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Official Spearman, DK, and DrK Guide


Dark Knight Guide: RED

Introduction to Darkness

Welcome young explorer! What a horrible night to have a curse isn't it? aah, but the dark knight class has some of the most amazing curses you could possibly imagine!

Starting as early as second job, you'll receive skills with a range so large, you'll one day find yourself at level 250 and they'll still be on your keyboard. moving on to third job where you'll gain a massive boost to your damage, and the ability to drain the enemy dry of their health while you recover yours; and finally fourth job, where death herself becomes your ally by reviving you from a lethal attack, healing all your HP, and making you invincible for a certain amount of time.

Needless to say, this will take effort and time, and my job here with this guide is to help you reach this goal the fastest way possible. But heed my words: this damage is worth nothing if you don't have fun with it, this is after all a game and the purpose of any game is to have fun with it.

General Dark Knight information and inquiries

This section will cover general information that is good to know before starting your Dark Knight, namely what are the benefits and downsides of the class, which kind of weapon should one use, and whether being an ultimate adventurer Dark Knight is worth it or not

Pro's and Con's of playing a Dark knight

We got plenty of changes with the RED update which fixed most of our flaws, but in doing so it created a few new ones, and left some previous ones untouched, here are some of the most significant pro's and con's of being a Dark Knight:

Pro's of the Dark Knight

♠ Great attacking distance for a warrior
♠ Amazing healing system, which pretty much makes you not use HP pots.
♠ Very stable damage, due to 90% mastery, and criticals also having a stable min and max damage
♠ Lots of critical hits due to an 85% chance once maxed, for those that like big, red numbers
♠ Highest warrior HP when using hyper body, except for Demon Avengers.
♠ Hyperbody being a party skill helps some classes survive better and Avengers deal more damage
♠ Several sources of PDR ignore, and good amounts of it too.
♠ Ignores death with a skill that triggers automatically and also grants invincibility
♠ Huge attacking range on most of our skills leaving even some mages and thieves behind
♠ Massive amounts of damage increases that affect all our skills, starting as early as third job
♠ Magic crash allows us to prevent a boss from casting it's most dangerous buffs

Con's of a Dark Knight

♠ Lack of a skill which reduces damage taken from magical attacks
♠ We lost sacrifice, only skill in the game that allowed you to ignore all defense with every strike
♠ We get so much total damage from skills, that the effectiveness of boss damage potentials is greatly reduced
♠ Skills with cooldowns, meaning a badly timed dispel will lower our damage significantly
♠ On that same line, the cooldowns don't allow us the use of our best skill all of the time
♠ We can't ignore physical resistance, unlike our paladin friends
♠ Lack of a shield means that we have one less equip to scroll with attack

As you can see, our con's aren't THAT big of an issue but some can get a bit troublesome at times, mainly the cooldown one, and if you're very funded or battling hard enemies, the boss damage, sacrifice and physical resistance ones are gonna be very annoying. Some of these can be worked around or aren't as important as they once were however.

Polearms and Spears... What's the deal?

You've seen the pro's and the con's of the class and thought "yea, this is for me!" so now you're here wondering which weapon you should use, what's the difference between spears and polearms?

Functionality wise... there's none. A spear and a polearm that have the same stats and speed will perform exactly the same, but most of the time this won't be the case; spears tend to have a lot more attack at higher levels while polearms feature lower attack but a faster attacking rate, so the new question would be which is best, more attack or more attacking speed?

I'll always recommend the faster speed for one several reasons, some simpler than other, first being that attacking speed is much harder to get meaning that it's more valuable, on that same line the better geared you have the more attack you'll have which makes the bonus that the spear has much smaller in comparison.

For a more mathematical approach, a single speed increase (which is the usual difference between a spear and a polearm of the same level) is equal to roughly a 9% increase in damage. so if you had 200 attack with a polearm equipped, the spear would need to get you over 218 attack to be better, a dark knight has 70 attack from skills, comparing the spear and polearm with the highest attack in the game currently, the Terminus Warmonger (Lv. 160 Polearm, Fast speed, 161 attack) we end up with 231 attack, just from skills and a clean polearm, for the spear to be better you'd need to have 251 attack or more.

The Terminus Impaler has... 180 attack, which added to our previous 70 attack makes it 250 attack exactly.

So just because of the polearm's faster attack speed it becomes the better option in pretty much any situation, as you can see however the difference between the two when unscrolled is marginal so at lower levels I wouldn't fret over it too much and just use whatever I can get my hands on. Once you're ready to scroll your own weapon or buy one however I'd look for a polearm.

...But that's only from a purely perfectionist point of view however, inside the game you'll probably notice that polearm prices double and may even triple that of spears and that's also an important factor to consider, since buying a polearm could mean not being able to afford some extra gear that buying the more affordable spear would get you. We also have to compete for polearms with the Aran class which only helps to drive the price up.

So there you have the factors that determine what you should get, polearms being better with spears being much more affordable in comparison.

Let's Start! ...where to put the Ability points (AP)?

All right! You're hyped up, maybe got a spear or polearm set aside for your to-be Dark knight but now the question arises: where do i put my AP?

...I seriously hope you don't have that problem, but i gotta add this section because if not SOMEONE is going to ask the question

All your AP goes to STR, all of it.

Good we covered that part then! Now, you might think about adding some points into HP for x or y reason, i don't recommend this, your character will have plenty of HP to survive any hit that isn't made to instantly kill you, and the few things that deal enough damage to kill you will only do so because you weren't paying attention; not to mention as your equips get better you'll get more and more bonuses to your HP, increasing it by a fair amount.

the only point where i recommend adding to HP is if you're past level 197 and thus have 999 STR, meaning you can't add more. If you want to tank hits that you shouldn't be receiving then by all means go right ahead, DEX is another good choice, increasing your damage slightly with every point.

Common Terms for the Dark Knights

This section may not be useful to you now that you're just starting, but once you start to delve into the forums and mingle with all the other dark knights you'll notice that we use a lot, and i mean a lot of terms to refer to our skills; this because of how many skills we've had over the years and how long the names of most are, not to mention that people in the forums write these over and over and over again, so why not make it easy on ourselves and use acronyms and shorter terms to write faster?

Below you'll find a list with most of these words and their meaning, they will also be used in the guide when explaining certain skills and such so without any further ado:

DK - Dragon knight, our old third job
Zerker - Berserker, our new name for the third job advance
DrK - Dark Knight
PA - Polearm
CD - Cooldown, some skills need time to recharge.
"D" prefix - means decent, several skills have a D version to them obtainable on equips.
HB - hyper body, grants 60% hp and mp to the whole party.
SE - bowman skill "Sharp Eyes", grants critical hit chance and damage, real good for dark knights.
SI - buccanneer skill "Speed Infusion", increases your attack speed.
FA - Final Attack, does a free extra hit at a 40% chance.
ER - Elemental resistance.
Pull - Spear Sweep.
Crash - Magic Crash, very useful bossing move.
Sac - Sacrifice, may refer to the attack, or the new skill that absorbs Evil Eye.
Wisdom - Dragon Wisdom, now called Lord of Darkness but people may refer to it as wisdom.
Roar - Dragon Roar, old AoE skill, now replaced with Evil Eye Shock.
Shock: Evil Eye shock, people may still refer to it as roar.
Chain: Crossover chain skill, may also refer to our secondary weapon, berserker chain.
Impale, DI - Dark Impale, our main training move in 4th job, and later on bossing move.
Hex/Heal - Evil Eye's skills, "hex of the Evil Eye" and "Evil Eye's healing"
Res - Final Pact, people may refer to it as "res" due to it reviving you.
Zerk - also Final Pact, may be referring to our old skill berserk, which is now part of Final Pact.
Potato/Synthesis - Nightshade Explosion, because nightshade is a type of plant of which potatoes form part
Zak/Czak - (Chaos) Zakum, two bosses, but also used to represent the helms they give.
HTP/CHTP - horntail and chaos horntail's pendant, they give lots of all stats.
MoN - Mark of Naricain, an easy-to-obtain pendant that gives nice amounts of attack.

KMS vs GMS terms

here go the new skills, most people have known them by their translated name, so now that nexon has deleted an official (and different) name for them, this section should help ease the confusion.

Warrior Leap - War leap, not much change here
Piercing Through - Piercing Drive
Spear Pulling - Spear Sweep

Skills And Builds, From Warrior To Dark knight

Time to discuss what interests you most, the skills you'll use to level from a warrior to a full-fledged Dark Knight who'll inspires the fear of all in your path (and the fear of all the Gotham City villains).

This section will be divided in parts depending on which job advancement stage you're in, and then these will be divided into several parts too; a part with the game's description of the skills that are obtained at that Job, then the suggested skill build to follow, and lastly an explanation of why the skill build is like so along with any possible variations to the build that may also work if you prefer a different approach.

Let me remind you one thing however: This guide suggests the best skills and best skill order to level as fast as possible without getting any skills that won't be useful in the future, however if you want a skill that isn't recommended by all means feel free to get it since this is after all a -guide- not a rulebook... not to mention you'll have all your skills maxed once you reach 180 or so anyways.

So without any further delay, the Skill guide!

The Warrior: A Clean Slate

Starts with the Job advancement at level 10, ends at level 30

Skill Description

Skill nameMax LevelDescriptionEffectTypeDelay
War Leap10While in the middle of a jump, jump once more to move forward.MP Cost: 5, Jump a fixed distanceActive/Support-none-
Warrior Mastery15Permanently increases speed, jump and stance, and increases your HP with your level.Speed: +10, Jump: +10, Maximum Speed: 10, Max HP per Level: +20, Stance Rate: +40%Passive/Support-none-
Slash Blast20Use MP to strike several enemies in front of you.MP Cost: 6, Damage: 335%, Max Enemies Hit: 6Active/Attack900MS 990MS
Iron Body20Increases your Weapon Defense for a fixed amount of time. Reduces the damage done by nearby enemies. Permanently increases your max HP.MP Cost: 14, Duration: 300 sec, Weapon DEF: +200, Enemy Damage: -10%, Passive Effect - Max HP: +20%Active/Support600MS

Skill Build

Level:Add to skill:Current Skill Level
10.+1 Slash Blast, +3 War Leap1 Slash Blast, 3 War Leap
11.+3 War Leap6 War Leap
12.+3 War Leap9 War Leap
13.+1 War Leap, +2 Slash Blast10 War Leap [MAX], 3 Slash Blast
14.+3 Slash Blast6 Slash Blast
15.+3 Slash Blast9 Slash Blast
16.+3 Slash Blast12 Slash Blast
17.+3 Slash Blast15 Slash Blast
18.+3 Slash Blast18 Slash Blast
19.+1 Slash Blast, +2 Warrior mastery19 Slash Blast, 2 Warrior Mastery
20.+3 Warrior Mastery5 Warrior Mastery
21.+3 Warrior Mastery8 Warrior Mastery
22.+3 Warrior Mastery11 Warrior Mastery
23.+3 Warrior Mastery14 Warrior Mastery
24.+1 Warrior Mastery, +2 Iron Body15 Warrior Mastery [MAX], 2 Iron Body
25.+3 Iron Body5 Iron Body
26.+3 Iron Body8 Iron Body
27.+3 Iron Body11 Iron Body
28.+3 Iron Body14 Iron Body
29.+3 Iron Body17 Iron Body
30.+3 Iron Body20 Iron Body [MAX]

Iron Body: 20/20 Maxed
War Leap: 10/10 Maxed
Warrior Mastery: 15/15 Maxed
Slash Blast: 19/20

Reasoning and Other Builds

The first thing we max is War Leap because it will increase our movement speed by a great deal, not forgetting to put one point in Slash Blast to hit six monsters with increased damage for faster training; once Leap is maxed we get Slash Blast up to level 19 to make sure we kill the monsters in one hit, we don't max it because then we'd have to sacrifice a point from another skill, all of which we'll use until level 200 and beyond.

Afterwards we max Warrior Mastery for the stance rate and the speed increase while leaving Iron Body for last, since the defense boost is small and the HP bonus isn't really necessary at these levels, same goes for the damage reduction, which isn't really useful now but will once you start bossing later on your career

If this isn't your first character, you have good equips, link skills, or things of the sort and thus damage is not a problem, you can leave Slash Blast for later and max Warrior Mastery right after Leap.

The Spearman: Pole Arms Also Acceptable

Starts with the Job advancement at level 30, ends at level 60

Skill Description

Skill nameMax LevelDescriptionEffectTypeDelay
Evil Eye1 (Auto)During specific intervals, summon Evil Eye to heal yourself.MP Cost: 20, Duration: 360 sec, Recover 20 HP every 24 seconds - Cooldown Time: 60 secEvil Eye/Summon600MS
Weapon Mastery10Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of spears and polearms.Spear and Polearm Mastery: +50%, Accuracy: +240Passive/Support-none-
Final Attack20Grants a chance to deal additional damage after an attack. Must have a spear or polearm equipped. Requires: Lv 3 Weapon MasteryActivation Rate: 40%, Damage: 150%Passive/Attack-none-
Weapon Booster10Increases the attack speed of your weapon. Must have a spear or polearm equipped. Requires: Lv 5 Weapon MasteryMP Cost: 11, Duration: 200 secActive/Support1320MS
Iron Will10Increases the Weapon Defense and Magic Defense of party members for a fixed period of time.MP Cost: 24, Duration: 240 sec, Weapon DEF: +300, Magic DEF: +200Active/Party-none-
Hyper Body10Increases the Max HP and Max MP of party members for a fixed period of time. Requires: Lv 3 Iron WillMP Cost: 40, Duration: 300 sec, Max HP and MP: +60%Active/Party600MS
Spear Sweep10Use your long spear to briefly pull in enemies around you, stunning them in the process.MP Cost: 14, Damage: 190%, Number of Hits: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 8. Stuns and pulls enemies.Active/Attack1050MS
Piercing Drive20Use a powerful strike to pierce through enemies. If the enemies are nearby, increases your critical chance. If they're far away, increases your total damage.MP Cost: 20, Damage: 201%, Number of Hits: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Close enemies - Critical Hit Rate: +20%, Far Enemies - Damage: +10%Active/Attack780MS
Physical Training5Permanently increases Strength and DexteritySTR: +30, DEX: +30Passive/Support-none-

Skill Build

Level:Add to skill:Current Skill Level
30+1 Evil Eye (Auto), +1 Spear Sweep, +1 Piercing Drive, +2 Weapon Mastery1 Evil Eye (Auto), 1 Spear Sweep, 1 Piercing Drive, 2 Weapon Mastery
31+3 Weapon Mastery5 Weapon Mastery
32+3 Weapon Booster3 Weapon Booster
33+3 Weapon Booster6 Weapon Booster
34+3 Weapon Mastery8 Weapon Mastery
35+2 Weapon Mastery, +1 Piercing Drive10 Weapon Mastery [MAX], 2 Piercing Drive
36+3 Piercing Drive5 Piercing Drive
37+3 Piercing Drive8 Piercing Drive
38+3 Piercing Drive11 Piercing Drive
39+3 Piercing Drive14 Piercing Drive
40+3 Piercing Drive17 Piercing Drive
41+2 Piercing Drive, +1 Physical Training19 Piercing Drive, 1 Physical Training
42+3 Physical Training4 Physical Training
43+1 Physical Training, +2 Spear Sweep5 Physical Training [MAX], 3 Spear Sweep
44+3 Spear Sweep6 Spear Sweep
45+3 Spear Sweep9 Spear Sweep
46+1 Spear Sweep, +2 Iron Will10 Spear Sweep [MAX], 2 Iron Will
47+3 Iron Will5 Iron Will
48+3 Iron Will8 Iron Will
49+2 Iron Will, +1 Final Attack10 Iron Will [MAX], 1 Final Attack
50+3 Final Attack4 Final Attack
51+3 Final Attack7 Final Attack
52+3 Final Attack10 Final Attack
53+3 Final Attack13 Final Attack
54+3 Final Attack16 Final Attack
55+3 Final Attack19 Final Attack
56+1 Final Attack, +2 Hyper Body20 Final Attack [MAX], 2 Hyper Body
57+3 Hyper Body5 Hyper Body
58+3 Hyper Body8 Hyper Body
59+2 Hyper Body, +1 Weapon Booster10 Hyper Body [MAX], 7 Weapon Booster
60+3 Weapon Booster10 Weapon Booster [MAX]

[Image=]Piercing Drive 19/20
[Image=]Evil Eye 1/1 Maxed
[Image=]Weapon Mastery 10/10 Maxed
[Image=]Weapon Booster 10/10 Maxed
[Image=]Iron Will 10/10 Maxed
[Image=]Hyper Body 10/10 Maxed
[Image=]Spear Sweep 20/20 Maxed
[Image=]Final Attack 20/20 Maxed
[Image=]Physical Training 5/5 Maxed

Reasoning and Other Builds

This stage is also very straightforward. We start by getting a point in Piercing Drive and Spear Sweep since they'll be our main attacking skills all the way to level 60, afterwards we get 5 points in Weapon Mastery so we can unlock Weapon Booster.

Weapon Booster allows you to attack faster and thus kill and train faster, i stop adding points once it's at level six since a duration of 2 minutes seems plenty, however if you don't feel comfortable with this amount or simply want to rebuff less often you're free to take it up to whichever level you want.

Once that's done we go back and max Weapon Mastery and then work on getting level 19 Piercing Drive which will be the skill we won't max as Spearmen for the same reason as before: the lost level is an incredibly small loss of damage but by doing so we won't sacrifice any of the other skills, all of which have uses well past second job.

Afterwards it's the turn of Physical Training followed by Spear Sweep, and then Iron Will to help mitigate the damage we receive a little bit; maxing Final Attack comes next for a bit of extra oomph on our attacks

Hyper body is left until the very end because as a warrior you won't be lacking HP anytime soon, and thus it's better to spend the SP in all of our damaging skills first. When you're done maxing Hyper Body go back to Weapon Booster and finish adding SP to it until it's maxed

Congratulations, you're done with the Spearman job! coming next...

The Berserker: Because Dragons Are Apparently Outdated (Never Forget)

Starts with the Job advancement at level 60, ends at level 100

Skill Description

Skill nameMax LevelDescriptionEffectTypeDelay
Lamancha Spear20Vigorously swing your spear around to damage enemies around you finishing off with a crushing blow.MP Cost: 7, Damage: 151%, Number of Hits: 1, Max Enemies Hit: 10 - Maximum Keydown Duration: 8 sec - Finishing Blow Damage: 740%.Active/Attack240MS, 720MS
Rush10Charge forward, pushing enemies in front of you together.MP Cost: 20, Damage: 305%, Number of Hits: 1, Max Enemies Hit: 12Active/Attack960MS
Evil Eye Domination10-Toggle Skill- Free Evil Eye, doing a large amount of damage to nearby enemies. When this skill is on, Evil Eye cannot heal or buff you.Damage: 210%, Max Enemies Hit: 15Summon/Attack-none-
Evil Eye Shock20Evil Eye screams, knocking back, damaging and stunning enemies. Evil Eye does not have to be near the enemy.Damage: 640%, Max Enemies Hit: 10, 90% chance to stun for 10 sec - Cooldown Time: 10 secActive/Attack720MS
Evil Eye Buff20Evil Eye buffs you every couple seconds. When using Evil Eye Domination, Evil Eye will not buff you.Every 4 seconds, Buff Duration: 100 sec, Weapon Attack: +40, Critical Hit Rate: +10%, Weapon and Magic DEF: +500, Accuracy and Avoid: +300Summon/Support-none-
Cross Surge20Temporarily increase your total damage based on your current HP while decreasing damage taken when you get hit.MP Cost: 20, Duration: 180 sec, 100% of your current HP in regards to your MaxHP is added to your total damage. Up to 8% reduction in damage taken. Up to 4000 HP can be reduced.Active/Support1260MS
Lord Of Darkness10Increases Critical Rate and minimum Critical Damage. Has a chance to convert a portion of damage to HP for up to half of your HP.Critical Hit Rate: +30%, Minimum Critical Damage: +15%, 20% chance to recover 10% damage as HPPassive/Support-none-
Endure20Improve your status and element resistance.Status and Element Resistance: +20%Passive/Support-none-

Skill Build

Level:Add to skill:Current Skill Level
60+1 Rush, +1 Lamancha Spear, +2 Lord of Darkness1 Rush, 1 Lamancha Spear, 2 Lord of Darkness
61+3 Lord of Darkness5 Lord of Darkness
62+3 Lord of Darkness8 Lord of Darkness
63+2 Lord of Darkness, +1 Cross Surge10 Lord of Darkness [MAX], 1 Cross Surge
64+3 Cross Surge4 Cross Surge
65+3 Cross Surge7 Cross Surge
66+3 Cross Surge10 Cross Surge
67+3 Cross Surge13 Cross Surge
68+3 Cross Surge16 Cross Surge
69+3 Cross Surge19 Cross Surge
70+1 Cross Surge, +2 Hex of the Evil Eye20 Cross Surge [MAX], 2 Hex of the Evil Eye
71+3 Hex of the Evil Eye5 Hex of the Evil Eye
72+3 Hex of the Evil Eye8 Hex of the Evil Eye
73+3 Hex of the Evil Eye11 Hex of the Evil Eye
74+3 Hex of the Evil Eye14 Hex of the Evil Eye
75+3 Hex of the Evil Eye17 Hex of the Evil Eye
76+3 Hex of the Evil Eye20 Hex of the Evil Eye [MAX]
77+3 Lamancha Spear4 Lamancha Spear
78+3 Lamancha Spear7 Lamancha Spear
79+3 Lamancha Spear10 Lamancha Spear
80+3 Lamancha Spear13 Lamancha Spear
81+3 Lamancha Spear16 Lamancha Spear
82+3 Lamancha Spear19 Lamancha Spear
83+1 Lamancha Spear, +2 Evil Eye Shock20 Lamancha Spear [MAX], 2 Evil Eye Shock
84+3 Evil Eye Shock5 Evil Eye Shock
85+3 Evil Eye Shock8 Evil Eye Shock
86+3 Evil Eye Shock11 Evil Eye Shock
87+3 Evil Eye Shock14 Evil Eye Shock
88+3 Evil Eye Shock17 Evil Eye Shock
89+3 Evil Eye Shock20 Evil Eye Shock [MAX]
90+3 Endure3 Endure
91+3 Endure6 Endure
92+3 Endure9 Endure
93+3 Endure12 Endure
94+3 Endure15 Endure
95+3 Endure18 Endure
96+2 Endure, +1 Rush20 Endure [MAX], 2 Rush
97+3 Rush5 Rush
98+3 Rush8 Rush
99+2 Rush, +1 Evil Eye Domination10 Rush [MAX], 1 Evil Eye Domination
100+3 Evil Eye Domination4 Evil Eye Domination

[Image=]Evil Eye Domination 4/10
[Image=]Evil Eye Shock 20/20 Maxed
[Image=]Hex of the Evil Eye 20/20 Maxed
[Image=]Lamancha Spear 20/20 Maxed
[Image=]Rush 10/10 Maxed
[Image=]Cross Surge 20/20 Maxed
[Image=]Lord of Darkness 10/10 Maxed
[Image=]Endure 20/20 Maxed

Reasoning and Other Builds

Congratulations on reaching level 60! With that out of the way however it's time to explain some things i'm sure you're wondering.

for starters, why don't we max Cross Surge inmediately? The reason is because while Cross Surge doubles the damage you will inflict, Lord of darkness grants you a very high amount of critical and critical damage which means your damage will boost considerably. On top of this it also grants you the ability to recover up to half your health with every hit you do, and lamancha spear hits -very- fast so leveling lord of darkness first grants you both an offensive and defensive boost. add to this that Cross Over takes twice as long to max and the pro's of lord of darkness become simply too many.

Once lord of darkness is complete we inmediately move to Cross Surge, the damage increase is indeed massive and it will benefit all of your attacks. Then we move to Hex of the Evil Eye because 40 attack will increase your range by more than leveling lamancha, since most of the time you'll be spinning the spear over your head rather than throwing it and the damage increase per level on the spin is very small. After this we move on with lamancha spear to finish all of our main attacking skills

With our main skills maxed, it's time to move on to the secondary ones starting with Evil Eye Shock, the reason we don't max this skill earlier on is because even though the damage is fairly impressive it's range is only a fraction of what it used to be and now it can't even serve the one purpose it had: hitting platforms way above and below you. It still is however good damage and can help hit stuff that is a moderate distance behind you for example.

We move on to endure which will be one of our most used skills even if we aren't aware it's working, it's ability to stave off status effects proves invaluable at bossing which is something we won't see much at this point, but it will help if you're leveling via PQ's and the boss likes stunning for example. With that done we next max rush for the extra damage.

Evil Eye Domination will barely see any use and that's in the best-case scenario, this because the skills we earn in 4th job won't allow us to use this skill and things like Evil Eye Shock or buff require Evil Eye to be attached to you rather than free, plus the damage is quite lackluster even when this skill is maxed, and that's being nice about it.

The Dark Knight: Mansion and bat-related gizmos not included

Starts with the Job advancement at level 100, ends when you give up

Skill Description

Skill nameMax LevelDescriptionEffectTypeDelay
Gungnir's Descent30Summon a large spear to be dropped on an enemy's head. The more HP you have, the more damage this skill does [link=ggnote]-♠-[/link]. If Final Pact or Sacrifice are active the cooldown is ignored.MP Cost: 49, Damage: 312%, Total Damage: +110% (based on HP Ratio), Number of Hits: 8, Defense Ignored: 30% - Cooldown Time: 8 secActive/Attack780MS
Dark Impale30Attack the enemy five times at high speed. Has a chance to cause instant deathMP Cost: 50, Damage: 280%, Number of Hits: 6, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Instant Death Chance: 10%Active/Attack840MS
Barricade Mastery30Increases Spear and Polearm Mastery, Weapon Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage.Spear and Polearm Mastery: +70%, Weapon ATT: +30, Minimum Critical Damage: +15%Passive/Support-none-
Stance30Permanently increase your resistance to being knocked back.Stance Rate: +60%Passive/Support-none-
Magic Crash10Has a chance to cancel all enemy buffs and prevent them for casting new buffs.MP Cost: 15, Success Rate: 100%, Buff Block Duration: 22 sec, Max Enemies Hit: 10 - Cooldown Time: 60 secActive/Support1380MS
Sacrifice30Absorb Evil Eye, healing you and ignoring some defense and increasing damage against bosses for a certain amount of time while ignoring the cooldown of Gungnir's Descent. Permanently increases defense ignored.MP Cost: 85, Heal 100% of your Max HP, Buff Duration: 40 sec, Defense Ignored: +10%, Damage (vs Bosses): +10%, ignores Gungnir's cooldown, Passive Effect - Defense Ignored: +30%Active/Support2280MS
Final Pact30When your HP reaches zero, under the dark contract you become invincible for a certain amount of time for a chance to revive. The cooldown of Gungnir's Descent is ignored.When your HP is 0, your HP and MP are fully restored. Invincibility: 25 sec, kill 20 monsters or hit a boss 20 times to revive within the time frame - Cooldown Time: 360 sec, Passive Effect - When your HP is higher than 20%, Damage: +30%, Speed: +20, Critical Rate: +10%, Minimum Critical Damage: +15%Passive/Support-none-
Revenge of the Evil Eye30When hit, Evil Eye has a chance to deal a counterattack that recovers some of the Dark Knight's HP, and has a chance to cause instant death to an enemy. Max HP recovered cannot exceed 5% of your max HP and will not heal if the monster suffers instant death.Activation Rate: 100%, Damage: 910%, Instant Death Chance: 30%, 10% Damage converted to HP - Cooldown Time: 5 secSummon/Attack-none-
Hero's Will5Cures you from being Seduced. The cooldown decreases as the skill level increases.MP Cost: 30, Cooldown Time: 360 secActive/Support-none-
Maple Warrior30Increases the stats of all party members.MP Cost: 70, Duration: 900 sec, All Stats: +15%Active/Support1500MS

♠ Due to a lot of misunderstandings on how gungnir's bonus damage works, here's a quick explanation: when using gungnir and ONLY when using gungnir, you'll receive an increase in total damage, not on gungnir's damage but total damage, the same kind of total damage granted by Cross Surge back in third job.

if you require a more thorough and mathematical explanation, check the [to be named and linked here section]

Skill Build Introduction

Before going to the actual skill build, i feel fourth job deserves a bit of an introduction due to how different it is from pre-RED dark knights, and even from most other classes. If you check the skills in the previous section you'll notice that dark knights have several skills that improve their damage: Final Pact, Weapon Mastery and Sacrifice mainly, and our strongest 1v1 skill has a big 8 second cooldown which renders it absolutely useless until sacrifice is maxed

...and all of these skills take 30 SP to max. Just to be able to use your bossing skill you'll need to level 20 times, to have it at maximum power you'll need another 20 levels to max Final Pact and mastery, and you'll still be missing the ability to use magic crash and won't have 100% stance either.

For this reason we've come with only one fourth job build, and it's a build designed with only one thought: leveling as fast as possible. Which means skills like gungnir and sacrifice will be left for much later since they barely help when mobbing, if at all.

It will be a tough road but it only makes the reward sweeter, and this guide is here to soften the road as much as possible, so with that out of the way here's the skill build:

Skill Build Part 1: Mobbing

Level:Add to skill:Current Skill Level
100+1 Barricade Mastery, +3 Dark Impale1 Barricade Mastery
101+3 Dark Impale6 Dark Impale
102+3 Dark Impale9 Dark Impale
103+3 Dark Impale12 Dark Impale
104+3 Dark Impale15 Dark Impale
105+3 Dark Impale18 Dark Impale
106+3 Dark Impale21 Dark Impale
107+3 Dark Impale24 Dark Impale
108+3 Dark Impale27 Dark Impale
109+3 Dark Impale30 Dark Impale MAX
110+3 Final Pact3 Final Pact
111+3 Final Pact6 Final Pact
112+3 Final Pact9 Final Pact
113+3 Final Pact12 Final Pact
114+3 Final Pact15 Final Pact
115+3 Final Pact18 Final Pact
116+3 Final Pact21 Final Pact
117+3 Final Pact24 Final Pact
118+3 Final Pact27 Final Pact
119+3 Final Pact30 Final Pact MAX
120+3 Barricade Mastery4 Barricade Mastery
121+3 Barricade Mastery7 Barricade Mastery
122+3 Barricade Mastery10 Barricade Mastery
123+3 Barricade Mastery13 Barricade Mastery
124+3 Barricade Mastery16 Barricade Mastery
125+3 Barricade Mastery19 Barricade Mastery
126+3 Barricade Mastery22 Barricade Mastery
127+3 Barricade Mastery25 Barricade Mastery
128+3 Barricade Mastery28 Barricade Mastery
129+2 Barricade Mastery, +1 Stance30 Barricade Mastery MAX, 1Stance
130+3 Stance4 Stance
131+3 Stance7 Stance
132+3 Stance10 Stance
133+3 Stance13 Stance
134+3 Stance16 Stance
135+3 Stance19 Stance
136+3 Stance22 Stance
137+3 Stance25 Stance
138+3 Stance28 Stance
139+2 Stance, +1 Gungnir's Descent30 Stance MAX, 1 Gungnir's Descent

Skill Build Part 1 Explanation

We start straight from the beginning by adding one point to mastery for the big immediate boost in our minimum damage, and then we pump points into dark impale until it's maxed since it's our strongest mobbing move by far and at level 16 it gains a sixth hit increasing it's power greatly.

Final Pact comes next since it's a big boost to... well, everything! you get extra speed, extra chance to nail a critical hit, your critical hits now deal more constant (and thus stronger) damage, and you gain an extra 30% damage just for keeping your HP high which won't be a problem thanks to your third job skills.

Now, i'm aware of how boring this sounds, the above is a "damage first and foremost" build but if you want to (and i actually encourage it) put a point in both gungnir and sacrifice you're absolutely free to, using just 2 SP will still have you get dark impale's sixth hit at level 105 so the loss in damage is minimal, and you can start getting a feel for all of your main skills.

Those two skills out of the way it's time to max mastery so that your damage becomes stable and much more precise, followed by stance so that you don't ever have to reposition yourself due to knockback

Skill Build Part 2: Now it's Personal

Level:Add to skill:Current Skill Level
140+3 Sacrifice3 Sacrifice
141+3 Sacrifice6 Sacrifice
142+3 Sacrifice9 Sacrifice
143+3 Sacrifice12 Sacrifice
144+3 Sacrifice15 Sacrifice
145+3 Sacrifice18 Sacrifice
146+3 Sacrifice21 Sacrifice
147+3 Sacrifice24 Sacrifice
148+3 Sacrifice27 Sacrifice
149+3 Sacrifice30 Sacrifice MAX
150+3 Gungnir's Descent4 Gungnir's Descent
151+3 Gungnir's Descent7 Gungnir's Descent
152+3 Gungnir's Descent10 Gungnir's Descent
153+3 Gungnir's Descent13 Gungnir's Descent
154+3 Gungnir's Descent16 Gungnir's Descent
155+3 Gungnir's Descent19 Gungnir's Descent
156+3 Gungnir's Descent22 Gungnir's Descent
157+3 Gungnir's Descent25 Gungnir's Descent
158+3 Gungnir's Descent28 Gungnir's Descent
159+2 Gungnir's Descent, +1 Hero's Will30 Gungnir's Descent MAX, 1 Hero's Will
160+3 Magic Crash3 Magic Crash
161+3 Magic Crash6 Magic Crash
162+3 Magic Crash9 Magic Crash
163+1 Magic Crash, +2 Hero's Will10 Magic Crash MAX, 3 Hero's Will
164+2 Hero's Will, +1 Maple Warrior5 Hero's Will MAX, 1 Maple Warrior
165+3 Maple Warrior4
166+3 Maple Warrior7
167+3 Maple Warrior10 Maple Warrior
168+3 Maple Warrior13 Maple Warrior
169+3 Maple Warrior16 Maple Warrior
170+3 Maple Warrior19 Maple Warrior
171+3 Maple Warrior22 Maple Warrior
172+3 Maple Warrior25 Maple Warrior
173+3 Maple Warrior28 Maple Warrior
174+2 Maple Warrior, +1 Revenge of the Evil Eye30 Maple Warrior MAX, 1 Revenge of the Evil Eye
175+3 Revenge of the Evil Eye4 Revenge of the Evil Eye
176+3 Revenge of the Evil Eye7 Revenge of the Evil Eye
177+3 Revenge of the Evil Eye10 Revenge of the Evil Eye
178+3 Revenge of the Evil Eye13 Revenge of the Evil Eye
179+3 Revenge of the Evil Eye16 Revenge of the Evil Eye
180+3 Revenge of the Evil Eye19 Revenge of the Evil Eye
181+3 Revenge of the Evil Eye22 Revenge of the Evil Eye
182+3 Revenge of the Evil Eye25 Revenge of the Evil Eye
183+3 Revenge of the Evil Eye28 Revenge of the Evil Eye
184+2 Revenge of the Evil Eye30 Revenge of the Evil Eye
185+Finish Maxing skills from previous Jobs.

Skill Build Part 2 Explanation

This is it, what you were waiting for, the 1v1 aspect of our class. we begin by putting one point in gungnir's descent (at level 139) to unlock the attack and then we max sacrifice ASAP since this skill is what allows us to use gungnir reliably without cooldown. That completed we max gungnir to finish the deadly combo and put a point in hero's will to escape seduce from bosses since at these levels you are at the perfect level to tackle bosses like horntail, you can add a point to hero's will earlier if you feel you need it but with the huge cooldown it has it's really more of a one save per boss attempt. it goes well with Final Pact however since it can save you if the revival effect is still on cooldown.

Then we max magic crash to prevent bosses from casting harmful buffs on themselves and afterwards we max hero's will. Congratulations, you're now set completely to boss.

lastly we max our other skills starting with Maple Warrior since if you're soloing it's a nice buff to your damage and then... well, there's really nothing else worth maxing but we'll do Revenge of the Evil Eye just to finish with all the fourth job skills plus it can help a bit when farming items and such i guess, but really by this point you can use your points on whatever you want, unfortunately we can't max skills from previous jobs anymore so you'll have to stick to 4th job ones.

Hyper Skills: Above And Beyond Normal Skills

What are Hyper Skills

Hyper skills are new skills that are unlocked as you level up past 140 and unlike normal skills you don't gain 3 SP every level up nor are able to get every hyper skill, this due to the fact that you only earn SP for them every 10 levels until you reach level 200 and also because the amount of SP you earn is very limited.

all hyper skills are divided into one of three groups: Passive, Supporting and Active. Passive skills are skills that like their name implies give a slight boost to some stat and are always active, stuff like +10% critical chance or +50 strength. Supporting skills improve the skills you already have, like increasing the damage done with a certain attack, or reducing the cooldown of a skill. And Active skills are skills that you have to use, all clases have 3 and it's usually an attack and two buffs, one of which is shared amongst most classes

Now, and here's the catch, all of these hyper skills take only one point to max and you'll only get 6 points for Passive skills and 5 for Supporting skills (you get 3 points for active skills and you only have 3 skills, so you're fine there) and to get all the points you must have reached level 200, not to mention some skills open up as late as level 198

now, passive skills are very straightforward and it's easy to know which are useful and which aren't so I won't bother listing them and will only list the Supporting and Active hyper skills.

Hyper Body - Persist143Increases Hyper Body's duration.Duration: +20 SecondsReinforce
Final Pact - Damage149Increases Final Pact's damageDamage: +20%Reinforce
Gungnir's Descent - Reinforce155Increases Gungnir's Descent's damage.Damage: +20%Reinforce
Hyper Body - Extra Magic Point162Increases Hyper Body's MP Buff.Max MP: +20%Reinforce
Final Pact - Cooltime Reduce168Decreases Final Pact's cooldownCooldown: -20%Reinforce
Gungnir's Descent - Ignore Guard177Increases Gungnir's Descent's defense ignore.Defense Ignored: +20%Reinforce
Hyper Body - Extra Heart Point183Increases Hyper Body's HP Buff.Max HP: +20%Reinforce
Final Pact - Critical Rate189Increases Final Pact's critical hit rate.Critical Hit Rate: +20%Reinforce
Gungnir's Descent - Boss Killer195Increases Gungnir's Descent's damage against bosses.Boss Damage: +20%Reinforce

Dark Thirst150Receive dark protection, improving your damage and absorb damage from enemies around you. You cannot drain more than an enemy's max HP.MP Cost: 300, Duration: 30 sec, Weapon Attack: 60, Drain: 100% - Cooldown Time: 90 secActive/Support
Dark Synthesis170Unleash the sleeping darkness within you.MP Cost: 200, Damage: 300%, Number of Hits: 10, Max Enemies Hit: 8 - Cooldown Time: 8 secActive/Attack
Epic Adventure200A power only available to Adventurers who have explored the Maple World that increases your damage and maximum damage.MP Cost: 100, Duration: 60 sec, Damage: +10%, Max Damage: +5,000,000 - Cooldown Time: 120 secActive/Support

Hyper Skills Recommendations.

Let's get the elephant in the living room out of the way: for your passive skills you'll want the one that increases Strength and the one that increases Critical chance, everything else is up to you, you can get the Dex one, the HP/MP ones, and one between speed and jump, or if you maxed those already magical defense is another possible choice.

...And as I said, you'll max all the Active skills so that leaves us just with the Supporting skills to sort out.

For starters i don't recommend you get any of the hyper body passives, instead of 20% more MP you can use a potion, instead of a little more duration you can simply recast it, and 20% more HP isn't gonna help you survive any hits you couldn't survive before. You can also use alchemy potions to raise your HP which is much more effective.

So that leaves us with six skills and five points. My recommendation is to max everything except "Final Pact - Cooltime Reduce" since the reduced duration doesn't help the skill much, if you'd rather have this skill no matter what however, you'd have to sacrifice either Gungnir's PDR increase or Boss damage increase; i recommend sacrificing the PDR if you only fight bosses with small amounts of defense, otherwise sacrifice Boss damage, a third choice is open however, if you somehow managed to max critical rate without the need for the Final Pact critical rate boost, if that's the case then by all means, skip that hyper and get cooltime reduce.

But normally, your Supporting hyper skills should look like this:
Gungnir's Descent: Guardbreak
Gungnir's Descent: Boss Killer
Gungnir's Descent: Reinforce
Final Pact: Reinforce
Final Pact: Critical Rate

and well, if you'd rather have a nice, level by level look upon how your progression goes, here's that:

140: Hyper Strength
149: Final Pact - Reinforce
150: Dark Thirst, Hyper Dexterity
160: Gungnir's Descent- Reinforce
170: Potato Explosion
174: Hyper Magic Defense
180: Gungnir's Descent - Guardbreak
190: Final Pact- Critical Rate
192: Hyper Health
198: Hyper Critical
200: Hyper Mana, Epic Adventurer, Gungnir's Descent - Boss Rush

Damage formulas! Or as most people call them: "Just tell me if i should get attack or str!"

Nobody likes math, nobody.
Nah, i do, but most people don't and unfortunately for them this game runs on math and every little thing on this game relies on it, so in this section i'll explain how different math-related mechanics work, these being crits, mastery, skill and boss damage, and most importantly, the damage formula. now that last one most people don't care about but if you want to know how much range you'll have with X and Y equips it's what you'll have to use.

Critical hits, Chances, Minimum and Maximum critical damage.

Allright, let's start with something simple and that we'll see very often: Critical hits.
Critical hits are pretty noticeable, instead of regular plain orange numbers, you get a larger, red number anytime you land one, and with around 65% critical chance from just your skills, you'll be seeing them plenty during your adventure... but how do they work?

It's pretty simple really, critical hits deal between 120% and 150% of the damage you'd have dealt normally. so if you always hit 100 damage a critical hit would be between 120 and 150 damage, easy enough stuff! but here comes the cool part. you CAN increase these numbers, which are known as your "minimum critical and maximum critical (or just "min crit" and "max crit" for short)

Now how do we increase our min and max crit damage? well, you're lucky in that regard because dark knights, once they max all their skills reach +45% min crit, for a total of 165% min crit... and now you're wondering, what happens if my min crit exceeds my max crit?

Before red, your max crit was a cap, if you had more min crit it was wasted but this is no longer the case. Now whichever is higher will act as the maximum multiplier and the other one will be the minimum multiplier. an easy way to see it is to just think of the numbers, if you have 200% min crit damage and 150% max crit damage, just think it like "my crits will go from 200% to 150%"

Other ways of raising these are via character deck cards, but those are pretty terrible granting 4 to 5 percent at best, and others are very expensive... because they come from cubing gloves all the way up to legendary where you can get +15% min or max crit. however, gloves have one of our most coveted upgrades: Decent Sharp Eyes (DSE for short)

DSE will not only raise our max crit by 15% (leaving us at exactly 165/165 min/max crit!) but it will also grant us an extra 10% crit chance so that we land criticals even more often. you probably figured it out by this point but criticals are a very big part of being a dark knight, and most funded dark knights out there will be waltzing around with 100% critical chance... so all they see is red numbers. This is achieved by combining several sources of crit chance like phantom link skill (10-15% more) adventurer rings (10-15% more, depending on the ring) and DSE (10% more) some get %crit chance potential too, but since it can only be obtained on weapons most people tend to prefer getting boss damage, PDR ignore or even %attack over crit chance.


Let's move on to mastery, i'm sure you've seen your skills in second and fourth job that say "increase mastery by XX%", but what exactly does mastery do?

Fairly simple, just look at your status window, and there look at your damage range; you'll notice you have two numbers, one larger than the other.

What mastery does is bring the smaller number closer to the large number, or using proper terms, your minimum range closer to your maximum range. Physical-Melee based classes (like warriors, buccaneers or xenons) all start with 20% mastery, which translates to their minimum range being 20% of their max range, that's a HUGE variation in damage you can deal! you may kill a monster in one hit, and the following one in 5!

In second job classes earn a skill that grants them 50% more mastery, getting them a nice 70% minimum range; and then in fourth they gain yet another 20% on top of everything making their minimum range 90% of their maximum range and thus making the damage much more stable and easier to do calculations with.

...And that's all for mastery really, it just makes your damage stable so that you kill stuff with very little variation on the number of attacks you throw, and while dealing a fairly constant amount of damage every time

Total Damage and Boss damage

Now this section here is one of the most important ones because it's an intrinsic part of our skills, but before explaining about skills and whatnot i find it better to lay down the foundation and explain how these kinds of damage increases work.

when fighting, you'll be dealing damage, this damage is considered your "100%", that is, the damage you normally deal. it can also be seen as a 1.0x multiplier (the same way criticals can be seen as a 1.5x multiplier of your damage, more on that later too) Total damage increases this multiplier, making you hit extra damage against everything.

An increase of 100% total damage would double the damage you normally do (your 100%, plus an extra 100%= 200%, or 2.0x multiplier). 200% total damage triples your damage, 300% quadruples it, and so on

Boss damage is exactly the same thing, but it only works on bosses as it's name implies. So if you had 100% boss damage, you'd deal your normal 100% damage on regular monsters, but on boss monsters you'd deal double

...So then what happens when you mix boss damage and total damage? they work together, but additively, what does this mean? say you had 100% total damage and boss damage. on normal monsters you'd deal 200% of your regular damage (100% base + 100% total damage) but on boss monsters you'd deal 300% (100% base+ 100% total damage+ 100% boss damage). this is important to know because it means that the more of both that you get, the less effective those same amounts will be in the future! the first 100% total damage will double the damage you deal, but then another 100% would only increase your current damage by 1.5, because you went from 200% to 300%, another 100% would be a 1.33 increase, and so on.

let it be noted however, that this additive stacking works only between these two stats! if you have 300% total damage and 100% boss damage, you'll deal 5 times your normal damage on a boss, and if you have a critical of 150%... instead of adding this number you'll multiply it like this:


BAM, a measly 50% crit damage gives you such a massive damage increase! equal to 250% more boss damage. this is something that being aware of can save you money significantly, you may want to spend a lot of money on something that increases your boss damage, when for the same value you could get a much stronger upgrade via critical damage, but to know which is better and what is good to upgrade you'll need the next section, known as...

The Damage Formulas and important damage information

Oh boy, here come the numbers. to make this section easier to understand, i'll list important points first, things you should know even if you don't use or know how to calculate with the damage formula, and then i'll go into the actual formulas, so:

Things you got to know
♠ Your range mainly depends on three things, Strength, %Strength, and attack. different values CAN give you the same result, so asking "how much str do i need to get 100k range?" is impossible to answer unless you provide your attack.

That's right, they all depend on each other, so don't ask this on the forums unless you provide all the info too, that being your current str, the amount of %str you have, and your current attack. it'd be even better if you calculated it yourself however, that's what the damage formula is for.

♠ Total Damage is additive with boss damage, this includes the total damage from most skills; for example, gungnir's descent has a hyper that grants 20% damage, and 20% boss damage, these are additive with each other and with total damage.

♠ %Attack potential affects -ALL- your attack, not just attack from the weapon, so it ill affect attack gained from potions, skills, and whatever source you can think of, except for inner ability attack, because nexon likes to make things overly complicated.

♠ %Attack grants the same damage bonus as %total damage of the same value. that's right, don't ask if 9% attack is better than 9% total damage, they're both the same on their own. However...

♠ %attack and %total damage multiply each other, so if you have 10% attack and 10% total damage, that'd become an increase of 21% in your damage, not 20%. it's a fairly minor difference with low amounts but it can be quite significant later on when you have 200%boss and total damage

this is the point where we realize that if we have to choose between upgrading boss damage or attack, we have to calculate which gives us the better increase, as i said, %attack is the same as %total damage of the same amount, but chances are you already have a lot of total damage, so the question becomes "should i get more total damage (which is additive with what i already have) or more %attack (which is multiplicative)?" the formula for that is a bit further down.

♠ Skill percentages are multiplicative with critical damage, total/boss damage, and your range (so you could say it's also multiplicative of %attack, which is part of your range)

so in very simple numbers if you have a range of 1, a skill that deals 200% damage, 150% critical damage, and 200% boss, you deal 1*2*1.5*2=6 damage on a boss

♠ PDR calculations are a complicated mess, thankfully for you your status window now displays your real PDR so calculating your damage on a boss is much easier, but if you want to know if getting 40% more PDR is better than 40% more boss you're opening a can of worms. how to figure that out is also further down but as a rule of thumb, the more defense a boss has the more important PDR becomes. and to fight chaos vellum which is the boss with the most defense it's recommended to have at least 85% PDR on your status window.

♠ Boss defense and physical resistance are two different things, the first reduces your damage by an amount specific to the boss, and can be ignored to a degree with PDR, Physical resistance on the other hand halves the damage you do, and can be ignored by being a Paladin. No that's not a joke, be a paladin or get your damage cut in half against bosses with this.

♠ And i'll add anything else i can think of or that gets suggested here.

Actual Damage Formulas: No witty title for this one, just serious math

quick note: "simple" formulas are easy and don't account for rounding and all that stuff which usually make very little difference, "complex" formulas are the way the game does them, includes rounding and everything, i won't go into these because firstly i haven't checked the rounding in a long time and secondly i don't have the time or the gear to do it again

Simple Range Formulas

  • To calculate range, the simple formula is:
♠♠ Range = (Weapon Multiplier)(Atk)(Str*4+Dex)/100
♠♠ Minimum Range = Range*Mastery

♠ Weapon Multiplier: 1.49 for both Spears and Polearms
♠ Attack: Sum of all your attack from skills, pets, equips and whatnot, multiplied by your %attack.
♠ Str: Same as attack, but with your Strength stat
♠ Dex: Same as attack, but with your Dex stat
♠ Mastery: your total mastery from skills plus the hidden base 20%, with all skills maxed you have 90% mastery
This works for both clean and buffed range, it will be different from your status window range however

Status window Range:
♠♠ SWRange = Range*(PTD + crossover chain %)

PTD is your passive total damage, 9% total damage from your weapon, or 10% from your kanna link. but if your attack gives a total damage bonus it won't be counted, it's also useless for calculating damage against bosses since you need your Range only for that. Whenever i mention range in any formula forget this exists since it's only here for completionism.

Crit Range
♠♠ Max Crit Range = (Range)(High Critical Multiplier)
♠♠ Min Crit Range = (Min Range)(Low Crit Multiplier)

♠ High Critical Multiplier is whichever number is higher between your min and max crit.
♠ Low Crit Multiplier is the other one.

so if you have 165% min crit damage and 150% max crit damage, your high is 165%, your low is 150%.

Skill Range
♠♠ Raw Skill Damage = (Range)(Skill Multiplier)(Final Pact Multiplier)(Crossover Chain Multiplier)(Total Damage + Skill Hyper Reinforce skills)
♠♠ Raw Boss Skill Damage = (Range)(Skill)(FP)(Chain)(Total Damage + Boss Damage + Skill Hyper Reinforce skills)

♠ Range refers to your Range, Min Range, or Crit Ranges, depending on if the hit is a crit or not
♠ Skill refers to the skill multiplier, for example, maxed dark impale is 280%.
♠ Final pact multiplier is the damage multiplier on final pact, if you have the +20% from the hyper it's counted here (so ad 20% to whatever the skill says)
♠ Total Damage is the sum of your total damage from all sources (don't count gungnir's HP effect, that's explained later on when it's relevant, at the very end)
♠ Boss damage is the sum of all sources of boss damage
♠ skill hyper reinforce are the hyper skills that affect the attack you're using, for example, +20% damage on Gungnir, that's right, they don't count as part of the skill, but as a total damage bonus that applies only when using that skill.
♠ Boss skill damage only applies against bosses, obviously.
♠ Raw: It's called raw because this is before accounting for enemy defense.

Enemy Defense Formula.

Player Def Ignore
♠♠ Defense Ignored = 1-(1-a)(1-b)(...)(1-z)

♠ a,b,c and so on are the different sources of defense ignore, individual ones, so if your weapon has a line with 30% ignore and another with 20% ignore, you don't add them, one would be "a" and the other would be "b"
♠ Hyper skills that add a Defense Ignore effect to a skill, also count as a separate source, they're not added together
♠ Your status window now displays this information accurately, missing only the effect from your attacking skill, the formula for that next.

Adding your skill's Defense Ignore to the amount in the status window
♠♠ Defense Ignored = 1-(1-Status Window Defense Ignore)(1-a)(1-b)

♠ "a" is the defense ignore on the skill, "b" is the defense ignore added due to hyper skills, if any.

Damage on enemy monsters.

♠♠ Actual Damage = (Skill Damage)(1-Monster Defense[1-Defense Ignored])

♠ Skill damage refers to any of the calculations presented above, be it for critical damage with a skill, boss damage with a skill, critical damage on a boss with a skill, and so on, whichever is applicable
♠ To find out monster defense, check southperry's extractions, or basilmarket's monster section.
♠ If the result is a negative number, your actual damage is 1
♠ This is the damage you will deal on enemies, unless you're using gungnir, if you're using gungnir there's one more formula to use.

Gungnir's HP Bonus

♠♠ Gungnir Damage = Actual Damage + (Max HP * gungnir HP multiplier)

♠ At max level, gungnir will add 110% of your maximum HP as damage, so if you had 10 000 hp, you'll deal an extra 11000 damage unaffected by defense or any damage increasing skills
♠ Certain character cards have the effect of providing damage depending on your level, add that number to this one, these cards are thunder breaker and bucaneer

-Range needed to hit a specific amount

"how much range do i need to hit X amount with Y skill?"

♠♠ Range = X/([Y skill %][Crossover chain %][Final Pact percent][Total Damage%])

"ok, but i want to hit X amount with Y skill on Z boss! and he has a lot of defense!"

♠♠ Range = X/([Y skill %][Crossover chain %][Final Pact percent][Total Damage%][1-Z's remaining defense])

♠ Z's remaining defense is found using the PDR formulas in the PDR section above.

and that's it for the formula section.

French bread and imported butter, extremely useful information about our Skills and Abilities

Now this section... i'd be lying if i didn't say that this section is to me the most important one of them all, skill points can be inferred, but the knowledge to use your every skill to it's maximum strength? this requires testing, an open mind to look for ways in which you can exploit your already great abilities even further!

...It also helps understand how the game works, why certain upgrades don't raise our damage or health as much as we'd think they do, and this knowledge can be used to know that there could be other choices, better choices to get more bang for your buck later on.

That's right, knowing your skills can, and will save you money, money that otherwise would have been spent on upgrades that barely help. so on that note, let's start!

or so i'd say, this is a work in progress, gimme a day will ya?

The end of the road

And here ends the guide... for now at least, i just covered the very basic stuff so far, as questions pop in the forums i'll add more sections to this guide, so remember to always check the table of contents before making a new thread asking a question

i hope the guide has proven useful to you, and if you have any suggestions on stuff that should be added, or things that need fixing, then by all means leave a comment (quoting me please) or drop an inbox (preferred method)

finishing credits Thanks to zgtaf, poopymann, sedvyse, renma1234, khianiwest, djp2313, cookie4mesos, quietus, wenboduo, chickenpoodl, plusle4eva, SilentXynh, IVege, Celyfaye, Scholtex999, IceDemon9, GunsTheSparkle and all the other DK sub-forum regulars that helped me gather info to put this together and that have watched over the guide across the ages.

quick *test* here * here* ♠

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