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Kaiser: Protector of the Dragons

Table of Contents

[s=]About Kaiser[/s]
[s=]Brief Storyline[/s]
[s=]AP Build[/s]
[s=]Pros and Cons[/s]
[s=]Beginner Skills[/s]
[s=]First Job Skills[/s]
[s=]First Job Skill Build[/s]
[s=]Second Job Skills[/s]
[s=]Second Job Skill Build[/s]
[s=]Third Job Skills[/s]
[s=]Third Job Skill Build[/s]
[s=]Fourth Job Skills[/s]
[s=]Fourth Job Skill Build[/s]
[s=]Hyper Skills[/s]
[s=]Hyper Skills Build[/s]
[s=]Job Advancement Guide[/s]
[s=]Training Spots[/s]
[s=]Equipment Recommendation[/s]
[s=]To-do List[/s]

About Kaiser

Kaiser is the Nova warrior class that is currently only available in KMS. His gimmick is that he is half dragon, so of course, you are able to transform into a dragon during 3rd and 4th job. The Kaiser has two options when using his skills. He can either use them on a hot key, or he can use the specific "button combination". If the latter is used, then you will regain some health, and your "dragon transformation" skill charges faster.

Kaiser has very high HP and low MP like any other warrior class. He uses two handed swords, and has a secondary weapon called the dragon soul. He also equips the emblem, yet another special class item(tertiary weapon? 0.o) . Of course, the dragon soul can be potentialed in 4th job but NOT the dragon emblem.

Please note that Kaiser makes his job advancements at 10,30,60, and 100 as that is the new system of job advancements which hit Maplestory two patches before the Kaiser patch.

His link skill gives gives 10% Max HP. As for the character card, it gives 20/40/60/80 STR depending on the level of your Kaiser.

Kaiser is NOT gender locked

Brief Storyline

Kyle (to-be successor of Kaiser), Tear, and Belderos started the Helisium Attack Squad in order to protect the Pantheon (Novan area) from Magnus and his goons. One day, the goons attacked Pantheon trying to steal the treasure (a cube), but Tear touches this cube and both Kyle and herself become cursed. They gain mysterious powers and Tear faints. Kyle uses one of Kaisers skills in order to attack the enemies but he faints rights after. Tear awakens and finishes the rest of them off with an Angelic Burster attack. After the fight, the Novans see the Kaiser symbol coming out from Kyle, and thus he becomes the successor of Kaiser.

Nexon's rendition (which sounds way better than my pitiful one )
Long ago, the legendary Nova Warrior, Kaiser, protected Pantheon and the people of Grandis from Magnus, a power-hungry emissary of the Black Mage. The two powers collided, and in the end Magnus, along with his army of abominations, proved to be the stronger of the two. Faced with certain defeat, Kaiser unleashed an all-consuming attack, eradicating Magnus's creatures and destroying his own physical form in the process. But his spirit lived on, waiting for the perfect host to receive his power.

A young Nova boy named Kyle forms the Heliseum Force with his friends Velderoth and Tear to protect the people of Grandis just as Kaiser did long ago. When Pantheon is in danger and all seems lost, Kyle finds himself infused with an unknown source of energy. Through Kyle, the great dragon warrior Kaiser is reborn!

AP Build

Woot, there is no need for this any more. Why? Well, the Tempest patch has made the secondary stat requirements for ALL equips non-existent. I don't even consider DEX a secondary stat anymore. Just pump everything into STR. The auto assign has also been changed to add all AP into the primary stats so when you level up, just auto assign and you'll be fine and dandy ^^.

Pros and Cons

As with every other class, there are good things, and bad things. What is considered good, or bad, is a mere opinion, and you are free to disagree.
High HP
Great character card
Link Skill
Fairly mobile
Great mobbing
Good bossing
Very good survivability
Semi-Drain Skill


Drain skill only works when using manual controls for skills (not a buff)
Low MP (If you want to HP wash I guess)
Can't crash
Not too many party skills

Beginner Skills

Realign: Defender: Switch to Defense Mode, increasing your defense, magic defense, and accuracy by 100 and your max HP by 10%. Cannot be used at the same time as Attack Mode. Boost to defensive abilities, pretty simple.

Realign: Attacker: Switch to Attack Mode, increasing your attack by 5, and critical chance and damage to bosses by 3%. Cannot be used at the same time as Defense Mode. Boost to attacking abilities, pretty simple.

Vertical Grapple: Throw a rope upwards and climb instantly to the platform above. Vertical connect is similar to Mechanic's rocket jump where they go to the next platform except this doesn't deal damage

Transfiguration: When your Morph Gauge is filled up during battle, increase your strength. Transfiguration is your skill that gives you bonuses when transformed.
1st stage: Increase the speed of your weapon by 1 stage, speed by 5%, jump by 5%, and acquire a 10% stance effect (1st job)
2nd stage: Increase the speed of your weapon by 1 stage, speed by 10%, jump by 10%, and acquire a 20% stance effect (2nd job)
1st stage: Increase the speed of your weapon by 1 stage, speed by 5%, jump by 10%, and acquire a 20% stance effect (3rd, 4th job)
2nd stage: Increase the speed of your weapon by 1 stage, speed by 10%, jump by 20%, and acquire an 40% stance effect (3rd, 4th job)

Iron Will: Increase your max HP permanently by 10%. (Link Skill) Iron will is self-explanatory.

Command: No Command skill for GMS and EMS. Hurray! We only use the attack and arrows for manual commands.

Exclusive Spell: +4% ATT/M.ATT for everyone in the same map for 40 minutes. 2 Hour cool down. This is Echo of hero for Kaiser, you get it at level 200.

NOTE: The two reshuffles are a boost to either attack or defense. You are probably never going to use defense mode, so just make sure attack mode is on all the time.

First Job Skills

[skill=Kaiser-1=Dragon-Slash]Dragon Slash: Slashes multiple enemies up to 3 times by pressing ATTACK KEY repetitively similarly to Demon Slayer`s Demon Slash. 1st Slash (Attack 8 enemies 3 times), 2nd Slash (Attack 6 enemies 5 times) 3rd Slash (Attack 6 enemies 5 times) Dragon slash will be one of your main attacking move in all jobs, kind of like a demon slayer's demon slash.
LVL 1:51% Damage, 31% Damage, 41% Damage.
LVL 20: 70% Damage, 50% Damage, 60% Damage.

[skill=Kaiser-1=Flame-Surge]Flame Surge: You shoot out a fireball and it is a ranged move. Flame Surge isn't that great, but it helps kill an enemy that is farther away. It hits twice on 6 enemies.
LVL1: 9 MP, 113% Damage.
LVL20: 10 MP, 170% Damage.

[skill=Kaiser-1=Air-Lift]Air Lift: The double jump that every class has been getting since Mercedes. Also increases movement+max movement speed. Air Lift is your mobility move, always good.
LVL1: 24 MP, +6 Speed and Max Speed.
LVL15: 10 MP, +20 Speed and Max Speed.

[skill=Kaiser-1=Scale-Skin]Scale Skin: Adds stance and physical+magical defense. This is a great skill because of stance, but the defenses really don't make that much of a difference.
LVL1: +20 Defenses and 4% Stance.
LVL10: +200 Defenses and 40% Stance.

First Job Skill Build

LevelFirst SkillSecond SkillThird Skill
10+1 Dragon Slash (1) (automatic)+1 Flame Surge (1) (automatic)+3 Air Lift (3)
11+3 Air Lift (6)
12+3 Air Lift (9)
13+3 Air Lift (12)
14+3 Air Lift (M)
15+3 Dragon Slash (4)
16+3 Dragon Slash (7)
17+3 Dragon Slash (10)
18+3 Dragon Slash (13)
19+3 Dragon Slash (16)
20+3 Dragon Slash (19)
21+1 Dragon Slash (M)+2 Scale Skin (2)
22+3 Scale Skin (5)
23+3 Scale Skin (8)
24+2 Scale Skin (M)+1 Flame Surge (2)
25+3 Flame Surge (5)
26+3 Flame Surge (8)
27+3 Flame Surge (11)
28+3 Flame Surge (14)
29+3 Flame Surge (17)
30+3 Flame Surge (M)

End Results: Everything Maxed
Notes: Dragon Slash and Flame Surge automatically get 1 point in each. We then max Air Lift for mobility. Dragon Slash is next as it is your main attacking move. Scale Skin is right after for the stance and finally the rest of the points go into Flame Surge.

Second Job Skills

[skill=Kaiser-2=Dragon-Slash-2]Dragon Slash I: Makes your dragon slash even better! (REQ 20 Dragon Slash)
LVL1: +15% Damage.
LVL2: +30% Damage.

[skill=Kaiser-2=Attacker-Mode-I]Attacker Mode I: Makes Attack mode even better!
LVL1: +5 Weapon ATT, +2% Critical Hit Rate, +2% Boss Damage.

[skill=Kaiser-2=Defender-Mode-I]Defender Mode I: Makes Defense mode even better!
LV1: +100 Defense, +100 Accuracy, +10% MaxHP.

[skill=Kaiser-2=Sword-Mastery]Sword Mastery: The mastery skill that we all know and love.
LVL1: +14% Mastery
LVL10:+50% Mastery

[skill=Kaiser-2=Inner-Blaze]Inner Blaze: More Strength and Max HP.
LVL1: +2 Strength, +2% MaxHP.
LV10: +20 Strength, +20% MaxHP.

[skill=Kaiser-2=Blaze-On]Blaze On: This is the booster skill AND it Adds Attack! It increases attack speed by 2 stages.
LVL1: 11 MP, +1 Weapon ATT, Lasts for 12 sec.
LVL20: 30 MP, +20 Weapon ATT, Lasts for 240 sec.

[skill=Kaiser-2=Impact-Wave]Impact Wave: A long ranged move that is good for out-of-dragon slash's-range-monsters. Attack 8 enemies twice.
LVL1: 12 MP, 174% Damage.
LVL20: 17 MP, 250% Damage.

[skill=Kaiser-2=Piercing-Blaze]Piercing Blaze: The rushing move, pretty standard. Hits 12 enemies+chance to stun.
LVL1: 11 MP, 169% Damage. 26% Stun Chance.
LVL10: 20 MP, 250% Damage. 80% Stun Chance.

[skill=Kaiser-2=Tempest-Blades]Tempest Blades: A homing missile move. Hits 3 enemies 3 times each. 20 sec. cool down.
LVL1: 21 MP, 224% Damage.
LVL20: 30 MP, 300% Damage.

[skill=Kaiser-3=Tempest-Blades---Transfiguration]Dragon Mode Tempest Blades (hits each enemy 4 times. This is the same skill BTW, but is only buffed up when transformed)
LV1: 21 MP, 224% Damage.
LVL20: 30 MP, 300% Damage.

Second Job Skill Build

LevelFirst SkillSecond SkillThird Skill
30+2 Dragon Slash I (M)+1 Attacker Mode I (M)+1 Defender Mode I (M)
31+1 Piercing Blaze (1)+1 Impact Wave (1)+1 Tempest Blades (1)
32+3 Blaze On (3)
33+2 Blaze On (5)+1 Sword Mastery(1)
34+3 Sword Mastery (4)
35+3 Sword Mastery (7)
36+3 Sword Mastery (M)
37+3 Blaze On (8)
38+3 Blaze On (11)
39+3 Blaze On (14)
40+3 Blaze On (17)
41+Blaze On (M)
42+3 Impact Wave (4)
43+3 Impact Wave (7)
44+3 Impact Wave (10)
45+3 Impact Wave (13)
46+3 Impact Wave (16)
47+3 Impact Wave (19)
48+1 Impact Wave (M)+2 Inner Blaze (2)
49+3 Inner Blaze (5)
50+3 Inner Blaze (8)
51+2 Inner Blaze (M)+1 Tempest Blades (2)
52+3 Tempest Blades (5)
53+3 Tempest Blades (8)
54+3 Tempest Blades (11)
55+3 Tempest Blades (14)
56+3 Tempest Blades (17)
57+3 Tempest Blades (M)
58+3 Piercing Blaze (4)
59+3 Piercing Blaze (7)
60+3 Piercing Blaze (M)

End Results: Everything Maxed.
Notes: We max Dragon Slash I 1st(lol get it?) because it boosts our main move. We then max the two enhancements as they only need 1 point anyway and they help. Next is one into the rushing move, one into the long ranged move, and one into Tempest Blades so you can play around with it. We then get Blaze On for 1 minute attack and booster buff. Mastery is maxed next for obvious reasons. Next we go up to Blaze On because of the attack boost. Then, we max Impact Wave because we use it fairly often. Next up is Inner Blaze for the little STR boost and the Max HP boost. Tempest Blades is next because it isn't THAT useful so we max it near the end. Finally, we max the rushing move last as the damage boost isn't required early for a move that is only supposed to gather monsters.

Third Job Skills

[skill=Kaiser-3=Dragon-Slash-2]Dragon Slash II(REQ 2 Dragon Slash I): Yet another upgrade for Dragon Slash!
LVL1: +25% Damage.
LV2: +50% Damage.

[skill=Kaiser-3=Dragon-Slash-3---Transfiguration]Dragon Slash II(Trans. Mode): The upgraded form when transformed. Hits 8 enemies twice for 200%.

[skill=Kaiser-3=Attacker-Mode-2]Attacker Mode II(REQ 1 Attacker Mode I): Yet another upgrade for Attack Mode!
LVL1: +10 Weapon ATT, +5% Critical Hit Rate, +2% Boss Damage.

[skill=Kaiser-3=Defender-Mode-2]Defender Mode II(REQ 1 Defender Mode I): Yet another upgrade for Defense Mode!
LVL1: +100 Defense, +100 Accuracy, +10% MaxHP.

[skill=Kaiser-3=Wing-Beat]Wing Beat: An AMAZING move. It summons a tornado in one direction which moves and hits enemies. Doesn't move on unless it kills the enemy. You can summon the tornados up to 4 times, and they disappear if you summon more than 4, they hit 40 times, or it has been 10 seconds. Whichever comes first. It also has a chance to slow down the enemies. (CAN be used while transfigured now thanks to GMS' and EMS' choice to make Kaiser even better )
LVL1: 16 MP, 143% Damage, 21% Slow Chance, -18% Speed.
LVL20: 35 MP, 200% Damage, 40% Slow Chance, -75% Speed.

[skill=Kaiser-3=Pressure-Chain]Pressure Chain: The pulling move, pretty standard. The move hits 8 enemies twice. Also has a chance to stun for 2 seconds.
LVL1: 21 MP, 174% Damage, 23% Stun Chance.
LVL20: 30 MP, 250% Damage, 80% Stun Chance.

[skill=Kaiser-3=Stone-Dragon]Stone Dragon: A turret-style dragon that pulls enemies, damages them, and has a chance to slow them down. It hits 6 enemies
LVL1: 21 MP, Lasts 12 sec. 316% Damage, 22% Slow Rate.
LVL15: 35 MP, Lasts 40 sec. 400% Damage, 50% Slow Rate.

[skill=Kaiser-3=Catalyze]Catalyze: A move that is similar to Radiant Charge. A VERY nice damage boost. (P.S. it does show on your damage range, unlike Combo Attack.)
LVL1: 21 MP, +11% Damage, Lasts 12 sec.
LV20: 40 MP, +30% Damage, Lasts 240 sec.

[skill=Kaiser-3=Cursebite]Cursebite: Adds status and elemental resistance. Also has a chance to add more damage for two attacks against status affected monsters.
LVL1: 21 MP, +3% Resistances, Lasts 12 sec. 43% chance of +143% damage.
LVL20: 40 MP, +60% Resistances, Lasts 240 sec. 100% chance of +200% damage.

[skill=Kaiser-3=Final-Form]Final Form: YESSSSS. FINALLY! This move is absolutely amazing. It transforms you into the dragon when your Morph Gauge is full. It increases crit chance, damage, speed, weapon speed, your jump button becomes a teleport skill, boosts Dragon Slash and Tempest Blades, AND grants you ability to ignore monster buffs like reflect! It lasts one minute. This is like the ultimate skill!
LVL1: 22 MP, 60 sec. Duration+1% Crit Rate,+6% Damage, +10 Speed, +2 Weapon Speed
LVL10: 40 MP, 60 sec. Duration+20% Crit Rate, +15% Damage, +10 Speed, +2 Weapon Speed

[skill=Kaiser-3=Advanced-Inner-Blaze]Advanced Inner Blaze: A better version of Inner Blaze that improves Inner Blaze, NOT replace it.
LVL1: +3 STR, +3% MaxHP.
LVL10: +30 STR, +30% MaxHP.

[skill=Kaiser-3=Self-Recovery]Self Recovery: Passive buff that heals HP+MP every x seconds.
LVL1: Every 12 sec. recovers 1% HP and MP.
LVL5: Every 4 sec. recovers 5% HP and MP.

Third Job Skill Build

LevelFirst SkillSecond SkillThird Skill
60+2 Dragon Slash II (M)+1 Attacker Mode II (M)+1 Defender Mode II (M)
61+1 Final Form (1)+1 Wing Beat (1)+1 Pressure Chain (1)
62+1 Stone Dragon (1)+2 Self Recovery (2)
63+3 Self Recovery (M)
64+3 Catalyze (3)
65+3 Catalyze (6)
66+3 Catalyze (9)
67+3 Catalyze (12)
68+3 Catalyze (15)
69+3 Catalyze (18)
70+2 Catalyze (M)+1 Final Form (2)
71+3 Final Form (5)
72+3 Final Form (8)
73+2 Final Form (M)+1 Wing Beat (2)
74+3 Wing Beat (5)
75+3 Wing Beat (8)
76+3 Wing Beat (11)
77+3 Wing Beat (14)
78+3 Wing Beat (17)
79+3 Wing Beat (M)
80+3 Advanced Inner Blaze (3)
81+3 Advanced Inner Blaze (6)
82+3 Advanced Inner Blaze (9)
83+1 Advanced Inner Blaze (M)+2 Pressure Chain (3)
84+3 Pressure Chain (6)
85+3 Pressure Chain (9)
86+3 Pressure Chain (12)
87+3 Pressure Chain (15)
88+3 Pressure Chain (18)
89+2 Pressure Chain (M)+1 Stone Dragon (2)
90+3 Stone Dragon (5)
91+3 Stone Dragon (8)
92+3 Stone Dragon (11)
93+3 Stone Dragon (14)
94+1 Stone Dragon (M)+2 Cursebite (2)
95+3 Cursebite (5)
96+3 Cursebite (8)
97+3 Cursebite (11)
98+3 Cursebite (14)
99+3 Cursebite (17)
100+3 Cursebite (M)

End Results:Everything Maxed(again)
Notes: We first start off like our second job, by maxing the Dragon Slash Enhancement and the two mode enhancements. Next, we put one point into our attacking moves and our DRAGON TRANSFORMATION for better attacks. Next up we max Self Recovery so you will hardly use HP pots and NEVER use MP pots. You can then max Catalyze, which will GREATLY increase your damage output. You could possibly max Catalyze before Self Recovery, but it isn't really worth it. Then, we can max our awesome Final Form to make transforming into a dragon even more deadly. Next up is Wing Beat because it is useful in map control. Then, we have Advanced Inner Blaze to make our HP even higher and add that little strength boost. After that, we max Pressure Chain which can be quite helpful if you one kit ko mobs as it is highly spammable. Then, comes Stone Dragon for even more map control! Finally, we max Cursebite which is actually VERY useful later on, but at low levels, it isn't very useful thus its maxed last.

Fourth Job Skills

[skill=Kaiser-4=Dragon-Slash-3]Dragon Slash III(REQ 2 Dragon Slash II): The Final enhancement for Dragon Slash! (No mastery books)
LVL1: +50% Damage.
LVL2: +100% Damage.

[skill=Kaiser-4=Dragon-Slash---Transfiguration]Dragon Slash III(Trans. Mode): The upgraded form when transformed. Hits 8 enemies twice for 300%.

[skill=Kaiser-4=Attacker-Mode-3]Attacker Mode III: The Final enhancement for Attack Mode! (No mastery books)
LV1: +20 Weapon ATT, +10% Critical Hit Rate, +3% Boss Damage.

[skill=Kaiser-4=Defender-Mode-3]Defender Mode III: The Final enhancement for Defense Mode! (No mastery books)
LV1: +100 Defense, +100 Accuracy, +10% MaxHP.

[skill=Kaiser-4=Nova-Warrior]Nova Warrior: The Maple Warrior for Novas. (it looks different, and cooler in my opinion) (Requires LVL 20 and 30 mastery books)
LV1: 10 MP, +1% All Stats, Lasts 30 sec.
LV30: 70 MP, +15% All Stats, Lasts 900 sec.

[skill=Kaiser-4=Nova-Temperance]Nova Temperance: The Hero's Will for Novans. (Why couldn't they just keep the same name? Does adding Nova into the name make it more Novaey?) (Again it looks different than the regular Hero's Will). (Requires skill book)
LVL1: 30 MP, Cool down 600 sec.
LVL5: 30 MP, Cool down 360 sec.

[skill=Kaiser-4=Advanced-Tempest-Blades]Advanced Tempest Blades: An even better version of Tempest Blades! Still has the cool down though It also increases your attack passively. This time you get 5 swords instead of 3, and it attacks 5 enemies 4 times. (Requires LVL 20 and 30 mastery books)
LVL1: 31 MP, 313% Damage, +1 Attack
LVL30: 60 MP, 400% Damage, +30 Attack
The Final Form version has the same attack value but it attacks 5 times instead of 4.

[skill=Kaiser-4=Inferno-Breath]Inferno Breath: A dragon that breathes fire... YESSSSSSS! This thing does massive damage and even does DOT for 6 seconds but it has a cool down . It attacks 15 enemies 8 times! (Requires LVL 20 mastery book)
LVL1: 32 MP, 206% Damage, 143% Burn Damage. Cool down 36 sec.
LVL20: 70 MP, 350% Damage, 200% Burn Damage. Cool down 20 sec.

[skill=Kaiser-4=Dragon-Barrage]Dragon Barrage: A move that pushes you through monsters but it doesn't actually move them. It has an instant death chance. Hits 12 enemies 3 times. (Requires LVL 20 and 30 mastery books)
LVL1: 21 MP, 347% Damage, 10% Instant Death.
LV30: 50 MP, 550% Damage, 25% Instant Death.
During Final Form, the hit count is increased to 4.

[skill=Kaiser-4=Blade-Burst]Blade Burst: You summon swords that strike the ground. This class just got even more awesome..... It attacks 12 enemies 6 times and does explosion damage on 12 enemies 5 times. (Requires LVL 20 mastery book)
LVL1: 26 MP, 105% Damage, 62% Explosion Damage.
LVL20: 45 MP, 200% Damage, 150% Explosion Damage.

[skill=Kaiser-4=Gigas-Wave]Gigas Wave: Your 1vs1 move. It attacks 10 times BUT if you are in Final Form it hits 12 times on 3 monsters! It also slows enemies by 30% for 3 secs. (Requires LVL 20 and 30 mastery books)
LVL1: 21 MP, 122% Damage
LVL30: 50 MP, 180% Damage
Final Form Values:
LVL1: 21 MP, 142% Damage.
LVL30: 50 MP, 200% Damage.

[skill=Kaiser-4=Final-Form]Final Form improvement: This skill is automatically the same level as the Final Form in 3rd job. Since you max everything in 3rd job, this skill is automatically maxed when you are 4th job! It gives even more crit rate,more damage,100% stance,lasts for 90 seconds AND makes your Kaiser even shinier. This is the ULTIMATE SKILL!
LVL1: Adds 2% Crit Rate and 6% Damage to the pre existing Final Form
LVL10: Adds 20% Crit Rate and 15% Damage to the pre existing Final Form

[skill=Kaiser-4=Unbreakable-Will]Unbreakable Will: PDR skill. WOOOT! (Requires LVL 20 and 30 mastery books)
LVL1: Ignore 11% Enemy Defense.
LVL30: Ignore 40% Enemy Defense.

Fourth Job Skill Build

LevelFirst SkillSecond SkillThird Skill
100+2 Dragon Slash III (M)(+10 Final Form automatically M)+1 Attacker Mode III (M)+1 Defender Mode III (M)
101+1 Blade Burst (1)+1 Dragon Barrage (1)+1 Gigas Wave (1)
102+1 Inferno Breath (1)+1 Advanced Tempest Blades (1)+1 Expert Sword Mastery (1)
103+3 Expert Sword Mastery (4)
104+3 Expert Sword Mastery (7)
105+3 Expert Sword Mastery (10)
106+3 Expert Sword Mastery (13)
107+3 Expert Sword Mastery (16)
108+3 Expert Sword Mastery (19)
109+3 Expert Sword Mastery (22)
110+3 Expert Sword Mastery (25)
111+3 Expert Sword Mastery (28)
112+2 Expert Sword Mastery (M)+1 Unbreakable Will (1)
113+3 Gigas Wave (4)
114+3 Gigas Wave (7)
115+3 Gigas Wave (10)
116+3 Gigas Wave (13)
117+3 Gigas Wave (16)
118+3 Gigas Wave (19)
119+3 Gigas Wave (22)
120+3 Gigas Wave (25)
121+3 Gigas Wave (28)
122+2 Gigas Wave (M)+1 Blade Burst (2)
123+3 Blade Burst (5)
124+3 Blade Burst (8)
125+3 Blade Burst (11)
126+3 Blade Burst (14)
127+3 Blade Burst (17)
128+3 Blade Burst (M)
129+3 Unbreakable Will (4)
130+3 Unbreakable Will (7)
131+3 Unbreakable Will (10)
132+3 Unbreakable Will (13)
133+3 Unbreakable Will (16)
134+3 Unbreakable Will (19)
135+3 Unbreakable Will (22)
136+3 Unbreakable Will (25)
137+3 Unbreakable Will (28)
138+2 Unbreakable Will (M)+1 Advanced Tempest Blades (2)
139+3 Advanced Tempest Blades (5)
140+3 Advanced Tempest Blades (8)
141+3 Advanced Tempest Blades (11)
142+3 Advanced Tempest Blades (14)
143+3 Advanced Tempest Blades (17)
144+3 Advanced Tempest Blades (20)
145+3 Advanced Tempest Blades (23)
146+3 Advanced Tempest Blades (26)
147+3 Advanced Tempest Blades (29)
148+1 Advanced Tempest Blades (M)+2 Dragon Barrage (3)
149+3 Dragon Barrage (6)
150+3 Dragon Barrage (9)
151+3 Dragon Barrage (12)
152+3 Dragon Barrage (15)
153+3 Dragon Barrage (18)
154+3 Dragon Barrage (21)
155+3 Dragon Barrage (24)
156+3 Dragon Barrage (27)
157+3 Dragon Barrage (M)
158+3 Grand Armor (3)
159+3 Grand Armor (6)
160+3 Grand Armor (9)
161+3 Grand Armor (12)
162+3 Grand Armor (15)
163+3 Grand Armor (18)
164+2 Grand Armor (M)+1 Inferno Breath (2)
165+3 Inferno Breath (5)
166+3 Inferno Breath (8)
167+3 Inferno Breath (11)
168+3 Inferno Breath (14)
169+3 Inferno Breath (17)
170+3 Inferno Breath (M)
171+3 Nova Warrior (3)
172+3 Nova Warrior (6)
173+3 Nova Warrior (9)
174+3 Nova Warrior (12)
175+3 Nova Warrior (15)
176+3 Nova Warrior (18)
177+3 Nova Warrior (21)
178+3 Nova Warrior (24)
179+3 Nova Warrior (27)
180+3 Nova Warrior (M)
181+3 Nova Hero's Will (3)
182+2 Nova Hero's Will (M)+1 Random Useless SP
183-200+3 Random Useless SP

End Results: Everything Maxed
Notes: We of course start of by maxing the enhancements. Next up, we put 1 SP into all our attacking moves for even more awesomeness. Next up is Expert Sword Mastery because that will help your range a lot. Then, you max Gigas Wave as it hits 3 enemies in Final Form so that could be great in places like LHC as the spawn on one platform isn't that great. Even though it only works really well for training in Final Form, it is still worth it. Then we have Blade Burst as it has great range and is a great mobber. Now comes Unbreakable Will for PDR which is very important especially at LHC/Bosses. It is also amazing at bossing so that's a plus. Now, we max Advanced Tempest Blades mostly for the passive attack boost which will help all our skills and also because it improves the actual skill. Now, we max Dragon Barrage next as it could be good if you are training in places where monsters have low HP. Grand Armor is next which is AMAZING as it reduces damage taken by a lot and it helps your party too. Now we have Inferno Breath which has a cool down so it isn't necessary to max early on. Finally, we max Nova Warrior second last as high levelled parties usually have Maple Warrior anyway so it really isn't a priority even though the mastery book for Nova Warrior is no where near the overpriced Maple Warrior. Then, of course, we have Nova's Hero Will which is near useless unless you boss. We have a ton of leftover SP now which is totally pointless. It isn't even used for Hyper Skills as those are a separate tab.

PLEASE NOTE! There is no bossing build simply because this skill build acts both as a mobbing and bossing build. This it true simply because by the time you want to boss (I would assume 140+), you would have already maxed most of the core skills(including the 1V1 move). Also, some bosses have more than one part to hit, so your mobbing moves are still handy.

Please note that 4th job is very flexible and you don't have to follow this guide if you don't want to. Just make sure to max certain passives first as they usually help your DPM more than maxing attacking skills. If you can't get a mastery book of a certain skill, then you can either save SP until you get the mastery book OR you can move on to the next skill. It is your judgement on what would be more beneficial. This build works for both regular monsters like the ones at TOT and high HP monsters like the ones at LHC/HOH so don't worry about that.

Hyper Skills

Hyper skills consist of three categories. A stat enhancing category, a skill enhancing category (enhances skills you already have), and attack/buff category which gives you a new attack/buff. You automatically get points for these skills at level 140,150,160,170,180,190,and 200. You are not able to max all the stat and skill enhancements, but you are able to max the attack/buff category by level 200. The stat enhancing category is common to all classes, and the skill+attack/buff categories are different for each class.
P.S. there are level requirements for the skills so you can't freely choose what to put your points into
P.S.S you can reset your Hyper Skills. 1st time:100k mesos 2nd time:1 mil mesos 3rd time:2mil mesos 4th time:5 mil mesos 5th time+: 10mil mesos.
These are the points you get at the following levels
LVL 140:+1 Stat enhancer,+1 Skill enhancer
LVL 150:+1 Stat enhancer,+1 Attack/Buff
LVL 160:+1 Stat enhancer,+1 Skill enhancer
LVL 170:+1 Stat enhancer,+1 Attack/Buff
LVL 180:+1 Skill enhancer
LVL 190:+1 Stat enhancer,+1 Skill enhancer
LVL 200:+1 Stat enhancer,+1 Skill enhancer,+1 Attack/Buff
As for the Hyper Skills...

Stat enhancers:

Hyper Defense:+500 physical defense (REQ LVL 165). Fairly useless in my opinion.
Hyper Magic Defense:+500 magic defense (REQ LVL 174). Again, fairly useless.
Hyper Speed:+10 speed (REQ LVL 152). Its not the best, but Kaiser doesn't naturally have max speed so its ok if there is nothing else that is better.
Hyper Jump:+10 jump (REQ LVL 146). Its not the best, but Kaiser doesn't naturally have max jump UNLESS you are in Final Form.
Hyper Accuracy:+20% accuracy (REQ LVL 158). Totally useless. Accuracy didn't matter since Big Bang.
Hyper Critical:+10% critical (REQ LVL 198). Very useful, but they had to make the required level 198......
Hyper Dexterity:+50 DEX (REQ LVL 140). Its ok as dex adds a bit more damage, even though it is the secondary stat for Kaiser.
Hyper Strength:+50 STR (REQ LVL 140). Pretty nice, adds more damage than Hyper Dexterity ^.
Hyper Luck:+50 LUK (REQ LVL 140). Useless for Kaiser.
Hyper Intelligence:+50 INT (REQ LVL 140). Useless for Kaiser.
Hyper Health:+15% HP (REQ LVL 192). It's actually not that useful as Kaiser already has hax HP.
Hyper Mana:+15% MP (REQ LVL 186). It's useless as Kaiser skills don't use that much MP and we have Self Recovery anyway.
Hyper Fury:+50 DF (REQ LVL 180). Kaisers don't even use Demon Force.

Skill enhancers(Kaiser only):

Gigas Wave - Bonus Attack:+1 attack for Gigas Wave (REQ LVL 162). Adds even more DPM to Gigas Wave. This is very nice for low spawn party areas+bosses.
Gigas Wave - Burden:Slow duration+5 seconds (REQ LVL 143). Useless as slow isn't that useful.
Gigas Wave - Reinforce:+20% damage (REQ LVL 183). AMAZING as this is like adding 10 additional skill points to Gigas Wave.
Inferno Breath - Reinforce:+20% damage (REQ LVL 149). Inferno Breath is pretty useless anyway so this isn't that amazing.
Inferno Breath - Burn:+10 seconds of tile duration (REQ LVL 168). Inferno Breath is pretty useless anyway so this isn't that amazing.
Inferno Breath - Blaze:+20% tile damage (REQ LVL 189). Inferno Breath is pretty useless anyway so this isn't that amazing.
Wing Beat - Extra Attack:+8 attack count on Wing Beat (REQ LVL 195). Isn't the best boost as Wing Beat doesn't usually reach the 40 attacks cap.
Wing Beat - Pummel:+5 second duration. (REQ LVL 177). Very nice boost as the duration goes from 10 seconds to 15 seconds. Helpful on bosses.
Wing Beat - Reinforce:+20% damage. (REQ LVL 155). Not the biggest boost but it's pretty good.

Attack/Buff(Kaiser only):

Kaiser's Majest. (REQ LVL 150): MP Cost 300, Resets cool downs, +30 ATT,+1 Attack Speed,+ Ignore all monster buffs for 30 seconds. 90 second cool down. This is a pretty nice skill especially when you aren't transformed because of the +1 Attack Speed and Ignore monster buffs.

Ancestral Prominence. (REQ LVL 170): A huge dragon comes up and does 1000% damage X 8 on 15 enemies! The skill has a cool down of 90 seconds and a damage cap of 9,999,999. Warning your screen may explode from the awesomness of this skill. Honestly though, the skills itself isn't as amazing as it looks as the cool down is a minute and a half. It will be useful in maps where monsters have very high HP, but the cool down just really makes it useful. Don't worry though, you will be able to get it anyway.

Final Trance (REQ LVL 200): You instantly transform into your Final Form. There is a cool down of 300 seconds. This is a very nice skill but you get at level 200 so it won't be helping you level unfortunately.

Hyper Skills Build

LevelStat EnhancerSkill EnhancerAttack/Buff
140+1 Hyper Strength (M)Save 1 Skill Enhance SP
150+1 Hyper Dexterity (M)+1 Kaiser's Majest (M)
155+1 Wing Beat - Pummel (M)
160+1 Hyper Speed (M)Save 1 Skill Enhance SP
162+1 Gigas Wave - Bonus Attack (M)
170+1 Hyper Jump (M)+1 Ancestral Prominence (M)
180Save 1 Skill Enhance SP (M)
183+1 Gigas Wave - Reinforce (M)
190Save 1 Stat Enhancing SP+1 Wing Beat - Extra Attack
198+1 Hyper Critical (M)
200+1 Hyper Health (M)+1 Wing Beat - Reinforce (M)+1 Final Trance (M)

Notes: Hyper skills unlock at strange levels. That is why I sometimes have you save the SP and tell you to use it later on. At LVL 140, we get the +50 STR for a little damage boost, and we save the skill enhancing SP because we don't even have ANY of those unlocked yet.... At LVL 150 we get the +50 DEX for a damage boost(there isn't anything better to put the point in, trust me) and we get our nice Kaiser's Majest skill to help us in training. LVL 155 is great as we get a longer lasting Wing Beat. At LVL 160 we get the +10 speed because most stat enhancing skills suck. For LVL 162 we get the fairly useful extra attack on Gigas Wave. LVL 170 we get +10 Jump and our sweet ultimate. LVL 183 we get the amazing Giga Slasher damage boost. LVL 190 we save the 1 sat enhancing SP because we want the critical later on and we get the extra attack count on Wing Beat. LVL 198 is when we finally unlock the most useful stat enhancer, the +10% critical. At level 200, we get the +15%HP because there is nothing better, we get our Wing Beat extra damage, and we get our useful Instant Final Form!
P.S. Feel free to reset your Hyper Skills and change them around because they aren't the most DPM increasing thing out there. Just make sure you max the essentials like critical boosts, and damage boosts.

Job Advancement Guide

Second Job Advancement:

  1. Get to level 30
  2. Read through the "Break Nova Essence Limit" Quest
  3. Click YES
  4. ???
  5. BAM! You are now second job

    Third Job Advancement:

  6. Get to level 60
  7. Read through the "Final Kaiser Awakening" Quest
  8. Click YES
  9. ???
  10. BAM! You are now third job

    Fourth Job Advancement:

  11. Get to level 100
  12. Read through the "Call of the Kaiser" Quest
  13. Click YES
  14. ???
  15. BAM! You are now fourth job

You know, I remember a time when you had to do something for job advancements rather than magically get them

##Training Spots
Note: The rating of the Training Spots is strictly on EXP gain. It does NOT factor in how crowded a map is or how often you can enter.
###Level 1-10
Kaiser is automatically level 10 once you are done the tutorial
###Level 10-20
Job Quests - Recommended
Blue Ribbon Pig - Recommended

Level 20-30

Mixed Golems/Flaming Mixed Golems - Recommended
Rotting Skeletons - Recommended
Baby Boulder Munchers and Big Boulder Munchers - Recommended

Level 30-40

Scarecrows - Recommended
Mushroom Kingdom - Recommended
Latest Hits Compilations and Greatest Oldies - Highly Recommended

Level 40-50

Latest Hits Compilations and Greatest Oldies - Highly Recommended
Scarecrows - Recommended
Aswan PQ - Not Recommended

Level 50-60

Scarecrows - Recommended
Sand Rats and Scorpions - Recommended
Aswan PQ - Not Recommended
Ludi PQ - Recommended
Twisted Jesters - Highly Recommended

Level 60-70

Iron Mutaes - Recommended
Selkies and Slimies - Recommended
Tippo Red and Tippo Blue - Recommended
Aswan PQ - Not Recommended
Ludi PQ - Recommended
Twisted Jesters - Highly Recommended

Level 70-80

Magatia PQ Grind - Recommended
Silent Crusade Questline - Recommended
Aswan PQ - Recommended
Pyramid PQ - Recommended
Selkies and Slimies - Highly Recommended
Twisted Jesters - Recommended
Roids and Neo Huroids - Recommended

Level 80-90

Selkies and Slimies - Recommended
Aswan PQ - Recommended
Magatia PQ Grind - Recommended
Pyramid PQ - Recommended
Captains and Krus - Recommended

Level 90-100

Alien Cogs and Alien Miners - Highly Recommended
Aswan - Recommended
Magatia PQ Grind - Recommended
Pyramid PQ - Recommended
Captains and Krus - Not Recommended

Level 100-110

Evolving World - Recommended
Alien Cogs and Alien Miners - Recommended
Aswan - Recommended
Magatia PQ Grind - Recommended
Pyramid PQ - Recommended
Master Death Teddies - Recommended

Level 110-120

Evolving World - Recommended
Aswan PQ - Recommended
Alien Cogs and Alien Miners - Recommended
Crockies - Highly Recommended
Gigantic Spirit Vikings - Recommended

Level 120+

Neo City 125+ The quests are great and give a mastery book + good medal at the end - Recommended
LHC 120-160 (Bearwolves have the best hp to exp ratio. If you can access them, go ahead) - Highly Recommended
TOT 120+ Not the best, but an alternative to other crowded training spots - Not Recommended
Aswan 135+ - Not Recommended
Pap 2x a day 120-130 Pap is very good exp. Requires Prequests though - Recommended
2nd Drill Hall 165-180/200 Good exp for high levels, stay as long as you want as some people prefer this map over HOH.(no ladders for leechers+ compact map) - Highly Recommended
HOH 180-200 come here once you are 180 to get full exp. - Highly Recommended
Evolving World 120+ If you can get really good cores and maybe even a party, the experience is unrivalled - Highly Recommended

  • Please note that Monster Park that is levels 60-95, and 135+ is actually good exp if you can get a party. It is even OK if you are soloing. The problem is, many people choose LHC/HOH over it. It is a viable option.

Equipment Recommendation

Note: I do not list a specific amount of mesos for each category as their isn't exactly a set range. Just see which category suits you best
P.S. Some items may seem too expensive/ too cheap for the category. Please don't get mad as each person has an opinion of what each funding can get you. Again, there isn't a set range.
P.S.S The No-Low Funding section was so similar I had to combine them, please excuse the difference of funding in some of the items.

No-Low Funding

Hat: Kaiser Hot Time Hat (If available), Andras Hat, Fashionable Lord Hat, Time Traveller's Laurel, Zakum Helm, Scarlion/Targa Hat
Medal: Silent Crusade Champion, Time Traveller
Pendant: Event Pendants (Like Grape Pendant), Romeo and Juliet Pendant
Face: Maple Leaf (If available), Event Face Items like Renegades Ice Crystal Paint, Warrior Symbols (craftable), Spiegelmann's Mustache(Monster Carnival)
Eye Acc: Kenta's Goggles (PQ), Broken Glasses (PQ), Event Glasses (like Super Summer Goggles
Badge: Spiegelman's Badge
Rings: Free new job rings (like Legends Ring), Silent Crusade Rings, Evolving Rings (Through Event), STR Rings (craftable)
Cape: Any +STR Cape
Earring: Rex's Earrings (PQ), Altaire Earrings (PQ), Maple Earrings (If available), 4% STR Earrings
Mantle: (Use the magical pocket from pvp): Black Wallet OR Gallant Battle Manual - Theory/Practice (PVP for it)
Shoulder: Any +STR craftable shoulder, Maple Shoulders, Silent Crusade Shoulder
Overall/ Top+Bottm: Any +STR Items, 2-4% Overall/ Top/ Bottom
Glove: Mushking Leather Glove (this is the easiest +1 ATT glove to get).
Weapon: Highest clean/100% scrolled ATT 2-H Sword you can find (preferably 110 ATT+) OR a decently scrolled 125+ ATT Sword
Belt: Any +STR craftable Belt, Silent Crusade Belt, Dojo Belts, Maple Belt (If available)
Shoes: Any +STR shoes, 4% STR Shoes
Totem: (If Red Leaf High comes back) Wooden Joe Joe Totem, Wooden Ika Totem, Wooden Little Dragon Totem
Set: Clean Empress Set Effect (Cape+Wep are expensive)

Medium Funding

Hat: Zakum Helm, Chaos Zakum Helm, Scar/Targa Helm with 6%+ STR, Kaiser Hot Time Hat(If good potential)
Medal: Silent Crusade Champion, Time Traveller
Pendant: MON, HTP
Face: Maple Leaf (If available), Event Face Items like Renegades Ice Crystal Paint, Warrior Symbols (craftable)
Eye Acc: Kenta's Goggles (PQ), Broken Glasses (PQ), Event Glasses (like Super Summer Goggles)
Badge: Spiegelman's Badge with 5 ATT+
Rings: Silent Crusade Rings, Evolving Rings, Angelic Blessing Ring
Cape: 5 ATT+ PAC with 4%+ STR
Earring: 6%+ STR Earrings
Mantle: (Use the magical pocket from pvp): Gallant Battle Manual - Theory/Practice
Shoulder: Any +STR craftable shoulder, Maple Shoulders, Silent Crusade Shoulder
Overall/ Top+Bottom: 10%+ STR Overall/Top/Bottom
Glove: Work gloves with 8-10 ATT, Stormcaster Gloves with 5 ATT+ and 4%+ STR
Weapon: 140+ ATT 2-H Sword with 5%+ ATT/DMG/STR
Belt: 6%+ STR Belt
Shoes: 6%+ STR Shoes, VSS with 8+ ATT 4%+ STR
Totem: (If Red Leaf High comes back) Beefy/Golden Ika Totem, Tenacious Little Dragon Totem, Mighty/Golden Joe Joe Totem
Set: Empress set effect

High Funding

Hat: Von Leon OR Empress Helm 20%+ STR
Medal: Silent Crusade Champion, Time Traveller
Pendant: Egg'd HTP/CHTP with 10%+ STR
Face: Any face with 4%
Eye Acc: Spectrum Goggles OR White/Raccoon Mask with 6%+ STR
Badge: Spiegelman's Badge with 8 ATT+
Rings: Dark Angelic Blessing Ring, Evolving Rings, Guardians Eternal, Berserkers Eternal, High Lord's Eternal, Oracle's Eternal Ring 4%+ STR
Cape: 10 ATT+ cape with 10%+ STR, Nova Cape with 14%+ STR
Earring: 12%+ STR Earrings
Mantle: (Use the magical pocket from pvp): Gallant Battle Manual - Practice
Shoulder: Empress shoulder or Tempest shoulder with 8%+ STR
Overall/ Top+Bottom: 25%+ STR Overall/Top/Bottom
Glove: Work gloves with 14+ ATT, Stormcaster Gloves with 10 ATT+ and 10%+ STR
Weapon: 180+ ATT 2-H Sword with any combination of 15%+ ATT/DMG/STR/ 30% PDR/Boss Damage, Former Kaiserium
Belt: 12%+ STR Belt
Shoes: 10%+ STR Shoes, VSS 14 ATT+ 8%+ STR
Totem: (If Red Leaf High comes back) Beefy Ika Totem, Tenacious Little Dragon Totem, Mighty Joe Joe Totem

Hax Funding

Hat: Empress Helm 36% STR
Medal: Silent Crusade Champion, Time Traveller
Pendant: Egg'd HTP/CHTP with 20%+ STR
Face: Any face with 4% STR
Eye Acc: Spectrum Goggles OR White/Raccoon Mask with 10%+ STR
Badge: Spiegelman's Badge with 12 ATT+
Rings: White Angelic Blessing Ring, Evolving Rings, Guardians Eternal, Berserkers Eternal, High Lord's Eternal, Oracle's Eternal Ring 8%+ STR
Cape: Tyrant Cape/ Empress Cape with 20%+ STR
Earring: 21%+ STR Earrings
Mantle: (Use the magical pocket from pvp) Gallent Battle Manual - Practice
Shoulder: Emperss shoulder/Tempest shoulder with 12%+ STR
Top+Bottom: 50%+ STR
Glove: Stormcaster Gloves with 15 ATT+ and 14%+ STR
Weapon: 250+ ATT Empress Sword with 30%+ DMG/ATT OR a combination of 40% PDR/Boss Damage + 10%+ DMG/ATT
Belt: 18%+ STR Belt
Shoes: VSS 25+ATT 20%+ STR
Totem: (If Red Leaf High comes back) Beefy Ika Totem, Tenacious Little Dragon Totem, Mighty Joe Joe Totem


Kaiser's GMS Trailer!:
Kaiser First Job Training:
Kaiser Second Job Training:
Kaiser Third Job Training:
Kaiser Fourth Job Training:
Kaiser with 15% STR Frog Boss Solo:
Kaiser Zakum Solo 24 seconds:
Kaiser Pap Solo:
Kaiser Trailer KMS(turn cc on):


In case you didn't know, Nexon follows a predictable pattern when releasing new jobs. It goes a little something like this:
Job released in KMST-->Complaints-->Buffed in KMS-->Complaints-->Nerfs-->Complaints-->Minor Buff in KMST-->Complaints-->Smaller-than-minor-buff in KMS.
The full process takes about a year. The nerfs have now been added to GMS as well.
The changes are as following:
Gigas Wave: 10 hits-->9 hits, range increased
Gigas Wave(transformed): 12 hits-->11 hits
Dragon Barrage(transformed): 550%-->500%
Blade Burst: 6 hits--> 5 hits
Inferno Breath: 350%-->300%
Advanced Tempest Blades: 30 passive attack-->20 passive attack
Dragon Slash III: 100% damage increase-->80% damage increase
Reshuffle Switch: Defense Mode: 100 defense--> 200 defense

I don't believe that Kaiser will actually be buffed as these changes hardly did anything. You will notice a minor decrease in DPM.

To-do list

Looks like I'm good for now!


Who are the Novans?

The Novans are a group of people living in Grandis. They are half dragon half human. Many are against Magnus, the evil black mage commander.

Can you fill up the Morph Gauge quickly?

The more enemies you hit, the faster the Morph Gauge is filled. You can also fill it up even faster by using the manual controls to use attacks instead of hotkeys.

Do the link skills work normally for Kaiser?
In KMS, you can't give link skills to Kaiser unless it is a Novan (AB only for now). GMS and EMS however, allow you to link any skill to Kaiser so it is a pretty nice change by GMS

Can Kaisers fly 0.o?

No, Kaiser's can't fly, the wings are decorative only.

Do Kaisers get mounts?

Unfortunately, no they don't. You will have to use the non job mounts if you want to ride one.

Are Kaisers strong?

According to the DPM chart, Kaiser is in the top 3 for both mobbing and bossing. They are fairly strong, but don't look at KMS boss solos as an indicator of power.

Does Kaiser's DPS differ in transfiguration?

The answer used to be that when you are fighting 1v1, then untransformed is better because you are allowed to use Wing Beat. GMS and EMS though, chose to allow Wing Beat to be used while transformed. Thus, transformed>untransformed in any case.

Do Kaisers share any mastery books with the current classes?
Kaisers do not share any mastery books with the current classses, even for Maple Warrior, as Novans get "Nova Warrior", which uses a different mastery book.

(Have more questions? Post them in the comments section below!)

Credits for some skills that I couldn't find the value for
Fiel of South Perry for Skill Values
@TwixMoment for improving the fourth job skill build greatly
@Freezstyle7 for suggesting a To-do list
@MapleCD for pointing out a mistake with the HOH level REQ.
@Amped for suggesting that 2nd Drill hall can be done till level 200
@demonicrack for suggesting Equipment Guide
@iherat95 for suggesting a video
@dakoda5 for fixing a minor mistake and giving me the Hyper Skills Level Requirements!
@KingsGlory for finding a minor typo
@Wafers for pointing out hyper skills error
@LordCrossX For pointing out hyper skills levels req errors
YoBaKaiser from Khaini for suggesting to add which skills require mastery books
An EXTRA special thanks to @Pantheon for willing to help out with certain parts of the guide, and giving feedback.

Thank you for reading my guide! Please leave any suggestions down below. I will read them all Please don't get too mad if I made a mistake. This took forever and I still have a bit more to do. Thank You Again!

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