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Fighter to Hero - In Depth FAQ and Guide

##The Path of The Hero
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This is a rewrite of the old Fighter to Hero guide, this one is updated for post-whatevernamenexoncomesupwith patch. This has been updated for the phantom patch. Woo hoo. Feel free to post any critiques and/or comments. Any help is appreciated
Now to the guide!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pros and Cons

  • Very Effective Solo Character
  • Brandish at 3rd job
  • Post-Ascension highest 1v1 warrior neutral damage (Darkness+Enrage)
  • Strong against small powerful mobs. 3 Pre-Jump, 4 Post-Jump
  • Highest base HP

  • Takes a long time to max all important skills in 4th job
  • Low Mobility(though this is easily taken care of with speed equips more on this in the equips guide below)
  • Easily KSed if you're new to the warrior job
  • Not a "large" mobber. Basically you're stuck to four mobs in order to be effective.
  • Easy play, can get boring
  • Glitch where we lost 10 sp?

Damage Per Second

The big ol' question of Damage Per Second.
When comparing classes that all hit max damage, we rank fairly low due to the fact that we only attack 3 times, whereas some classes can hit upwards of 10 times at max. Heroes range scales rather quickly, if I remember correctly, and out of the warriors, we're the strongest 1v1 neutral attackers. Beyond that, I don't know where we stack against other jobs.


What use is damage if you're dead, eh?
Well heroes have the highest base HP, though this does not mean we are the tankiest warrior. Paladins have oodles and oodles of defense skills which leaves them easily the strongest tank (and weaker on most mobs). Dark Knights obviously have the most health with HB, but when HB is dispelled who wins now!?!? Heroes ;-) Really though, if you're concerned about your HP you must be attempting some pretty heavy bosses, and I'd think you can handle yourself.

Intrepid Slash vs Brandish

Post-Ascension I straight don't know.
Brandish is generally left at level 11, so I don't quite know how the %'s work out with brandish's ignore defense, as well.

Intrepid Slash vs Soul Driver

Level 1 IS beats post-Chaos SD on three targets. SD still wins on mobs though.

Brandish vs Soul Driver

Level 1 Brandish + FA is better than SD on a single target, level 8 Brandish beats SD on two targets, and level 15 Brandish beats SD on 3 targets.
SD is still better on mobs of 4-6

Ability Point Build

Post-BB it's pretty simple. Add it all into STR. Some items require do indeed require DEX, but it's very simple to get that these days.

Self Recovery vs Shout vs Brandish

I love shout. I always have and I probably always will. It's almost as iconic as the orbs, to me. So I've always taken Shout over Recovery.
These days, 3rd job can be blown through with PQs and LHC, and since Brandish is almost never used post-3rd job, it's the general opinion that it should be left at 11, while maxing shout and recovery.
Recovery is very good for dojo and I have yet to use a potion while farming for low level quest items (I like questing, alright?).
Shout is good for the same thing, minus dojo, and can be used to solo PB.

tl;dr leave brandish at 11, max shout and recovery

Axe Vs Sword

Post-Big Bang the slash/stab difference was removed, so there is no difference in damage. Take whatever you can get that is faster and higher damage. If you're more of a self-scroller, I'd say go axes since axes are much more plentiful and have cheaper scrolls.

One Hand vs Two hand

  • This needs an update with new values)
The only difference between one hand and two hand, such as with Axe Vs Sword, is speed, attack, price and look. EXCEPT, internally the game calculates the multiplier on weapons differently now.

One-Handed Axe: 1.20*(4*STR+DEX)*(Weapon Attack/100)
One-Handed Sword: 1.20*(4*STR+DEX)*(Weapon Attack/100)
Two-Handed Axe: 1.34*(4*STR+DEX)*(Weapon Attack/100)
Two-Handed Sword: 1.34*(4*STR+DEX)*(Weapon Attack/100)

Therefore, for the unfunded, who can't afford a strong attack shield (Decent amount of attack + some sort of +str% potential), 2h Swords/Axes are stronger.

Equip Guide/FAQ

Now we can't tell you what equips to get as its different for every person. Some have mesos just falling out their feet while others are flat broke. Equips should be scrolled with str whenever possible but along side that you need to scroll equips for speed as well. One of the major cons for warriors is how slow they are this is easily countered with scrolling a few things for speed. Speed is very easy to come by, by no less than lvl 43 you should have at least 130% speed here's how.

  • Speed Pill -- 10 speed for 10 minutes. (500 mesos in ludi)
  • Both evolving rings each give 5 speed(New people to the game wont have these but for everyone else you should at the very least have the second one).
  • Shoe speed scrolls 60% add 2 speed per scroll this would give you about 6 speed on average and most importantly they are cheap.
  • MoN gives some speed

Skill Book Drops

[skill=Hero=Advanced-Combo-Attack] Advanced Combo Attack
10: Zakum 3

Really, the only specific drops now are the skill drops from zakum only. The rest all come as usual.

Advanced Combo Attack Questions

Are there any more questions about Advanced Combo Attack?
You get an orb every 6 levels, the rest is fairly easy to understand.

Skill Builds

The first two jobs are pretty darn simple.

First Job

+1 Power Strike
+3 Slash Blast (Until Maxed)
+3 HP Boost (Until Maxed)
+3 Iron Will (Until Maxed)
+3 Power Strike

Lvl 11 Power Strike
Maxed Slash Blast
Maxed HP Boost
Maxed Iron Will

Reasons: I use this. First and second job go fast enough that I don't use power strike and I think Iron Will helps over time. After 100+ hours that could be quite a bit of money saved on pots or something.

  • Alternate
Switch Power Strike with Iron Will

Second Job

With the advent of the revamp, second job is really just preference. After losing 10 SP I think it's easiest to just take the 10 SP out of ground smash, and insert that rush/jump skill somewhere after mastery or booster. It just comes down to your preference

+1 Ground Smash
+5 Mastery
+6 Booster
+10 Slipstream
+15 Mastery (Max)
+10 Physical Training (Max)
+20 Rage (Max)
+20 Final Attack (Max)
+20 Power Reflection (Max)
+14 Booster (Max)

Maxed Booster
Maxed Mastery
Maxed Physical Training
Max Rage
Max Final Attack
Max Power Reflection
Maxed Slipstream
1/10 Ground Smash

Reasons: Mastery first to unlock booster. Booster adds about 1.125 damage, if I remember correctly. Slipstream for mobility. Rest is fairly obvious, you can change the order if you want. It's your story ;-). Rest is really preference. I took 1 ground smash pretty early for that extra range, other than that 2nd job is a breeze these days, I wouldn't be too worried.

Third Job

+1 Brandish
+20 Combo Attack
+1 Coma
+10 Brandish
+19 Coma
(At this point it comes down to preference, if you 1 hit everything I'd say hold off on Chance Attack, if you don't, add chance)
+20 Panic
+20 Chance Attack
+5 Shout (Or however many to unlock MC, I forget)
+20 Magic Crash
+15 Shout
+20 Self Recovery

Self Recovery can be put wherever, really. If you want to save those 5 pots by putting it before anything else, by all means go ahead. Wouldn't suggest it, though ;-)

When it comes down to it, brandish is only useful in 3rd job. Leave it at 11, shout and self recovery are both useful beyond 3rd job, for example, I almost never use pots while farming for lower level quest items etc, and the mp recovery is a huge help in dojo.

I'd say leave brandish at 11, though if you feel you need the extra damage to get through 3rd job, take shout, as you probably won't be soloing PB anytime soon.

Fourth Job

First of all, good work on achieving 4th job. You are now officially a hero, let us drink and be merry.
Moving on to business..
120: 2 Advanced Combo 1 Rush
121-130 Advanced Combo+28
130-140 max Intrepid Slash
140-145 max Combat Mastery
145- 153 get 20 stance
153-163 Advanced Final Attack (AFA)
163-166 10 Stance(maxed)
166-177 Enrage
177-188 Monster Magnet or MW
188-199- whichever one of the above you didn't do first

Reasons: Since monster magent only pulls 1 at lvl 1 you don't need to waste a point on it anymore at 120. Build follows normal until you get 20 stance. At this point you can either go for enrage or adv final attack. I put adv final attack first because of the 30 weapon attack and just how strong that hit is. 500% damage when you factor in adv combo. In essence your IS will hit 4 times. If you choose to go enrage fine you'll be able to boss single targets a bit faster but that 30 attack added in with rage adv bless and whatever other attack buffs you use adds up quite a bit. Rest of the build is just based on your preference and needs do them as you see fit.

There was some talk of maxing AFA before stance if you're at LHC, but that's up to you as you see fit.

##Training Spots
I'd suggest consulting another guide about training spots. I haven't played gMS in quite some time, so the training spots are foreign to me. There is some insight below on middle to late 4th job, though.

from my experience:
140 - 160 - Temple of Time quests when available
140 - 145 - Memory Lane - 3/4 until 5 is availble
145 - 155 - Memory Lane 5 - You can get there once the quests are complete but it stays the best exp until you can get to Road of Regrets 5
150 - 155 - Road to Regrets 3 - Its about the same as Memory Lane 5 but obviously it depends how strong you are, but its worth trying
155+ - Road to Regrets 5 - kinda works the same as oblivion 4 but its quicker than memory 5 once its unlocked from the quests
160+ - Road to Oblivion 5 - I stuck to this because its quick and I made profit here easily despite missing a bit until 166 and the drops are regular and definatly profit making, I usually make my pots back within 30minutes of training on a good day.

I've tried out Future Henesys and Erve %/hr and for me its all slow compaired to Time Temple but i wouldn't rule it out as Mutant Snails and Mutant Pigs aren't awful exp if you go to the right maps

with all the time lane maps its all down to knowing the maps, their are teleports all over them to help you move from left to right or top to bottom you just need to work your way around it a few times until you find the tele spots and and the perfect cycle of the map.

With the new Silent Crusade maps released its brought a few more possible spots but I'm too high level for most of them to work out if they're any good or not, however, the two maps before Arkarium exp they have Corrupted Chief Memory Guardian's (164) and Corrupted Time Monk Trainee (166). Drops haven't been added for these Monsters yet but while trying there I got a couple of PoT's, level 100 warrior helms and Casters.
Both Maps are flat maps (Himes Style) and are really fast exp, I can't really give a "suggested level" but I guess you could probably try from 154 plus consdiering the acc formula but I would seriously recommend them over any other solo training map.

Also Doing Little things like Pap'ing twice a day and if possible doing arms runs at Zakum twice a day, both give a great exp boost and Pap can easily fund your daily pots for the day just by npc'ing the drops from pap itself and cracks are cheap too. I'm level 167 and killing pap twice and doing Zak arms twice gives me a cool 15% and it takes less than 25mins to do all 4 (not including traveling). The only problem with Zak is you are limited to 3 channels and it can be quite hard to get in at peak times but its worth it if you can because of the exp boost.

Legal Stuff

This is not to be reproduced, reposted, or reused without expressed consent. Just mail us about it.

Change Log

Change Log (from before Basil did this for me )
v1.0: First Release
v1.1: Added some UA information
v1.2: Added some training spots
v1.3: Added Shout vs MP recovery information
v1.4: Information on MP recovery vs Shout
v1.5: Added information on IS vs Brandish and IS vs Soul Driver
v1.6: Added MORE MP Recovery vs Shout
v1.7: Added some post-chaos IS vs SD stuff
v1.8: Added Ground Smash vs Enhanced Basics
v1.9: Changed 2h multiplier to 1.34 and moved 1h vs 2h to before equip guide
V2.0: Changed/Added Chaos training spots
v2.1: Changed Brandish vs SD
v2.2: Changed skill book section for Chaos
v2.3: Changed stuff about IS, Brandish and SD
v2.4: Took out Future Erve
v2.5: Put Future Erve back in
v2.6: Explained reasoning behind builds, and changed 1st job build. I just noticed I said max slash blast twice and not max power strike. Also fixed the erve section, it said 260-200. Twas supposed to be 160-200, of course. Lolerboats.
v2.7: Fixed the huge space! Well, I didn't but.. I worked it in! Lol
v2.8: Ascension stuff
v2.9: Made it sticky-pretty
v3.0: Changed one word in cons.
v3.1: Added some 4th job stuff from Sean4238 about 4th job training
v3.2: Updated for revamp
v3.3: Major update, more to come
v3.4: Finished the rewrite, L>errors?
v3.5: Added some brandish vs shout vs recovery stuff

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