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Fighter, Crusader, and Hero


Hello there, this is FlameChocobo, and I decided to make a guide for Fighter, Crusader, and Hero. Upon working on skill builds for those classes post Tempest.

Pros and Cons

  • Good for soloing bosses
  • Instant kill normal mobs with a main skill when funded
  • Highest Base HP
  • Two Handed Axes are good choice if you're unfunded, just don't go for the uncommon speed such as Slow-7
  • Rage stacks with everything other than Horntail and Pink Bean buff.

  • Still the late bloomer (Not much of a con since 4th Job is level 100, meaning you should max your core skills at level 153)
  • Hit or miss Crusader skills
  • Doesn't have good recovery skill


If you're going to make a warrior, especially a Fighter/Crusader/Hero, here are the basics.

  • AP build-

STR = Primary stat for Warriors
DEX = Secondary stat for Warriors which is no longer relevant
INT and LUK = The other stats that aren't relevant to Warriors

Prior to tempest, the endgame weapon required DEX to be equipped, which was a hassle to begin with. Now they don't so you guys don't have to waste time, but that does not mean none of the equips require DEX. There are still equips that require DEX such as Ribgol Sword since Nexon America didn't bother changing the non-KMS equips, not even GMS original equips. I probably wouldn't bother with any other equips. As always, add all your AP into STR, and once maxed (999 STR,) you decide which ever you want.

Which Weapon should I choose?

  • Damage multiplier-

One Handed Sword/Axe: 1.20
Two Handed Sword/Axe: 1.34

Here are the questions to ask.

Is the Two Handed Axe slower?
If yes: Go with sword
If no: Proceed to the other question

Is the Two Handed Axe stronger?
If yes: Go with axe
If no: proceed to the next question if you're at a high level. Otherwise, you decide which weapon you want.

Is the Two Handed Axe cheaper?
If yes: Go with axe
If no: You decide which weapon you want.

Note: These questions focuses on wielding two handed weapons, if you're going with one handed weapon, then sword is the obvious choice since their slowest speed is fast-5 while most one handed axes are normal-6 (There are some that have the same attack speed as One Handed Swords, but I digress.) I'll explain the charts from slowest to fastest.

Weapon Type|Fastest Speed|Slowest Speed
One Handed Sword|Fast-4|Fast-5 (Average Speed)
One Handed Axe|Fast-5|Normal-6 (Average Speed)
Two Handed Sword|Fast-4 (Japanese Map and Lionheart (Lv. 35))|Slow-8 (Bezerker)
Two Handed Axe|Normal-6 (Common)|Slow-7 (Some of them)

By raw, One Handed Swords (and Axes that are Fast-5) win out against Two Handed Weapon considering they are faster than them. If you have any attack speed booster such as Aswan's Attack Speed inner ability as well as party with a class with Wind Booster (AKA Speed Infusion) such as Viper, Striker (3rd Rank,) or Phantom (4th Rank,) then they're pretty much the same. Only differences are that Two Handed Weapon has higher damage multiplier, giving them better DPM. One Handed Weapons though allows you to wield a shield to counter inferiority. With 27 Attack Power Shield perfectly scrolled Shield with Legendary 3L Potential (+ 2 Bonus Potential if you spend more NX) will make the one handed weapons better than two handed weapons.

Speaking of perfectly scrolled weapons, the cheapest weapon is the Two Handed Axe as this is the only class that wields them. Paladin (and Soul Master, but the level limit makes them irrelevant) wields one handed swords and two handed swords, but have a 3rd Job skill that favors shield, meaning you have to sacrifice defense to wield two handed swords as a Paladin. Mikhail only wields one handed sword. And there's Kaiser, a class that only wields Two Handed Swords. So for normal scrolling, might as well stick with Two Handed Axes unless you're lucky enough to get any other weapon from a certain method such as Gachapon.

  • Play-for-fun style-

If you are a person that prefer the looks of the weapon over the weapon that are faster and/or stronger, then might as well go with that. It's opinion based type of category. It does play a role if both other weapons either have the same attack and same speed or you reach the point where you reach max speed and have good enough damage range to always deal 999999 damage. To me, it's all about DPM, so it's your call. If you have NX, you can buy the Anvil so that you can change the looks of the stronger weapon, though they do have to be the same category as each other.

[h1=skill]Skill Builds[/h1]

1ST JOB! Swordsman Skill Build

[B]Level Requirement:[/B] 10+

Power Strike - 20 SP
Slash Blast - 20 SP - 1 point to Power Strike is required
HP Boost - 10 SP
Iron Body - 20 SP

[B]Total Skill Points required to max all skills during 1st Job:[/B] 70
[B]Total Skill Points obtained from level 10 to 30:[/B] 64

LevelSkill Build
[B]Level 10[/B]+1 Power Strike (1/20), and +3 Slash Blast (3/20)
[B]Level 11[/B]+3 Slash Blast (6/20)
[B]Level 12[/B]+3 Slash Blast (9/20)
[B]Level 13[/B]+3 Slash Blast (12/20)
[B]Level 14[/B]+3 Slash Blast (15/20)
[B]Level 15[/B]+3 Slash Blast (18/20)
[B]Level 16[/B]+2 Slash Blast (MAX), and +1 Iron Body (1/20)
[B]Level 17[/B]+3 Iron Body (4/20)
[B]Level 18[/B]+3 Iron Body (7/20)
[B]Level 19[/B]+3 Iron Body (10/20)
[B]Level 20[/B]+3 Iron Body (13/20)
[B]Level 21[/B]+3 Iron Body (16/20)
[B]Level 22[/B]+3 Iron Body (19/20)
[B]Level 23[/B]+1 Iron Body (MAX), and +2 HP Boost (2/10)
[B]Level 24[/B]+3 HP Boost (5/10)
[B]Level 25[/B]+3 HP Boost (8/10)
[B]Level 26[/B]+2 HP Boost (MAX), and +1 Power Strike (2/20)
[B]Level 27[/B]+3 Power Strike (5/20)
[B]Level 28[/B]+3 Power Strike (8/20)
[B]Level 29[/B]+3 Power Strike (11/20)
[B]Level 30[/B]+3 Power Strike (14/20)

  • [B]Results![/B]-

MAX Slash Blast
MAX Iron Body
MAX HP Boost
+14 Power Strike

[B]My Comment:[/B] Self explanatory, max anything except Power Strike.

2ND JOB! Fighter Skill Build

[B]Level Reqirement:[/B] 30+

Weapon Mastery - 10 SP
Weapon Booster - 10 SP - 5 points to Weapon Mastery is required
Final Attack - 20 SP - 3 points to Weapon Mastery is required
Rage - 20 SP
Power Reflection - 20 SP - 3 points to Rage is required
Ground Smash - 10 SP
Physical Training - 5 SP
Dash Jump/Slipstream - 5 SP
Brandish - 20 SP

[B]Total Skill Points required to max all skills during 2nd Job:[/B] 120
[B]Total Skill Points obtained from Level 30 to 60:[/B] 94
[B]Total Skill Points obtained from Level 10 to 60:[/B] 158

LevelSkill Build
[B]Level 30[/B]+1 Brandish (1/20), and +3 Dash Jump/Slipstream (3/5)
[B]Level 31[/B]+2 Dash Jump/Slipstream (MAX) and +1 Weapon Mastery (1/10)/td]
[B]Level 32[/B]+3 Weapon Mastery (4/10)
[B]Level 33[/B]+3 Weapon Mastery (7/10)
[B]Level 34[/B]+3 Weapon Mastery (MAX)
[B]Level 35[/B]+3 Weapon Booster (3/10)
[B]Level 36[/B]+3 Weapon Booster (6/10)
[B]Level 37[/B]+3 Physical Training (3/5)
[B]Level 38[/B]+2 Physical Training (MAX) and +1 Rage (1/20)
[B]Level 39[/B]+3 Rage (4/20)
[B]Level 40[/B]+3 Rage (7/20)
[B]Level 41[/B]+3 Rage (10/20)
[B]Level 42[/B]+3 Rage (13/20)
[B]Level 43[/B]+3 Rage (16/20)
[B]Level 44[/B]+3 Rage (19/20)
[B]Level 45[/B]+1 Rage (MAX) and +2 Power Reflection (2/20)
[B]Level 46[/B]+3 Power Reflection (5/20)
[B]Level 47[/B]+3 Power Reflection (8/20)
[B]Level 48[/B]+3 Power Reflection (11/20)
[B]Level 49[/B]+3 Power Reflection (14/20)
[B]Level 50[/B]+3 Power Reflection (17/20)
[B]Level 51[/B]+3 Power Reflection (MAX)
[B]Level 52[/B]+3 Weapon Booster (9/10)
[B]Level 53[/B]+1 Weapon Booster (MAX) and +2 Final Attack (2/20)
[B]Level 54[/B]+3 Final Attack (5/20)
[B]Level 55[/B]+3 Final Attack (8/20)
[B]Level 56[/B]+3 Final Attack (11/20)
[B]Level 57[/B]+3 Final Attack (14/20)
[B]Level 58[/B]+3 Final Attack (17/20)
[B]Level 59[/B]+3 Final Attack (MAX)
[B]Level 60[/B]+3 Brandish (4/20)

  • [B]Results![/B]-

+4 Brandish
MAX Dash Jump/Slipstream
MAX Weapon Mastery
MAX Physical Training
MAX Rage
MAX Power Reflection
MAX Weapon Booster
MAX Final Attack
+0 Ground Smash

[B]My Comments:[/B] Personally, once you reach Fighter, add 1 point into Brandish and 3 points into Dash Jump as a Fighter, you don't need to max Brandish. Dash Jump is very helpful in terms of movement, especially if you're playing MapleStory with a controller.

Max Weapon Mastery because it's very mandatory meaning you'll get stable damage. Leave Weapon Booster at 6 until you've maxed anything except Final Attack since it lasts about 2 minutes, making it less annoying to use. You can max Physical Training after Rage and Power Reflection since you don't need DEX anymore later on, but I find it mandatory to max it beforehand as it boosts your damage range. Speaking of damage boosting, it is very important to max Rage as it'll help you alot. It stacks with attack potions that has better effect than Rage (Witch Stews,) or don't have as much as Rage (Warrior Elixirs,) which you don't need if you have Range that is good enough to deal enough damage to instant kill mobs with Rage alone. Power Reflection may be less effective than Power Guard, but it reflects more damage to the enemy that has been done to you, so I would probably max it. The last skill you should definitely max is Final Attack, and trust me, you will need this skill maxed as there is a skill later on that requires this skill to be maxed. As for Ground Smash, don't add any points because it's already useless since we have Brandish.

3RD JOB! Crusader Skill Build

[B]Level Requirement:[/B] 60+

Note: This is a difficult decision whether or not you wanna max a skill. So I decided to add in Multiple Skill builds with branches on.

Combo Attack - 20 SP
Brave Slash - 20 SP
Panic - 20 SP - 1 point to Combo Attack
Coma - 20 SP - 1 point to Combo Attack
Shout - 20 SP
Magic Crush - 10 SP - 3 points to Shout
Self Recovery - 10 SP
Chance Attack - 10 SP
Endure - 20 SP

[B]Total Skill Points required to max all skills during 3rd Job:[/B] 150
[B]Total Skill Points obtained from Level 60 to 100:[/B] 124
[B]Total Skill Points obtained from Level 10 to 100:[/B] 282

Skill Build

LevelBuild ABuild B
[B]Level 60[/B]+1 Brave Slash (1/20), and +3 Combo Attack (3/20)+1 Brave Slash (1/20), and +3 Combo Attack (3/20)
[B]Level 61[/B]+3 Combo Attack (6/20)+3 Combo Attack (6/20)
[B]Level 62[/B]+3 Combo Attack (9/20)+3 Combo Attack (9/20)
[B]Level 63[/B]+3 Combo Attack (12/20)+3 Combo Attack (12/20)
[B]Level 64[/B]+3 Combo Attack (15/20)+3 Combo Attack (15/20)
[B]Level 65[/B]+3 Combo Attack (18/20)+3 Combo Attack (18/20)
[B]Level 66[/B]+2 Combo Attack (MAX) and +1 Brave Slash (2/20)+2 Combo Attack (MAX) and +1 Brave Slash (2/20)
[B]Level 67[/B]+3 Brave Slash (5/20)+3 Brave Slash (5/20)
[B]Level 68[/B]+3 Brave Slash (8/20)+3 Brave Slash (8/20)
[B]Level 69[/B]+3 Brave Slash (11/20)+3 Brave Slash (11/20)
[B]Level 70[/B]+3 Brave Slash (14/20)+3 Brave Slash (14/20)
[B]Level 71[/B]+3 Brave Slash (17/20)+3 Chance Attack (3/10)
[B]Level 72[/B]+3 Brave Slash (MAX)+3 Chance Attack (6/10)
[B]Level 73[/B]+3 Self Recovery (3/10)+3 Chance Attack (9/10)
[B]Level 74[/B]+3 Self Recovery (6/10)+1 Chance Attack (MAX) and +2 Shout (2/20)
[B]Level 75[/B]+3 Self Recovery (9/10)+3 Shout (5/20)
[B]Level 76[/B]+1 Self Recovery (MAX) and +2 Chance Attack (2/10)+3 Shout (8/20)
[B]Level 77[/B]+3 Chance Attack (5/10)+3 Shout (11/20)
[B]Level 78[/B]+3 Chance Attack (8/10)+3 Shout (14/20)
[B]Level 79[/B]+2 Chance Attack (MAX) and +1 Panic (1/20)+3 Shout (17/20)
[B]Level 80[/B]+3 Panic (4/20)+3 Shout (MAX)
[B]Level 81[/B]+3 Panic (7/20)+3 Endure (3/20)
[B]Level 82[/B]+3 Panic (10/20)+3 Endure (6/20)
[B]Level 83[/B]+3 Panic (13/20)+3 Endure (9/20)
[B]Level 84[/B]+3 Panic (16/20)+3 Endure (12/20)
[B]Level 85[/B]+3 Panic (19/20)+3 Endure (15/20)
[B]Level 86[/B]+1 Panic (MAX) and +2 Endure (2/20)+3 Endure (18/20)
[B]Level 87[/B]+3 Endure (5/20)+2 Endure (MAX) and +1 Magic Crush (1/10)
[B]Level 88[/B]+3 Endure (8/20)+3 Magic Crush (4/10)
[B]Level 89[/B]+3 Endure (11/20)+3 Magic Crush (7/10)
[B]Level 90[/B]+3 Endure (14/20)+3 Magic Crush (MAX)
[B]Level 91[/B]+3 Endure (17/20)+3 Panic (3/20)
[B]Level 92[/B]+3 Endure (MAX)+3 Panic (6/20)
[B]Level 93[/B]+3 Shout (3/20)+3 Panic (9/20)
[B]Level 94[/B]+3 Magic Crush (3/10)+3 Panic (12/20)
[B]Level 95[/B]+3 Magic Crush (3/10)+3 Panic (15/20)
[B]Level 96[/B]+3 Magic Crush (3/10)+3 Panic (18/20)
[B]Level 97[/B]+1 Magic Crush (MAX) and +2 Shout (5/20)*+2 Panic (MAX) and +1 Self Recovery (1/10)
[B]Level 98[/B]+3 Shout (8/20)*+3 Self Recovery (4/10)
[B]Level 99[/B]+3 Shout (11/20)*+3 Self Recovery (7/10)**
[B]Level 100[/B]+3 Shout (14/20)*+3 Self Recovery (MAX)**

  • Results!-

  • Build A-

MAX Combo Attack
MAX Brave Slash*
MAX Self Recovery
MAX Chance Attack
MAX Panic
MAX Endure
MAX Magic Crush
+3 Shout*
+0 Coma
11 Free Points*

  • Build B-

MAX Combo Attack
+14 Brave Slash**
MAX Chance Attack
MAX Shout
MAX Endure
MAX Magic Crush
MAX Panic
+5 Self Recovery**
+0 Coma
5 Free Points**

  • = 11 Free Points if you're not gonna add more than 3 points into Shout.
  • *= Points that go to Self Recovery can be converted to Brave Slash, but leave Self Recovery at least 5 for enough MP to recover so you can use Hero's Will.

[B]My comment on Build A:[/B] This is a classic skill build for Crusader. Add 1 point into Brave Slash and 3 points into Combo Attack now that you're a Crusader. Brave Slash replaces Brandish with 4 mobs in 3 hits. Combo Attack is always maxed first as it is a signature skill for Crusader and above. It charges up to 5 orbs The second main reason is that there is a skill that requires it to max later on. Add the remaining points to Brave Slash. If you wanna have a skill that recovers HP and MP early on, I'd leave Brave Slash at 14 until you max Self Recovery, then continue maxing Brave Slash. Chance Attack is a passive skill that adds in additional damage to mobs that are inflicted with Stun and Darkness, making it a must for bosses, party play areas, or training if your range isn't good enough to deal enough damage to instant kill. The rest of the skills maxed on build A are bossing skills. Panic's purpose is to be used on bosses or mobs with a lot of HP to gain damage bonus. Endure is mandatory so that you gain resistance to status ailments. You need to have 3 points into Shout in order to gain access to Magic Crush. Shout is left at 14, but you can take points off of Shout to add points to skills you didn't max. Keep in mind that Panic and Magic Crush both have Cooldown

[B]Build B:[/B] This build is like Build A, except you max Shout instead of Brave Slash. Shout is helpful in terms of training at maps with a layout that favors it, and because it inflicts stun 95% of the time when maxed, it's a good damage boost with Chance Attack maxed. If your range isn't good enough to deal enough damage to instant kill with Brave Slash, Shout is a very good ailment inflicter. Maxing Brave Slash isn't recommended unlike the previous updates, because leaving Self Recovery at least 5 might help you during boss fight because whenever you get 1/1'd, you're going to need 30 MP to use on Hero's Will whenever you get seduced, and the boss itself deals damage beyond Self Recovery's HP heal which is why you need mobs that deal 1 damage to you for safety purpose whether you get seduced. If you have all the Leafre mob cards on the Crusader Codex and have at least 5 Empress Equips equipped, you can take 3 points off of Self Recovery to make it look like you maxed all the skills except Coma only if you don't deal with mobs that potential lock you.

  • SP Reset-

It is strongly recommended that you already have Raging Blow (Meaning you're already 4th Job) in order to take points off of Brave Slash. I always leave Brave Slash and Coma at 0 because both are almost never used. The remaining points can go into Brandish as it can be used to fight Balrog. You can add at least 1 point into Brave Slash if you want, but I still prefer not adding points into it at all.

4TH JOB! Hero Skill Build

Level Requirement: 100+

Raging Blow - 30 SP
Advance Combo Attack - 30 SP - MAX Combo Attack is required
Advance Final Attack - 30 SP - MAX Final Attack is required
Stance - 30 SP
Combat Mastery - 10 SP
Enrage - 30 SP
Maple Warrior - 30 SP
Rush - 30 SP
Monster Magnet - 30 SP
Hero's Will - 5 SP

Total Skill Points required to max all skills in 4th Job: 255
Total Skill Points required to max all the skills from 1st Job to 4th Job: 595
Total Skill Points obtained from level 100 to 200: 304
Total Skill Points obtained from level 10 to 200: 586
Free Skill Points: 49 (79 if you're not maxing Rush)

LevelSkill Build
[B]Level 100[/B]+1 Rush (1/30), +1 Advance Final Attack (1/30)*, +1 Combat Mastery (1/10)*, and +1 Raging Blow (1/30)
[B]Level 101 to 110[/B]+1 Monster Magnet (1/30)*, +29 Raging Blow (MAX)
[B]Level 111 to 120[/B]+30 Advance Combo Attack (MAX)**
[B]Level 121 to 123[/B]+9 Combat Mastery (MAX)
[B]Level 124 to 133[/B]+29 Advance Final Attack (MAX) and +1 Stance (1/30)
[B]Level 134 to 143[/B]+29 Stance (MAX), and +1 Enrage (1/30)
[B]Level 144 to 153[/B]+29 Enrage (MAX), and +1 Maple Warrior (1/30)
[B]Level 154 to 163[/B]+30 Maple Warrior (MAX), and +1 Hero's Will (1/5)***
[B]Level 164 to 165[/B]+4 Hero's Will (MAX)***, and +2 Monster Magnet (3/30)
[B]Level 166 to 174[/B]+27 Monster Magnet (MAX)
[B]Level 175 to 200[/B]79 Free Skill Points

+1 Rush, and Advance Final Attack/Combat Mastery/Advance Final Attack
MAX Raging Blow
MAX Advance Combo Attack*
MAX Combat Mastery**
MAX Advance Final Attack
MAX Stance
MAX Enrage
MAX Maple Warrior
MAX Hero's Will***
MAX Monster Magnet
79 Free Skill Points

  • = By default, I'd recommend adding 1 point into AFA and Combat Mastery until you max at least Raging Blow. You can switch between Monster Magnet and AFA/Combat Mastery.
  • *= If you're unable to get the ACA skill book, you can continue on the build till you get the Skill Book.
  • **= If you get Hero's Will early on, add points to it right away.

You're halfway there to level 200. This time, these normal skills don't start at the max level of 30, so you need to get those Mastery Books to raise the max level of a skill which is frustrating. What's worse is that you only get those through luck based item called Mystery Mastery Books. Good luck on getting all the books you need if you want to continue. So you start off as a Hero with Rush, and either Advance Final Attack, Monster Magnet, or Combat Mastery, and Raging Blow. Raging Blow completely breaks Brave Slash by hitting up to 6 mobs 5 times. Its last hit is always 100% critical hit, so it should be your first skill to max. Advance Combo Attack is originally supposed to be the second skill to max, but in order to add points into this skill is that you need to get a Skill Book. I'd go on a Zakum run with a person that has enough range to fight it, but (I need clarification please,) you need at least 5 people in the expedition, so good luck finding people who can be the expedition mule. You can get the Skill book from Hilla, but keep in mind that Hilla expedition (Normal mode) is level 120+, so it's going to require a lot of patience. You can skip this skill until you get it if you're a fast leveler, otherwise just save skill points till you get the skill book. Advance Combo Attack is the upgrade to Combo Attack in 3rd Job. You charge up to 10 orbs and have the chance to charge it twice. Combat Mastery should be maxed after Advance Combo Attack (Raging Blow if you don't have ACA skill book ATM.) since it ignores mob defense. Advance Final Attack is the upgrade to Final Attack with a higher chance to activate. It comes with the passive Attack Power buff and it hits twice when activated which is why you should max it after Combat Mastery. Stance is a god send since you never get knocked back when maxed. You need MAX ACA in order to access Enrage, so it should be your last core skill to max before adding points to Maple Warrior, Hero's Will, Monster Magnet and Rush. Getting the Maple Warrior mastery book is super frustrating thanks to Mystery Mastery Book. So you're going to have to hunt for it which can be really tedious. For Hero's Will, you need Miniature Pianus to do the quest to get 40 Pieces of Courage. 10 Mythril Plates are needed too. Maxing all but Monster Magnet and Rush will leave you 107 Skill Points left.

The only purpose to max Monster Magnet and Rush is damage. The changes between Monster Magnet is that you pull up to 3 at level 1 to 8, 4 mobs at level 9 to 16, 5 at level 17 to 24, and 6 at level 25+, while Rush between 1 and 30 is nothing but damage and MP cost. Ever since Slipstream came along, the mob count isn't an issue anymore, which means you don't have to worry about not having mobs in front of you at a certain moment. Though Monster Magnet is only useful when you're already at the spot where ladder/rope is a bit far from the corner, and from the opposite direction you are about to go before Rushing and Attacking as it is useless when rushing mobs since Rush at level 1 is stronger than Monster Magnet at max level. In certain training spots where you don't even need to use Rush such as Cornians and Dark Cornians Hidden Street, Monster Magnet comes in handy a lot. It can be used for bossing such as Pink Bean bird statues, but I recommend using it along with Shout because of delay. Rush is very critical when normal training as it propels you forward if you're close to a mob, making training faster in certain maps. Though, I'd leave it at 1 because otherwise you're going to be draining a lot of MP potions.


These hyper skills are the new and ultimate skills in 4th Job coming out after Hayato. Except they're split into 3 categories such as Stat Boost, Passive Skill Boost, and Hyper Skills. These certain amount of skill points are obtained by 10 levels until level 200. At level 140, you get your first SSP and PSP. At level 150, you get SSP and your first ASP. and so on. You only get 6 SSP, 5 PSP, and 3 ASP, and all skills are maxed by adding 1 points to them, so use them wisely.

Level 140: SSP (1) and PSP (1)
Level 150: SSP (2) and ASP (1)
Level 160: SSP (3) and PSP (2)
Level 170: SSP (4) and ASP (2)
Level 180: PSP (3)
Level 190: SSP (5) and PSP (4)
Level 200: SSP (6) PSP (5) and ASP (3)

Stat Boost

There are 12 out of 13 Hyper Skill Points

Hyper Physical Guard - Req Level: 165
Hyper Magic Guard - Req Level: 174
Hyper Movement - Req Level: 152
Hyper Jump - Req Level: 146
Hyper Accuracy - Req Level: 158
Hyper Critical Hit Rate - Req Level: 198
Hyper Strength - Req Level: 140
Hyper Dexterity - Req Level: 140
Hyper Intelligence - Req Level: 140
Hyper Luck - Req Level: 140
Hyper Max Hit Points - Req Level: 192
Hyper Max Mana Points - Req Level: 186

Skill Build

You should always max STR, Defense (if you have below 9999 defense,) Magic Defense, Max HP, and Critical hit ratio.

Hyper DEX, Mana, and Movement (if you don't have 140%) will be placeholder skills, especially if you have above 9999 defense (assuming you're funded.)

I'd stay away from INT, LUK, Accuracy, and Jump. Jump's max stat is only 123% IIRC, so you don't necessarly need it, and others aren't that useful for Warriors.

Passive Skill Buff

These are the skill buffs for the certain skills. For this guide, Advance Combo Attack, Advance Final Attack, and Raging Blow are given 3 of the buffs. Choose wisely.

Advance Combo Attack - +2% Damage per orb (Lv. 143)/+20% Chance (Lv. 162)/+2% Boss Damage per orb(Lv. 183)
Advance Final Attack - +20% Accuracy (Lv. 149)/+10% Chance (Lv.168)/+20% Damage (Lv.189)
Raging Blow - +20% Damage (Lv. 155)/+2 Mob Count (Lv. 177)/+1 Hit Count (Lv. 195)

Skill Build:

For me, I prefer maxing ACA Damage and Chance, Raging Blow Damage and Hit Count (Total of 6 hits with Raging Blow.)

ACA Boss Damage, AFA Chance, and AFA Damage buffs will be place holder skills since you have limited options. I prefer AFA Damage buff since I rarely boss, but now that I'm at level 200, I'll add 1 point into ACA Boss damage.

The skills I don't recommend are Accuracy for AFA, and Mob Count for Raging Blow. As I said before, Accuracy is based heavily on levels. So it has no impact since you'll mostly have accuracy above the mob's avoidability. As for Mob Count, it's useful, but because mob count isn't a problem especially in party play zones, you probably won't need to max it.

And Last but not least....

Hyper Skills

These are the active hyper skills. Everyone only gets 3 of attack/buff skills and all of them are maxed. For this guide, we get Valhalla, Rage Uprising, and Epic Adventure

Valhalla when used will make you temporarily immune to any status ailments and increases attack power by 50 for 30 seconds. It has a cooldown of 90 seconds. Comes in handy, especially when bossing.

Rage Uprising is the ultimate for Heroes. It deals a total of 4000% damage on up to 8 monsters with a 30 second cooldown. You can deal a maximum of 9999999 damage. A Critical skill to use, especially bossing.

Epic Adventure increases 10% Damage. It has an increase of 50000 damage, so if you're a person with a range that deals 999999 damage, you will deal 1049999 damage to any mobs. This skill lasts for 60 seconds and has a cooldown twice amount of what it lasts (120 second cooldown.)

This is the official skill build for the Hyper Skills as it speaks for itself.

##Training Spots

  • Solo training-

Level 10 to 20: Blue Ribboned Pigs
Level 20 to 30: Mix Stone Golems
Level 30 to 40: Mushroom Kingdom Castle or Sakura Cellions
Level 40 to 50: Kerning Square or Truckers
Level 50 to 60: Greece or
Level 60 to 70: Desert Rabbits (Male and Female)
Level 70 to 80: Sand Rats
Level 80 to 90: Roids
Level 90 to 120: Boat Quay training spots (MP3 and Mr. Anchors) or Aliens
Level 90 to 100: Homunculus or Hime
Level 100 to 110: Mr. Allis, Captains, or Pirates Den
Level 110 to 120: Dual Ghost Pirates or Master Death Teddies
Level 120 to 130: Gigantic Spirit Vikings or Grim Phantom Watches or Dragon Turtles
Level 130 to 135: Lycanthropes (Wolf Territory III) or Coolie Zombies
Level 135 to 140: Green Cornians or Bains
Level 140 to 145: Dark Cornians
Level 140+: Time Temple
Level 160+: Future Henesys

  • Partying-

Level 40+: Aswan (Not really a PQ, but you know what I mean)
Level 50 to 69: Kerning PQ (First Time Together,) Ludibrium PQ (Dimensional Schism,) Moon Bunny PQ, Ice Knight PQ
Level 60 to 95: Monster Park (Zebra Rank)
Level 60 to 109: Pyramid PQ
Level 70 to 119: Orbis PQ (Remnant of the Goddess,) Magatia PQ (Romeo and Juliet,) Herb Town PQ (Lord Pirate,) and Ellen Forest PQ (Forest of Poison Haze)
Level 110+: Lionheart Castle
Level 120+: Hobking PQ, Aquaroad PQ, Escape, Dragonia
Level 135+: Monster Park (Leopard Rank)
Level 160+: Monster Park (Tiger Rank)
Level 165+: Knights Strongholds

ANY LEVEL: Evolution World


  • Credits-

@Me for coming up with a Guide after making a skill build
@DuctTape for the codes on this website.