on funding.
@temptedjerk : Provided a party guide.
@killerzero4 : Helping out with the 4th job section of the guide.
@Maplexhero: "potion guide"
@xDracius : Enlisted ideas with the potion guide.
@business: Finding most of the Demon Avenger videos
@ajwright92 : Found Demon Avenger videos and cleaning up the credit part.
@whatislove: help on funding guide
Orange mushroom for the skills
MapleWiki for the story line

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