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Paladin PvP Guide

##ATTENTION: As of 4/28/2012, this guide is currently outdated! Newer updates and better formatting for the guide will be coming soon!


Current Version Chocolate Vanilla Swirl 2/16/2012

=Table of Contents=
1) Intro
2) General Info
3) Paladins in PvP
4) Attacking
5) Defending
6) Skill Specific Info
7) Match-up Info
8) Paladin isn't for me!
9) Credits


[HEADER]Introduction: What are you here for?[/HEADER]
I will start off to say that it's no rumor that Paladins receive the short end of the stick when it comes to PvE: they are severely outclassed (and out-popularized) by their counterpart, the Hero, who continues to get stronger every level (and every patch) while Paladins are stuck paving a steel lining on a fortress that is pretty much already indestructible.

But now comes PvP . If you've fought a Paladin in PvP, you would know that it's very frustrating to see all those GUARDs and NOHITs and MISSes. It's even more frustrating to see them clinging on a small inch of their life only to Heal themselves with just enough life to take you out before you can deal the finishing blow (and then proceed to pick up Health items that you could have picked up had you survived).

It goes without saying that in a clash between all the classes, the only ones that will remain alive will be a BaM and a Paladin. Then among those 2, the Paladin will be left standing.

PvP is the potential boon to the class and is what makes up for their general uselessness (don't say Combat Orders because a pair of snowshoes replaces you now [DrKs by a pair of pants, Heroes by a cheap energy drink!]).

This guide will (attempt to) help your Paladin wrack up those Battle Points because doing so achieves 3 things:

1) You train (nowhere near glitched LHC speed, but still training... plus there's no risk of losing exp from dying).
2) You make money (no-potions-needed is a redundant benefit but getting those Emblems is a nice profit).
3) You have fun! (at least... more fun than Rush -> Threaten -> hold ACB -> Repeat)

This will be a Work-in-Progress guide and is open to any useful information in return for having your name in the credits~


[HEADER]The Rundown: PvP at its Most General[/HEADER]
I'm sure most of you have at least some kind of PvP experience and I'm pretty sure that it was a bad one. There's nothing like having your butt handed to you by a few individuals each and every time to get you to realize that something isn't right.

Because yes, to do well in PvP, there are a couple things people have to make them win every single time (in order of importance):

1) PvP Equipment
2) Fast Internet
3) Knowledge

If you're just starting out then sorry, you won't be able to get PvP equipment easily. You live a couple hundred miles from Nexon or you have less than 1.5mb/s internet? Tough luck... you won't have the internet speeds to do well.

Now then, if you were rich, all of those problems can be solved. You could easily buy those PvP equips by certain means and you could afford some godly internet speeds if you pour enough money into your monthly bill (and fly over to LA, buy a house there, go to school there, whatever). With money, you can pretty much buy your advantage.

However, knowledge is something that can't be obtained without some effort. If you really want to be good at PvP but you aren't rich, learning how to play it is one step you can take to improve yourself.


[HEADER]The Paladin's Code: The Key to Consistency[/HEADER]
It's universal that winning feels good. Seeing your name at the top is satisfying because it means you outperformed the rest of your fellow Maplers.

However, I would like to get it through your head that there is no such thing as winning in -FFA-.

Consider FFA as a place to measure your own class' ability to get BP (aka how well can you farm BP). If anyone measures their PvP skills by how well they do in FFA compared to others (keyword: others), they are usually bad or misinformed players (yeah I said it, come at me bro <_< ). It's no news to anyone who has pvp'd that certain classes have inherent advantages compared to the rest and it's disheartening to see players believe that how much BP = how well you PvP while disregarding the fact that their class was made to rack up those points while other classes not so much.

With any and all classes, there is a certain range that you're expected achieve. Not surprisingly, some classes have a larger average than others. Paladin is one of the higher performing classes in this regard because of their high average and something called consistency.

What makes a Paladin so great is that they are consistent across the board in every match up. No matter what combination of players you meet in FFA, the range of BP you achieve will always be very close compared to more erratic classes that rely on an abundance of certain classes and an absence to their direct counter.

So when you PvP, always keep track of your score each game (notepad, paper, screenies, whatever); disregard other player's scores unless you see them frequently (and I mean frequently) and you want to know their average. If you score around the same amount each game then that is your consistent average. This is what you want to achieve every single game: meeting or going beyond your average.

As you PvP more and your BATT increases, your average should increase as well.

And of course, statistically you'll have a day where you'll play like complete garbage or another day you swear that the gods of Maple Story continually blessed you with 7 targets lined up like bowling pins allowing you to rake in the points. That's normal, but not always likely. Statistically, that should only happen a couple times; if it happens more frequently, then your total average should reflect that change.

There is no such thing as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place: if there was, then every class' average would be roughly the same and everyone would have 0 BATT from equips (but this game isn't balanced if the OP Legend characters have anything to say about it). If you don't place in the top three, don't feel bad because you may not have the luxury of good internet, good PvP equips, or a class that can score well (you don't in this regard, just saying). But as long as you're consistent with your score, you'll eventually get better and better.

I'll say this now and again that Paladins are consistent, but they don't score well. This means you'll rarely get a pathetic score but you'll never be amazing.

And, the only place where winning truly matters is Teams *cough*.


[HEADER]On the offensive: Attacking with a Paladin[/HEADER]
First of all, in any 1v1 scenario with both players at equal BATT, a Paladin will always win; whether they be Night Lords, Marksman, Heroes, or even mages, you will almost always kill the other person before they can kill you. Always, and I mean always, know that you can beat anyone 1v1 should you have the chance to do so. On the flipside, always know for a fact that if anyone is purposely engaging you, they are either extremely bad and want to die or they have some kind of upper hand against you that makes it worth fighting you (but even then, it's very rare).

This upper hand could be that they saw you heal + you're still low HP and know for a fact you're on cooldown (such as, when they respawn after you killed them), they picked up a Glove or Invincibility item, or they're decked out with a full Agares, Eligos, Halphas, etc PvP set including Rising Sun and lvl100 ambition and can slaughter you faster than you can press the Self Heal skill (in this case, you should know these people by name and know to avoid them or the room they are in @_@).

This all sounds well and good but survival and 1v1 isn't what FFA is all about: it's all about getting Battle Points. As a Paladin, you are severely limited in the most important traits for wracking up points: mob control and mobility. Using the other warriors as an example, should stragglers find themselves dying and alone in a corner frantically looking for HP items, DrKs and Heroes have all the tools in their arsenal of skills to make sure that 90% of the time, that straggler isn't going to make it out alive; a Paladin's only luxury is Heaven's Hammer and praying that Freeze/Stun from Blast/ACB activates so that they can beat them before they run away. So basically, you have 1 skill that will consistently catch a straggler, and that 1 skill has a 20 second cooldown and should be saved for hitting mobs.

So you should think of yourself as a moving wall. As a Paladin, you threaten people and push them away no matter how weak you are. Experienced PvPers will always be wary of your presence because of the threat you bring to their BP farming ability (think Demon Slayers and Demon Cry
But because of this, you really have to work for your kills. This will mean ambushing a mob, hitting everyone with Heaven's Hammer from time to time, abusing the stupidly high vertical range of ACB, picking on and focusing on classes that give more BP for your time, or pursuing dying loners that head off on their own. But just know that many classes have skills they need to avoid you and thus, avoid giving points to you. Even against another Paladin: should they run, there's really nothing you can do about it. If you ever find yourself always in direct engagements, it's because they let that happen because there was (usually) nothing stopping them from running away from you.


[HEADER]Taking cover: Defending with a Paladin[/HEADER]
Every paladin knows that with Iron Body, Power Guard, Shield Mastery, Self Heal, Achilles, Guardian, and Divine Shield, you're an unstoppable tank. Though, you won't be taking 1s and GUARDs in PvP and eventually, you will come to a point where you have to stop attacking and retreat.

For some classes, they accept that there are very few ways to escape death if such a situation happened (which is why the smart ones avoid mosh pits and fight in a safe distance) and usually try to deplete all their ultimates and annoying skills before they die.

For a Paladin, this is actually just a signal for you to do something to save yourself (don't accept death!). Luckily, Paladins have many ways for any situation thrown at them (even against the PvP monsters in your server).

General rule is that the longer you survive, the better your chances at getting more BP. Unlike most classes, cooldown isn't really a problem for Paladins and it actually hurts them to respawn because:

1) They don't need that many buffs; you can easily rebuff yourself to 100% in the heat of battle since your only "required" active buffs are 1 charge and Booster, your other buffs are all passive, the rest are secondary in importance like Power Guard and Stance. Combat Orders is really only for HH (but important enough to rebuff always).
2) Their cooldowns are manageable. Heaven's Hammer is only 20 seconds of cooldown. Divine Shield is 40.

That 5 second respawn + time rebuffing + time jumping down could = all the time you could be attacking + picking up health items + resetting your cooldowns. A particularly agonizing example for a Paladin is their ultimate, Heaven's Hammer: 20 second cooldown vs 5 second respawn + 5 second rebuff + 5 second jumping down to a good place to use it; if you were alive, you would've been snagging items + have HH ready again before you had time to jump down from respawn.

Consider yourself very lucky to be a class that no one wants to fight. It's true, no class wants to fight you because of the threat you bring. Honestly, fighting a Paladin gives you the following:

1) A chance to get stunned by Guardian
2) A chance to get Threatened (-20% Attack, Defense, Accuracy)
3) A chance to get Magic Crashed (dispel + buff block)
4) Pathetically low BP due to 41% damage reduction
5) A high chance of dying

Abuse this characteristic and don't be afraid to run: most people won't bother chasing you unless they want to face the above.


[HEADER]The Big Book of War: Paladin's Skill Specific Information and Strategy[/HEADER]
This section will be an in-depth view on the complete skillbook for Paladins. The ins and outs of Paladins and Paladin-haters alike will be able to gain from this so be grateful.

Each skill will have a brief description written in my words AKA in plain English in hopes that it will help you understand what each skill does and its importance. If you want textbook descriptions of these skills, look in your skill book and hover over the skill OR you can view it on BasilMarket/SouthPerry under Paladin skills.

They will be separated by a What, a when, and a why section:

What: What does this skill actually do for you.
When: When should you use this. WHen should it activate.
Why: Why it matters to you.

These are based on my opinions and biases; if you disagree how a skill should be used, then bring some hard evidence related to the skill, write a neatly written argument that attempts to refute my claims, and present it in a positive way. No theory crafting and no screenies of how much points you get as evidence.

If you do have a reasonable claim, I'll put your arguments under "Second Opinion" which is located underneath every skill should it have one.


  • =Beginner=-
Mihil's [skill=Dawn Warrior 3=Soul Driver]
What: An area attack that hits around and above you 4 times 166% per hit (664% total). Cooldown 3 seconds.
When: Escaping. Under platforms. Large Mob.
Why: This is a very strong mob attack that has a nice range all around you except below. Using it "commits" you to an engagement and if you were dying, you'll probably die by the end of it. The lag is that horrendous. You can catch people above with this skill but then again you can always do that with ACB.

Like all skills, the activation time is instantaneous, so catch players at the start of the skill and let the loooong animation run through. This is the most damage you can do in 1 "hit" (or a window of 1 hit) minus HH BUT it's incredibly slow, so a good way to use this skill is to finish off kills with it. An example would be if you know for sure that your opponent will die in the next hit, Soul Driver away to kill them and try to catch others in it.

A safe way to use this would be to jump with Soul Driver and land on a trampoline to run away. Another variation would be to down jump while Soul Driver-ing so that you can hit a mob while safely retreating to a lower platform. You can full jump and catch people on the platform above you as well.

The 4 hits makes Ice Charge very useful too.

Should you get dispelled or Crashed, this will be your only Mob attack so always remember that.


Guardian Armor
What: For every 400 WDEF you have, you gain 1 BATT.
When: Always
Why: This saves Paladins from being complete garbage in the damage department. Every Warrior has this skill.
[skill=Warrior=Iron Body]
What: For 200 seconds, increases WDEF by 200.
When: You're buffing.
Why: Your defense will not max out in PvP because Shield Mastery only gives 100% compared to 200% normally. The defense boost from Iron Body is minimal and it's believed to not supplement Guardian Armor. It's a nice addon and there's no reason not to use it so you might as well add it to your buff list when you respawn. If you get dispelled or Crash, forget about this skill and only recast this if you're just sitting there waiting for something to happen.


[skill=Page=Weapon Booster]
What: For 200 seconds, reduces time between attacks AKA let's you attack faster.
When: You're buffing. You get Magic Crashed.
Why: Always have this on so you can reduce the delay of Blast and ACB. Booster is immune to Crash (it still gets dispelled by it though) so if you get Crashed by a fellow warrior, remember to recast this ASAP and ready your Blast or return-Crash.
What: When you cast this, it debuffs everyone in a very large area around you (above, below, behind, and in front) causing them to have -20% in Attack and Defense, and -90% in Accuracy for 10 seconds. 60 second cooldown.
When: There is a large mob. As a defensive measure.
Why: Threaten does what it says on the tin. Threaten should be feared by everyone you play; if they don't, then make it so. This skill's use is very literal: it threatens people away. That said, this is not an offensive skill and should be used as a way to protect yourself.

And by "threatening", I mean that they get debuffed so hard that they want to run far far away from you.

An example: if a Hero or DS blinds you, Threaten them back as a countermeasure so that they can't do anything for 10 seconds and thus can't take full advantage of their Chance Attack/Insult to Injury/pseudo-invinciblity. You could Threaten them before they cast their Blinding skills if you anticipate them using it.

This is not an accuracy dependant skill so you could be Threatened yourself, Demon Cried with Darkness and Blinded all at once and it will still have the same success rate. That said, status resistance also does not lower Threaten's chance of working (this means this will work on Demon Slayers despite their high status resist).

Also keep in mind that Mages don't suffer from weapon accuracy... but that doesn't stop them from taking that nice defense reduction on their already bad defense (extra points for Crashing them beforehand). Summons are also unaffected by weapon accuracy... so keep that in mind when you face against Cannoneers, Sairs, the Archers, etc.

Should you be on the receiving end, Hero's Will and All-cure items DO dispel the negative effects of Threaten (as well as Demon Cry!). The animation still runs so this could be a blessing in disguise: fool your opponents into thinking that you're helpless and take them out before they realize that all those MISSes are turning into EXCELLENTs.

Because All-Cures and Hero's Will works, so do Magic Crashes, Bishop Dispels, and Mystery Box dispels.

If you're threatening, loot every all-cure you find; if you're getting threatened, find the closest all-cure to get back in action.

If there's a bunch of squishy mobs around you, you could Threaten -> HH for some extra damage... but the cooldown really prevents you from using it actively. Because of that, always keep it handy in case a situation calls for it.
[skill=Page=Power Guard]
What: For 100 seconds, absorbs 20% of the damage you take and 20% of that is reflected back to the player who attacked you.
When: You're buffing.
Why: This is 2nd Job Achilles. This skill lets you live 20% longer. This skill minimally returns damage back for some free BP. Always keep it rebuffed because it lasts >2 minutes shorter than it really should. Should you get dispelled, buff this last if you need to kill someone immediately or buff this first if you're in danger of dying.

Because you deal damage when you get hit, HP bars will also appear above the player who hit you (unless they miss)... so use this as an indicator of "kill this person next" .
[skill=Page=Physical Training]
What: Permanently increases your STR and DEX by 30.
When: Always.
Why: This will give you the DEX to help you wear those PvP equips, especially the nasty 160 DEX requirement for the Agares. There is absolutely no reason not to have this.


=White Knight=
[skill=White Knight=Shield Mastery]
[B]What:[/B] When a shield is equipped, doubles your WDEF.
[B]When:[/B] Always.
[B]Why:[/B] There is no reason to use 2H weapons in PvP since WATK isn't used to calculate damage. A Fast(4) Sword like a Red Katana, Pyrope, or even a Pig Herding stick will be leagues better than 2H weapons. So if you have a 1h weapon, wear any shield to get this benefit.
[skill=White Knight=Charged Blow]
[B]What:[/B] A mob attack that hits 4 opponents in front of you for 400% Damage with a 5% chance to stun them for 1 second. Requires a charge active to use.
[B]When:[/B] There is more than 1 opponent in front of you. To hit people on upper platforms.
[B]Why:[/B] This is your bread and butter attack which is surprisingly strong for a mob skill. The 5% Stun is a nice touch. The range is quite nice but not because of its horizontal range but because of its super high vertical range. Doing a full jump and using Charged Blow can hit players on platforms you never knew you can hit normally. It's great for surprising people from below.

Watch out for Heroes, DrKs, Bishops, and other Paladins because of their crashes and dispel. Should your Charge get dispelled, you'll be unable to use this amazing attack. For Gladiator battles, this leaves you with only Soul Driver to really do anything (and I suppose Ground Slam).
[skill=White Knight=Fire Charge]
[B]What:[/B] A buff that enchants your attacks with Fire, granting 20% more damage for 200 seconds.
[B]When:[/B] You're too cheap to put it into Ice Charge. You like firey attacks.
[B]Why:[/B] There's absolutely nothing at the moment that makes it stand apart from Ice so drop this in favor of Ice. Wait until Union for the DoT effect.
[skill=White Knight=Ice Charge]
[B]What:[/B] A buff that enchants your attacks with Ice, granting 20% more damage for 200 seconds. Has a 10% chance to freeze opponents for 2 seconds.
[B]When:[/B] Buffing. After dispels and Crashes. Important skill to keep on.
[B]Why:[/B] This will be your main charge for the rest of your PvP life. The 20% more damage is nice but the real reason you keep this on is because CB/ACB requires it and you get a 10% chance to freeze per hit.
[skill=White Knight=Lightning Charge]
[B]What:[/B] A buff that enchants your attacks with Lightning, granting 20% more damage for 200 seconds. Can stack with other charges.
[B]When:[/B] Never
[B]Why:[/B] It's currently turned off in PvP because apparently 20% more damage is completely broken to keep on. Wait until Union!
[skill=White Knight=Combat Orders]
[B]What:[/B] Increases the skill levels of all your skills by 2. 4th Job skills are allowed to go beyond max.
[B]When:[/B] Buffing. Important to keep on before using heavy cooldown skills.
[B]Why:[/B] Combat Orders is one of the reasons why Paladins are so good in FFA and so good in Teams. By keeping this on, your 40 second Ultimate becomes 20 seconds, making it abuseable to spam. Think about this for a second: 40 seconds to 20 seconds. Combat Orders cuts the time in half. Put this on an important key because should you get dispelled, you'll need to recast this to keep your Hammer from doubling in cooldown time.

And always cast this on a ladder or rope if you can (it has the longest animation D.
[skill=White Knight=Magic Crash]
[B]What:[/B] A debuff that dispels everyone's, non-transformation, active buffs/ailments around you at a 60% chance as well as prevent any rebuffing for 5 seconds. 60 second cooldown.
[B]When:[/B] Crippling attack and defense buffs. Taking out Mages.
[B]Why:[/B] Magic Crash is a very important tool and should always be abused to the fullest. How buffs effect some classes can have their abilites and capabilities rise exponentially should you let them be. A good example is yourself: by losing Combat Orders and Charge, you lose ACB and HH cooldown becomes doubled. Luckily, Paladins aren't fully crippled when they are crashed as they can still Blast, Soul Driver, and HH should they want to. Knowing who and when to crash is important and that comes with experience.

Should a fellow warrior crash you, you have several options.

0) Always turn on Booster. Booster is immune to the crash lock. Always remember to get that back up before doing anything.

[B]1)[/B] Crash them back. All this really does is put your opponent in your spot: buff locked. Heroes will get absolutely crippled, Pallys somewhat, DrKs not so much.

What can happen if you Crash them back repeatedly is that you'll form a Crash truce (ie an unspoken agreement not to crash eachother). This can happen depending on what classes/people are present in the room. It's especially common with fellow Paladins because of how little and pathetic the points you get from eachother (and crippling eachother to get even less) vs the large amount of points from the squishier archers and pirates. Should there be an AM in the room, it should be unanimous among every warrior in the room to save their crashes for them because of the danger they pose.

Of course, there are those who are incredibly spiteful or don't really care about BP.

[B]2)[/B] Threaten them back. All this really does is buy you time for the 5 second lock to clear while giving your opponent little ability to take advantage of it. There are better uses for Threaten but it's always an option should Crash be on cooldown.

[B]3)[/B] Blast them apart. Think about this for a second: You lost 20% from your Charge and 4% from no CO on Blast. All in all, you lost 24% damage. So... Big. Freaking. Deal. Just Booster and blast them away. Being crashed doesn't mean you're utterly stripped of all your power, it just means you're doing a little less. A wolf with dull teeth still has teeth. And it can still bite. And it will still hurt.

The only thing you should keep in mind, however, is that by losing Power Guard, you lose 20% damage reduction. Know when to run, know when to fight. Fight or flight instincts should already be known to you.

And always remember that the dispel works on (most) ailments as well. So never Threaten and Magic Crash! Your Crash will just dispel your Threaten.
[skill=White Knight=HP Recovery]
[B]What:[/B] A healing skill that heals you for 30% HP. 60 second cooldown.
[B]When:[/B] As soon as you dip below 70% or 40% of your HP.
[B]Why:[/B] This is exactly what it says on the tin (again): you recover HP. Healing is great; cooldown isn't. 60 second cooldown is a pretty tough cooldown to deal with compared to your amazing cooldown abilities such as HH and Divine Shield. So when should you use it? As soon as possible? Yes, as soon as possible. Use this skill and try to efficient with those cooldowns. By doing so, you can live longer than you really should. Unlike Threaten (another 60 second cooldown skill, this skill should never be available and should always be on cooldown. The only exception would be if there are individuals in the room that make it almost impossible to survive for more than 1 minute, even as a Paladin. In this case, rely on HP Items and only use this skill as a last resort.

Super super important to cast this on a ladder or while jumping on a trampoline! (Long animation is long)

And if you're caught in a mob, always try to jump out while healing; never sit there while healing because you'll probably just lose all the HP you just gained from mobbers.

If a Bishop is in the room, always use HP Recovery asap since Doom pretty much spells doom for you. Although you're resistant to Holy, Bishops can deal a lot of damage from Doom -> Dispel -> Genesis + BB so you probably won't survive long enough to get out of Doom and heal.

Offensively against other Paladins, use Magic Crash on a dying Paladin; HP Recovery is considered a "buff" (I don't know why) so if they are crashed, they won't be able to heal!



[B]What:[/B] A passive and permanent skill that reduces all damage by 20% (21% with CO).
[B]When:[/B] Always.
[B]Why:[/B] 4th Job Power Guard that's passive. When you max this skill, your Paladin is nearly unkillable since, with Power Guard, 41% of all damage will be blocked. There really is no reason not to have it... the only downside of this skill is that it isn't SP Efficient. Thirty, three zero, 30 freaking SP to get this to max. If you're a low level Paladin, Achilles is something you'll have to dream about in the future because outside of PvP, it's not as important as many other skills.

Though, keep 1 SP into it if you can't afford to max it; 5.5%/6.5% reduction is still an incredibly good investment for just 1 SP.
[B]What:[/B] When a shield is equipped, attribute attack tolerance (in English: elemental resistance) and Status resistance increases by 10% (11% with CO). Additionally, you have a 5% (6% with CO) chance to block an attack and stun the attacker for 1 second.
[B]When:[/B] Always.
[B]Why:[/B] Guardian is a nice touch with its 11% element damage and status reduction but the GUARD is simply lovely. 6% doesn't seem that much until you factor in how many hits a DPS class such as a Mercedes or a BM can dish out. Because it stuns on activation, this will force those Hurricanes to stop to a halt! Against other warriors or nuke classes, however, it's not as glamorous. Also beware of Corsairs and NLs because they shoot in bursts, so you'll either guard all the hits or none. The 11% status ailment reduction is a nice guard against Darkness, Poison, and Stun, 3 of the most impeding ailments you can have. Also, there's nothing funnier than seeing someone fail hitting you with their Ultimate and getting stunned as a consequence.

The elemental resistance is really useful against Mages, Paladins, and maybe a few select skills some classes have that are elemental (maybe Corsair).

Like Achilles, this skill is a luxury as it is not SP efficient (30 SP to max <_<). Though, having 1 point (3 points with CO!) is way better than none.

[B]What:[/B] An attack that deals 190% (194% with CO) 3 times to 1 opponent. There is a 20% (21% with CO) to ignore DEF and a 40% (42% with CO) critical rate.
[B]When:[/B] Brawling with loners and stragglers. When Charge is crashed or dispelled.
[B]Why:[/B] Blast is your other bread and butter attack with a different purpose: taking out loners. Simply put, it's beefy and does a lot of damage. It is just a smidge weaker than a Hero's Intrepid Slash and tad stronger than ACB, but with the insane 42% Critical bonus on top of your own natural critical + ring if you have one, it's a very formidable attack. The 3 hits really help getting that freeze off too.

The drawback is that it has pathetic reach horizontally and vertically (moreso horizontal; vertical range is somewhat acceptable)... so unless your opponents are sitting on a chair letting you blast them apart, it's going to take some effort to land this.

Okay, the range isn't that bad. At least it's better than Sac right?

Just know that players can't naturally jump over Blast, so if they think jumping around back and forth & up and down will allow them to jump over Blast... just keep blasting them with an F6 on your face.

Though, classes that can unnaturally jump higher than they should be allowed to (Demon Slayer, Mercedes, the Thieves, the Archers), Blast will most likely miss.

Never ever use Blast when ACB can hit even 2 people unless the person in front of you will die to like... 1 Blast. Keep in mind that Blast isn't all that strong as an attacking skill compared to other class's amazing 1v1 attacks and mobbing with ACB (or mobbing in general) is always the best decision BP wise.
[skill=Paladin=Advanced Charge] aka Advanced Charged Blow (ACB)
[B]What:[/B] A passive skill that permanently increases the damage of Charged Blow. At lvl10(lvl12 with CO), Charged Blow now deals 500% damage(520% with CO) compared to regular Charged Blow's 400%. Also, while a charge is active, weapon mastery is increased by 70%(74% with CO) with a final mastery of 90%(94% with CO). In PvP, the # of mobs hit remains the same (hits 4).
[B]When:[/B] Staple attack in any situation. Any time 2 or more enemies are in front of you. Chasing.
[B]Why:[/B] A beloved Paladin skill. There is no reason not to have to amazing skill. What it basically does is improve your already great Charged Blow skill while giving you one of the highest Mastery rates possible in the game.

With ACB, Paladins now have a stupidly strong and fast mob skill. It's so strong that it's acceptable (though not optimal) to use this instead of Blast against one person (the range helps too).

For more information on how to use this, go to the White Knight section and read Charged Blow.
[skill=Paladin=Maple Warrior]
[B]What:[/B] Forever until dispelled (pretty much), increases all your base stats by 15%(16% with CO).
[B]When:[/B] Buffing. Maybe never.
[B]Why:[/B] The specifics on what STR plays in PvP is up for debate as there is no role in AP stats other than wearing your equips. STR isn't calculated in damage because lvl120s and lvl200s hit around the same. With that said, it's unknown if Maple Warrior will even benefit you other than increasing your secondary stat should you have a decent amount.

On the otherhand, STR increases WDEF (for Guardian Armor) so Maple Warrior may have a use.

Always cast this on a rope or ladder to minimize the lag.

I'll need more input/opinions on this.
[skill=Paladin=Divine Shield]
[B]What:[/B] When hit, you have a 5%(6% with CO) chance of obtaining a buff that negates the next 5 attacks for 5(6 with CO) seconds. This skill will automatically turn off if the max hits has been reached or the time expires, whichever comes first. 40 second cooldown.
[B]When:[/B] Whenever it activates.
[B]Why:[/B] There's no reliable way for Divine Shield to activate as it is all based on a 5%/6% chance. Should it activate, however, you should always keep out of reach of others because of its guarenteed ability to soak up Ultimates that might hit you. If you're getting bombarded by BMs, Mechs, or Mercedes, you'll find that it will activate and then, seconds later, instantly disappear.

You can't choose whether Divine Shield or Guardian will activate so just pray that the better one of the two in whatever situation pops up (I know that's lousy advice but there's nothing you can do about it).

[skill=Paladin=Power Stance]
[B]What:[/B] A buff that makes you resistant to knock back at a 90%(94% with CO) chance.
[B]When:[/B] Buffing.
[B]Why:[/B] Arguably, stance is really only required against a few problem classes. This buff protects you from getting "mob controlled" by other classes with a push or pull in their attacks. If you get dispelled, drop this buff until you are completely safe or you're on a ladder/rope.

This, however, doesn't stop skills that have a magnet property (think Monster Magnet, the mage chains, Soul Eater). Instead of getting pulled, you'll simply hold your ground... but you'll still suffer the stun.

Great for taking items.
[B]What:[/B] A "push" that darts you forward to deal 262%(268 with CO) damage to 6 targets in a wide range in front of you. Those hit will also have their speed reduced by 40(42 with CO). Those without stance will be shoved (or launched) in the direction you Rushed towards. 3 second cooldown.
[B]When:[/B] Chasing. Moving around. Defending.
[B]Why:[/B] Wait what? -42 Speed? Every 3 seconds? Definitely max this if you can... oh wait, you can't <_<.

If you're serious about PvP, you should max this... but doing so forces you to sacrifice other great PvE skills. The only skills I can think of that is okay to drop is maybe Divine/Holy Charge (though, not in the future), maybe Maple Warrior, and maybe 4 levels of Hero's Will... but even then, all of these skills are so much more useful than Rush outside PvP.

Anyway, this skill is great for escaping corners as well as pushing people away. Should anyone be in midair while they get hit with this, they'll be blasting off to the other side of the screen. Rush also helps you get to items as well as push others away who are trying to get it.

This is really your only easily accessible skill to chase down low HP players or "gank"(?) someone who might be close to death. If it's maxed, that -42 speed debuff will really cement them from ever escaping unless they have a double jump of some kind.
[skill=Paladin=Holy Charge] aka Divine Charge
[B]What:[/B] A buff that enchants your attacks with Holy, granting 25%(27% with CO) more damage for 300(330 with CO) seconds.
[B]When:[/B] Rebuffing if you want to use 20 4th Job SP to deal 7% more damage.
[B]Why:[/B] Extra 5%(7% with CO) is nice... but you lose 10% freeze chance. On top of that, you're spending 4th job points in a skill that's only a pinch stronger than similar skills you have in 3rd Job.

However, should you have Divine Charge maxed, always rebuff this before you use HH for that extra punch.

In small room situations, Ice Charge is leagues better than Divine Charge because Ice Charge can prevent players from running away. In full room situations, Holy Charge's damage adds up quite nicely and the no-freeze doesn't really impact you since there are always people to fight.

Changing charges on the fly is completely up to you and it is something to keep in mind to maximize your score.

In the end, it's perfectly acceptable to skip this if you want Achilles or Guardian. But when Union comes, this will be your best charge (PvP and PvE) hands down.
[skill=Paladin=Heaven's Hammer] aka the Almighty Ban Hammer
[B]What:[/B] Paladin's Ultimate. In a very large area around you (full screen length and more), hits everyone once for 912%(932% with CO) damage. Cooldown 40(20 with CO) seconds.
[B]When:[/B] When you can hit a mob. To retreat with. To chase down stragglers.
[B]Why:[/B] The Paladin's Ultimate is quite nice and it's quite unique. Not only is it strong, but CO gives it the perk that all the mages are jelly about: 20 second cooldown.

Be aware of the giant hitbox and when and where you cannot hit people. Avoid using against the edges of the stage because then most of your hitbox is wasted off screen. Likewise, avoid using it on the very top or very bottom of the stage unless you can hit a good size mob. If there's no center platform, jump off into the blue and activate the ban hammer; this way, you can cover more area. If you're in a map with a very low (height wise) respawn area, buff up CO and Ice Charge and use HH to hit anyone close to you- that way, you can put HH in a more efficient cooldown (but only if you can hit 2-3 or more people).

If you have Ice Charge on, HH will also have that 10% chance to freeze like all of your other attacks.

Now then...

It is absolutely imperative to keep CO on before unleashing the Hammer. If you get dispelled, rebuff CO before you consider using HH. Skip Ice Charge if the timing calls for it but CO should be back up faster than it was dispelled. You do NOT want the cooldown of HH to double.

If you were Crashed (most common reason), dispelled, or Mystery Box'd and lost your CO before you used HH, you'll have to make one of two choices:

1) Continue living : Not advisable unless you can really make it pay off. You will suffer a deficit in BP gain and you lose your strongest skill to KS or finish off dying players.

2) Just die : When you die, you get your hammer returned to you for the price of 5 second respawn + buff time. Before you die, however, get rid of all your cooldown heavy skills such as Magic Crash and Threaten.

This should always be on cooldown (as in, you always use it when it's available); always keep this skill on your quickslots to keep track of its cooldown. If you're use to HH on another key, adapt and change and put that skill on quick slots. (In fact, do this for Threaten, Crash, and Heal too).

Efficiency with this amazing Ulti is what gives you a good chunk of your points. The longer you live, the more Hammers you can pull off. Gloves + Magic Crash + Threaten to a mage is usually an instant ban from the Hammer.

[skill=Paladin=Hero's Will] Pocket All-Cure once per life
What: Dispels non-transform negative buffs. Cooldown 6(4 with CO) minutes.
When: You get Sealed, Threatened, Demon Cry'd, Blind, etc.
Why: A must have skill for anyone serious about PvPing. For the bargain price of 1 SP, you get to cure your status once per life (realistically, even with lvl7 Hero's Will, you won't be able to use it for more than once per life). This will cure most negative buffs that you may come across:

Reverse controls? Gone.
Black Curtain of Blindness? Also gone.
Seal, slow, weakness, darkness? All gone.

But OH! Threaten and [skill=Demon Slayer 4=Demon Cry]! There's no way it can dispel that!

Nah, you can dispel that too.

How about [skill=Priest=Doom]?


Treat this skill as an All-Cure item that you have in your pocket. Bring it out only when the
situation calls for it because you only have one per life... and a Paladin's life is a lot longer than the rest, so it's extremely valuable to them (realistically, you won't be around for 4 minutes for it to reset).

The only situations you should actually use it is if you can score a lot of BP if you did use it at that moment. Example: If everyone is sealed and bunched up running around, activate Hero's Will and begin to terrorize the mobs before unleashing HH if you have one. If you're weakened (jump locked) and there's a glove, HP item, and shoes neatly stacked 1 baby step above you, activate Hero's Will to get out of weakness and snag those items.


[HEADER]Know your Enemies: Class Specific Strategy[/HEADER]
Here's some small summaries of a few problem classes you may face in PvP. These are generally based on Top Level play so your mileage may vary heavily. This is the section where I won't be reluctant to voice my own opinion on a match up. Some of the summaries can take pretty long depending on the degree of effort on which you have to give in order to fight them optimally (isn't that an amazing and weirdly worded sentence? ;p). Post in this thread on a specific match up and you might be quoted under this section if your advice is helpful .

The important thing to remember when you fight a Shadower is that they're very fragile. Most of their defense skills are turned off for PvP and their [skill=Shadower=Shadow Shifter] is nerfed to a measely 8% dodge. That said, their attacks sting and [skill=Shadower=Smokescreen] provides them with an excellent cover (better than yours) to deal with giant mosh pits of mobs around them.

However, Shadowers aren't as deadly as NLs or DBs mainly because the bulk of their damage comes from [skill=Shadower=Boomerang Step] (which isn't spammable), [skill=Chief Bandit=Assaulter] (which isn't spammable) and [skill=Chief Bandit=Dark Flare] (which isn't around a lot) while their survivability sort of relies on having Smoke (which isn't around a lot) and abusing invincibility frames/jumping (which isn't around a lot).

If they put up Smokescreen when it's 1v1, your best option is to just walk away. If there's a mob inside their smoke, run inside the smoke, tank their BSteps, and steal their kills. There's only 1 player in the smoke you can't hurt and it's one that won't kill you unless you stay in there too long; getting the points is much more important (just be sure to keep Power Guard on). Run in, ACB as long as you are able, Rush out.

Watch out for [skill=Rogue=Dark Sight] and specifically [skill=Shadower=Assassinate]; always start jumping and never walk past a Shadower in Dark Sight because we don't have the mobility to dodge it most of the time.

One thing Shadowers like to do is camp under platforms and snipe them with BStep; very similar to what you can do with ACB. If you jump down, expect an Assaulter or them running away.

If a Shadower has very low HP and they're under smoke, run under it and bait them into attacking you; they'll more than likely suicide themselves from Power Guard in doing so.

Bishops are probably your most difficult match up because both Holy classes share many things in common: we both heal, we both dispel, we both have invincibility or tank, we both debuff, and we're both outlast.

Turns out they're better in all those than we are: they heal better, dispel better, have better invincibility, can tank better, can debuff better, and can outlast us.

Bishops will be frustrating to Paladins because their strengths happen to exploit the one very weakness that Paladins have and that's dying. Bishops don't need to actually kill us to make us feel like we died because they have something that Paladins despise more than anyone else: Doom -> Dispel.

Consider this: when you die, you have to respawn and jump down which I would say that's ~10 seconds (5 second timer + jumping down and finding someone). But when you respawn, you need to rebuff so you have rebuff time.

Now look at Doom: Lasts 10 seconds and you can't do anything. Dispel takes away your buffs. Hero's Will doesn't even work either (bosses should really use Doom instead of Seduce). It's like you just died.

For some classes, this is merely an annoyance because they can unload a lot of hurt before or even after Doom (and they usually want to die by the time they get doomed); for Paladins, it's like cutting your score in half because most of your points come from tanking hits + returning hits back, not just tanking hits. You hear me say "the longer you live, the higher your score will be / the better you do" but Bishops can invoke the symptoms of death without actually killing you (and can kill you for real after).

So my advice to you is to avoid Bishops unless you're sure you can take them out (thankfully, Bishops want to avoid you too). If you Magic Crash them, a Bishop will always take action: if you're lucky, they'll tele away with that amazing mage mobility and heal (and eat a Hammer; this is what you want!); if you're unlucky, they'll Doom -> Dispel immediately before you can even use HH.

However, the match-up isn't impossible. The entire mantra of a Bishop is "don't make yourself win; make everyone else lose and therefore win" (their scores can attest to that somewhat); thankfully, that happens to be a Paladin's mantra too (though, again, we're not as good). Magic Crash really messes them up because it removes key buffs for them to do pretty much anything: Infinity, Magic Guard, and Invincible (the skill, not invincibility in general). You're on your own with Holy Magic Shell, which is in every way, shape and form, better than your Divine Shield.

This matchup is generally where you don't want to use Threaten. By Threatening everyone else, you effectively made the Bishop completely invincible to all their threats and they'll reward your courtesy with Doom once it ends. Because a Bishop can outlast your Blasts (their Heal is way more amazing than ours), propping up other killers in the room like Thieves, Pirates, or Archers may be an effective strategy. A Mercedes, for instance, is much more adept in dwindling Magic Shell and completely sniping a Bishop with robot unicorn attack before they get a chance to heal.

Of course, because no one likes getting low points, you'll run into situations like making a truce (because Bishops like Infinity and we like not "dying" ). However, this greatly benefits a Bishop moreso than yourself if you're the only dispeller in the room because then a Bishop is free to reign while they get stronger and you stay the same throughout.

However, in a room with many top level players, Bishops will focus on more immediate threats rather than focus on you (everyone will die in less than a minute). This is where you can thrive because there may be individuals in the room who may have no problem taking out Bishops but are a little wary of you, the Paladin.

Demon Slayer
Ugh. What a class. Hero damage, Pally defense, DrK range, Aran mobbing, and a bunch of Ultimates and status effects that are very similar to the other warriors. They seem unstoppable right?

Well, thankfully, a Paladin has many countermeasures to specifically deal with Demon Slayers but it requires you to put a special effort.

[skill=Demon Slayer 4=Demon Cry] is basically what makes them threatening (see what I did there?) but always know you have something they can never have.

Hero's Will!

Yes, Demon Slayers cannot get Hero's Will. This means your Threaten is actually more threatening than his Demon Cry (lol don't shoot me).

Unlike Threaten's awesome non-accuracy based success rate that is unaffected by status resistant traits/attributes (DS has 80% status resist and doesn't stop Threaten), Demon Cry is entirely based on weapon accuracy. If none of the hits connect, you won't get that annoyingly long buff. Therefore, the best strategy to fight Demon Slayers is to always Threaten them when they jump from respawn. If they don't realize that they've been Threatened, there's a 90% chance that their Demon Cry will do nothing and the Demon Slayer is then left with no DF, perfectly healthy and cranky PvPers ready to kill them, and a nice orange swirl above their heads that makes them unable to do pretty much anything.

However, Threaten isn't always available so always keep your Hero's Will ready. If you sense a DS coming soon, scout for any All-Cures and bait the DS into using their Demon Cry. Then, quickly run back and cure yourself with that All-Cure and proceed to Blast them away (if you're lucky, they'll think you're blind and won't notice you hitting them).

Occasionally you'll face [skill=Demon Slayer 2=Soul Eater] and [skill=Demon Slayer 3=Carrion Breath]. Soul Eater acts very much like Monster Magnet where you'll be pulled right next to them with guaranteed stun (if you have Power Guard, you won't get pulled but you'll still receive the stun which, IMO, is actually worse because then you have to run up to them afterwards). There's no safe way to hit a Demon Slayer during Carrion Breath so stick to the outside and wait it out (or if you're confident, just tank the breath and take advantage of their helpless state).

[HEADER]Paladin Isn't For Me: Other PvP Guides[/HEADER]
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PM me if you want the link to your PvP guide to be here .


[HEADER]Credits: The ones that made this possible[/HEADER]

Awesome PvPers that are frustrating to fight and gave inspiration to this guide:
DuskRavager, VileLunatic, tyumagecutie, liSymbolil, ChuDatz

Crash Contributors :
@lil2random , @ImKafei , @ContagiousSmile ,