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Paladins Skills and Training Guide

##What is a Paladin?
A Paladin is Maplestory's defensive class. They are known for their Combat Orders and being virtually unkillable. We aren't worried about dying so we can just kick back and enjoy watching the screen instead of keeping your eyes fixated on your Hp bar. Paladins are masters of the elements using Holy, Fire, Ice, Lightning and Neutral which allows them to be strong against most any element-weak monster. And while Heroes have their offensive party buffs, and Dark Knights have their survivability party buffs, Paladins' party buffs are focused on bossing as they they both strengthen and defend their teammates using Combat Orders, Parashock Guard, and Guardian Spirit and drastically weaken bosses with Magic Crash, Threaten, and Smite. Paladins are great for the unfunded because you don't have to keep throwing mesos toward getting potions every 30 minutes. In fact, Paladins use little to no potions at all, except for cheap Mp potions which you can just get an Mp-Healing familiar to take care of that for free. Also Paladins are the only classes to survive %Hp attacks except Shadowers with Smokescreen active! That gives us a HUGE advantage against every single class in the game and debatably makes us the best overall bossing class in the game.

God-like defense
EXCELLENT boss support
Uses little to no potions
Utilizes a variety of elements
Very relaxed class

Heavy reliance on buffs
%Str equipment is the most expensive stat

AP Build

Pure STR. As of Tempest, no equipment requires secondary stats. Just use auto-assign as it'll put everything into STR as needed. Any extra AP gets put into HP or DEX.


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##Iron Body - Duration 300 Seconds, +200 Wep Def, Max Hp: +20%, Damage Received within 150 range: -10%
##Warrior Mastery - Jump/Speed/Max Speed: +10%, Stance: +40%
##Slash Blast - 335% Damage, Max Monsters Hit: 6
##Warrior Leap - Jump twice in mid air

SP Build

10+1 Slash Blast, +4 Warrior Leap
11-12+6 Warrior Leap[MAX]
13-19+19 Slash Blast[MAX], +2 Iron Body
20-25+18 Iron Body[MAX]
26-30+15 Warrior Mastery[MAX]

End Results:
10 Warrior Leap Maxed
20 Slash BlastMaxed
20 Iron BodyMaxed
15 Warrior MasteryMaxed

First you want mobility to get faster kills and traverse much faster so put 1 SP into your attack skill and work on maxing Warrior Leap. Afterwards it's really just up to you but I recommend getting more 1HKO by maxing Slash Blast. Next you can kiss potions in 1st job(and a little in 2nd Job) goodbye by maxing Iron Body. Then finish off by maxing Warrior Mastery as the 10% Speed/Jump and 40% Stance won't do much for you in 1st job really, that boost is more useful later on.

##Training Locations

10-15Blue Ribbon Pigs / Starfish/1st Job Quests
15-30Cool Jellyfish / Fire Golems/1st Job Quests

Levels 10-15
Blue Ribbon Pigs are easy kills with good exp at that level, same with Starfish except Starfish has a better spawn but you miss more due to higher level. Or if you are completely unfunded or just want to enjoy yourself, do the 1st Job Quests for Perion. They give you an easy road to level 30 with quests all along the way that give you equipment.
Levels 15-30
Now you can head to Cool Jellyfish. They give very good exp and have a pretty good spawn as well with a nice map layout. And at level 24ish, you can head to Fire Golems if you are sick of the jellyfish. The map has good spawn and a decent map with almost the same exp. Up to you which you want to stick to. I just stick with Jellyfish because I like that map more, and the Nautulous area is my 2nd favorite area on Victorea Island. Or you can still stick to doing your 1st Job Quests if you are already doing them. Easy line of quests all the way up to level 30 with free equipment.


Page Skills

##Elemental Charge - By alternating different element attacks, you gain a buff (up to 5 buffs maximum). Each buff gives +8 ATT, +2% Healing(3rd Job Hp Recovery), +2% Damage, +2% status Resistance, -2% Damage Taken (Works with %Hp Attacks and stacks with Shadower's Smokescreen). Automatically learned without any SP.
##Weapon Mastery - Sword/Blunt Mastery +50%, +120 Accuracy
##Final Attack - Proc 40%, Damage 150%
##Weapon Booster - Duration 200 Seconds
##Close Combat - Pulls 8 enemies in front and behind you for 125% damage twice, 80% chance to stun for 5 sec
##Flame Charge - Max Enemies Hit: 4, Hits 3 times of 140% damage, 90% chance to inflict 75% DoT for 6 seconds[FIRE ELEMENT]
##Blizzard Charge - Max Enemies Hit: 4, Hits 3 times of 140% damage, 90% chance to inflict 75% Slow for 6 seconds, +15% Total Damage when target is burned by Flame Charge[ICE ELEMENT]
##Physical Training - +30 Str, +30 Dex

SP Build

30Elemental Charge[AUTO MAX], +1 Flame Charge, +1 Blizzard Charge, +1 Close Combat, +1 Weapon Mastery
31-33+9 Weapon Mastery[MAX]
34+3 Weapon Booster
36-37+5 Physical Training[MAX], +1 Flame Charge
38-43+18 Flame Charge[MAX]
43-49+19 Blizzard Charge[MAX], +2 Weapon Booster
50-51+5 Weapon Booster[MAX], +1 Final Attack
52-58+19 Final Attack[MAX], +2 Close Combat
59-60+6 Close Combat(9)

End Results:
1 Elemental Charge Maxed
10 Weapon Mastery Maxed
5 Physical Training Maxed
20 Flame Charge Maxed
20 Blizzard Charge Maxed
10 Weapon Booster Maxed
20 Final Attack Maxed
9 Close Combat

Right off the bat you'll automatically learn Elemental Charge as it's your specialized skill for Paladins. Put 1 SP into your main skills which are your 3 attacks and Mastery. Now max Mastery as it'll give you much more stable damage and overall increase your damage by 25% and give you a nice ACC boost which is very helpful at these levels. Afterwards put 3 SP into Booster because it speeds up your gameplay and training to increase your exp rates and give you a more smoother experience. You only put 3 SP because that will give you 60 seconds for the buff which is plenty of time for now, so best to save the SP.

You have two choices now: Max Flame Charge first, or Blizzard Charge first. Doesn't really matter which. You can alternate between the two but you'll benefit much more if you can easily 1HKO with them in one skill so maxing one at a time is probably your best option. Or if you have a specific monster in mind that you want to train on, such as Ice Drakes which give a lofty amount of exp and are weak to fire for example. It's up to you.

Finish off with maxing up Booster so it's not so much of an annoyance having to rebuff every 60 seconds. After that, max Final Attack for a small damage boost. Then put the rest of the SP you have into Close Combat. That skill serves it's purpose at 1 SP so it's not a priority the least bit with more SP.

##Training Locations

30-40Ellinia Academy Quests/Mushroom Kingdom Quests/Drakes
40-45Gold Beach Quests
45-50Ludibrium Party Quest/Rien Strait Quests/Robos

Levels 30-40
When you hit 2nd Job and reach Page-status, you should immediately start doing the Ellinia Fairy Academy Quests or Mushroom Kingdom quests. They are an easy way to get to level 36-38 with little effort. Mushroom Kingdom is faster but Ellinia is funner in my opinion. Be sure to do ALL quests given except that stupid King Pepe Scroll quest. Afterwards finish off from getting the last few levels to 40 from Drakes in Sleepywood. Pick any drake you want as you have elemental attacks to do extra damage.
Levels 40-45
At level 40 I believe you unlock the Gold Beach quests. You should head there ASAP as they give pretty good exp and are relatively easy but a few of them require a bit of lengthy grinding, but it's worth it.
Levels 45-50
Open up your Tot's Know How Guide and do the "Know How" quests (not the normal quests like Kerning Square and such). Once you finish all quests he offers you, you'll get a super fast a free level up! You get new quests each level between there so do those and you can get from 46-50 in like 5 minutes!
Levels 50-60
At level 50 you have three options: 1, you can go to Ludibrium Pq as it gives loads of exp very fast. 2, you can do some questing and entertain yourself better by going to Rien Strait and doing the quests. 3, or if you just feel like grinding go ahead and go for Robos. Be sure to use Fire Charge as they are strong to Ice.

White Knight


##Shield Mastery - +250% Weapon and Magic Defense, +40% Guard Rate, +40% Status Resistance (Applies to Rosarios also)
##Achillies - Reduces damage taken by 30%
##Lightning Charge - Max enemies hit: 6, Hits 3 times of 250% Damage, 90% Chance to inflict Stun for 6 seconds, +15% Total Damage when target is slowed by Blizzard Charge[LIGHTNING ELEMENT]
##Combat Orders - All Skill Levels +2, Duration 180 Sec, Passively increases Flame and Blizzard Charge's damage by 70%
##Rush - Max enemies hit: 12, Hits 305% Damage
##HP Recovery - Recovers 50% of Max Hp, Loses 5% Restoration each cast if used again within 15 seconds
##Threaten - Max enemies effected: 6, 75% chance to reduce ATT/Defense/Accuracy by 30% for 80 seconds
##Parashock Guard - Reduces self Defense and Guard Rate by 20% while giving party members (not you) 20% Guard/Damage Reduction, and giving yourself +20 ATT. Toggle On/Off
##Divine Shield - 50% chance to activate, +20 ATT and Guards the next 10 attacks, Reduces damage taken by %Hp attacks by 25%

SP Build

WARNING! Rush, Achillies, and Threaten are -2 SP under max. Lightning Charge is -1 SP under max.
60+1 Lightning Charge, +1 Rush, +1 HP Recovery
61-64+10 Divine Shield[MAX], +2 Lightning Charge
65-70+16 Lightning Charge[CAP 19], +2 Parashock Guard
71-73+8 Parashock Guard[MAX], +1 Shield Mastery
74-76+9 Shield Mastery[MAX]
77-83+20 Combat Orders[MAX], +1 HP Recovery
84-86+8 HP Recovery[MAX], +1 Achillies
87-92+17 Achillies[CAP 18], +1 Threaten
93-98+17 Threaten[CAP 18], +1 Rush
99-100+6 Rush[CAP 8]

End Results:
10 Divine Shield Maxed
19 Lightning Charge Capped
10 Parashock Guard Maxed
10 Shield Mastery Maxed
20 Combat Orders Maxed
10 HP Recovery Maxed
18 Achillies Capped
18 Threaten Capped
8 Rush Capped

Put SP into your new skills to improve your training speed right out of the gate. Start maxing up Divine Shield first because with the ATT and Invincibility it gives, this allows you to hold off on any other Defense skills till later on while giving you a nice damage boost. Lightning Charge is next because it does more damage and you can just do a quick Ice Charge -> Lightning chain for more damage. Now since we don't have any need for Defense or Guard Rate just yet, we can work on Parashock for the ATT boost as DS will take care of you most of the time and any damage you do take you can just use HP Recovery to fix.

Now finish up your main offensive skills by maxing Shield Mastery for the +10 ATT. Combat Orders is next for the +70% to Fire/Ice Charges which you may or may not use very often. HP Recovery gets maxed as it's very important later on in difficult bosses when you may not have CO up all the time. Threaten, Achillies, and Rush get left at -2 under max as you don't have enough SP to max them all and CO will take care of them. They are the least important to have up ALL the time without CO making them the logical choices, unless you have other preferences.

##Training Locations

60-70Ludibrium Party Quest
70-90Monster Park Extreme/Roids/Romeo and Juliet PQ
90-100Monster Park Extreme/Romeo and Juliet PQ

Levels 60-70
You should probably stick with Ludibrium Party Quests here at 60-70 as it is still a 1-2 PQ per level area and is still your best source of exp.
Levels 70-90
At 70 Lpq starts to become a drag and not quite worth the exp. So ditch that and head into the newly unlocked Monster Park Extreme for your new best source of exp. The more damage you do, the better the exp. When you run out of tickets to MPE, head over to Roids in Magatia and grind there. Or if you feel like PQing away, head to R&J PQ.
Levels 90-100
Stick with your daily Monster Park Extreme runs. And when you run out, grind it out in R&J PQ with a party for good exp.



##Holy Charge - Max enemies hit:6, Hits 3 times of 405% Damage, 100% chance to Seal for 10 seconds, +20% Total Damage if target is stunned by Lightning Charge[HOLY ELEMENT]
##Magic Crash - Disable up to 10 monsters around you from casting buffs for 22 seconds. 60 second cooldown.
##Elemental Void- +30% Damage, +210% Damage on Fire/Ice/Lightning Charges, Blast ignores 100% of an enemy's elemental resistances.
##Guardian - Revive one party member and give both them and yourself invincibility for 20 seconds. 600 sec cooldown.
##Power Stance - Passively adds +60% Knock Back Resist
##Hero's Will - Cures self from any status ailment, Cooldown 360 Sec
##High Paladin - +20% Mastery, +400 Defense, and +15% Min Crit Damage. Blunt Weapons add +5% Defense Ignore, Swords add +10% Max Crit Damage.
##Heaven's Hammer - 1320% Damage, Hits 4 times, Max Monsters Hit: 15, Cooldown 30 Sec
##Advanced Charge - ATT and Damage buff increased to +12 ATT and +5% Damage, all Charge skills hit and monster counts increased by +2, 10% chance of instant kill, Blast's hit count is increased by +2.
##Blast - Single Target, Hits 7 times of 318% Damage. Consumes 5 Charges to produce a buff of +40% Critical, +30% Defense Ignore, and +40% Total Damage that lasts for 45 sec.

Hyper Skills

##Sacrosanctity - The blessing of God marks you as sacrosanct for 30 seconds, making you completely invincible. There is a cooldown of 300 seconds.
##Smite - A shield imbued with the power of God is summoned, and strikes down up to 15 enemies for 500% damage 6 times, restricting their movement and buffs for 20 seconds. There is a cooldown of 120 seconds. The maximum damage for this skill is 9,999,999.
##Epic Adventure - A buff that gives the legendary Adventurers of the Maple World 10% increased damage and the ability to pass the damage cap by 50,000 for 60 seconds. There is a cooldown of 120 seconds.

Build Order
+1 Advanced Charge, +1 Blast, +1 Divine Charge
+1 Heaven's Hammer, +1 Guardian, +1 High Paladin
+9 Advanced Charge[MAX]
+30 Elemental Void[MAX]
+29 Blast[MAX]
+29 High Paladin[MAX]
+29 Holy Charge[MAX]
+30 Power Stance[MAX]
+30 Maple Warrior[MAX]
+10 Magic Crash[MAX]
+5 Hero's Will[MAX]
+29 Heaven's Hammer[MAX]
+29 Guardian[MAX]

End Results:
10 Advanced Charge Maxed
30 Elemental Void Maxed
30 Blast Maxed
30 High Paladin Maxed
30 Holy Charge Maxed
30 Power Stance Maxed
30 Maple Warrior Maxed
10 Magic Crash Maxed
5 Hero's Will Maxed
30 Heaven's Hammer Maxed
30 Guardian Maxed

Of course put your SP into the new skills. Immediatley after start maxing out Advanced Charge as it gives a superb buff. Same goes for Elemental Void as the 30% Damage boost and 210% boost to your Charges and Elemental ignore for Blast is too good to ignore! The last super buff we get is the Blast buff from Blast itself so go ahead and max that afterwards.

Now that your damage has exploded, start on High Paladin to stabilize that craziness. Holy Charge was obsolete when we maxed Void Elemental but now we can work on it to bring it up a little bit to be our secondary mobbing skill. By now you're bound to start bossing so you'll need to start maxing up Stance, Maple Warrior, Magic Crash, and Hero's Will. Finish off your skills with Heaven's Hammer and Guardian as those two aren't used very often and 1SP will do the job just fine till then.

Build Order
+1 Advanced Charge, +1 Blast, +1 Divine Charge
+1 Heaven's Hammer, +1 Guardian, +1 High Paladin
+9 Advanced Charge[MAX]
+30 Elemental Void[MAX]
+29 Blast[MAX]
+10 Magic Crash[MAX]
+29 High Paladin[MAX]
+5 Hero's Will[MAX]
+30 Power Stance[MAX]
+29 Guardian[MAX]
+29 Holy Charge[MAX]
+30 Maple Warrior[MAX]
+29 Heaven's Hammer[MAX]

End Results:
10 Advanced Charge Maxed
30 Elemental Void Maxed
30 Blast Maxed
10 Magic Crash Maxed
30 High Paladin Maxed
5 Hero's Will Maxed
30 Power Stance Maxed
30 Guardian Maxed
30 Holy Charge Maxed
30 Maple Warrior Maxed
30 Heaven's Hammer Maxed

Put 1 SP into new skills as usual upon advancement. Advanced Charge, Elemental Void, and Blast are your biggest damage buffs so work on those first to skyrocket your DPM. You probably wont be doing too much bossing in those 100-130 levels anyways so this is mostly prep-work. Now you can work on important support skills for bossing such as Magic Crash. Magic Crash will help out a lot not only for yourself but for everyone else in your party. Work on High Paladin next to optimize and stabilize your damage. After that work on Hero's Will to give yourself a safeguard from Seduce and other status.

Stance is up next as it will prevent you from getting KB'd off a ledge or into something you don't wanna touch. While it may not be a truly AMAZING skill, Guardian does it's job as a useful support tool in bosses if used correctly. Now Holy Charge wasn't very useful after maxing Elemental Void as Lightning takes care of your mobbing just fine, but now that you have the time to push forward in the mobbing department you can start maxing this skill. Then finish off with Maple Warrior and Heaven's Hammer as most people will already have MW covered and HH isn't that useful really, but it is cool!

Hyper Skill Build

LevelsHyper Points (+)Gained/(*)AvailableBuild
140+1 SP, +1 PP+1 Hyper Strength
149*1 PP+1 Blast Reinforce
150+1 SP, +1 AP+1 Sancrosanctity, +1 Hyper Dexterity
160+1 SP, +1 PP+1 Hyper Jump
168*1 PP+1 Blast Critical Rate
170+1 SP, +1 AP+1 Smite
180+1 PP, *1 SPSave Points
183*1 PP, *1 SP+1 Threaten Enhance
186*1 SP+1 Hyper Max MP
190+1 SP, +1 PP+1 Blast Bonus Attack
192*1 SP+1 Hyper Max HP
200+1 SP, +1 PP, +1 AP+1 Epic Adventure, +1 Hyper Critical Rate, +1 Heaven's Hammer Cooldown Reduce

End Results:
  • Stat Passives
Hyper Strength
Hyper Dexterity
Hyper Jump
Hyper Max MP
Hyper Max HP
Hyper Critical Rate

  • Skill Passives
Blast Reinforce
Blast Critical Rate
Blast Bonus Attack
Threaten Enhance
Heaven's Hammer Cooldown Reduce

  • Hyper Skills
Epic Adventure

  • You can switch a Hyper Dex or Hyper Jump point for Hyper Magic Guard if you really want it.
  • Hyper Dex isn't that great as it only gives you a small, insignificant damage boost.
  • Hyper Jump works with Slipstream and increases the distance traveled which increases your mobility if you don't have max Jump already.
  • If you really want, you can switch Threaten Enhance and Blast Bonus Attack around. But I think Threaten will be of more use because you will have it for 7 levels whereas Blast Bonus Attack you will only unlock at 189 so you must save the SP, then next level you can put 1 PP into Threaten. But I would prefer Threaten since you would get more use out of it.

##Training Locations

100-140Zakum/Hilla(Lvl 120)/Monster Park Extreme/Evolution Lab/Neo City Quests(Lvl 125)
140-165Zakum/[monster=Horntail's Head B]Horntail/Krexel(Lvl 150)/Hilla/Dimention Invasion PQ/Evolution Lab
165-190[monster=Horntail's Head B]Horntail/Krexel/Hilla/Knight Strong Hold(2nd Drill Hall)/Hall of Honor(Lvl 170)
190+[monster=Horntail's Head B]Horntail/Krexel/Hilla/Pink Bean(Funded)/Twilight Perion(Funded)/Hall of Honor/Visitor Party Quest

Levels 100-140
New super skills means new super exp. Keep at Monster Park Extreme or head on over to the Evolution Labs to customize your training areas to optimize your exp. Train at Zakum daily for awesome and easy levels but it requires some prequests which not everyone enjoys or can do. At level 120 you unlock Hilla, and she is a fairly easy 5m exp per kill with some good drops. And at level 125 you should definitely start doing your Neo City quests as they are an easy way to get a free level with a 3rd tier epic helmet.
Levels 140-165
Dimention Invasion PQ is unlocked at 140 and is very good exp so definitely give that a go. At level 141 you cannot access Monster Park Extreme anymore. Keep doing your normal training routine but now you can try killing Horntail for boat loads of exp, and at 150 start killing Krexel for another easy wad of exp as well. Though Horntail is a bit difficult to get into without a Badge.
Levels 165-190
Keep doing your daily bosses of Horntail, Krexel, and Hilla (about 150m exp daily). At 165 you can start training in Knight's Stronghold "2nd Drill Hall" for good solo exp, and even better party exp. At 170 you can start soloing Knight's Stronghold "Hall of Honor" for potentiallybetter exp if you're strong enough, but at 189 you can train there with a party for great exp.
Levels 190+
Daily bosses as usual and now, ONLY if you're very funded, you can take on Pink Bean for another super chunk of exp. By now you should have made the switch from 2nd Drill Hall to Hall of Honor. Now if you are pretty decently funded then go on ahead and try out Twilight Perion's "Ancient Mixed Golems". They give 30% more exp than HoH mobs but have just under twice the Hp, although the spawn is fricken bonkers. At Lvl 200 you can now do Visitor PQ as it is pretty good exp and an excellent substitute to grinding; it also has AWESOME rewards for the unfunded that can give +50 ATT, tons of All Stat, and 30% Boss, all for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Handed vs 2 Handed

RED has really reworked a Paladin's weapon choice. Honestly there isn't much difference now besides personal preference as the Multiplier:Speed ratio almost completely equals them out.

  • 2H Maces are stupid cheap as you can fund yourself with a Terminus/Fafnir 2H Mace using pocket change
  • Rosarios are very hard to find in FM with good potentials and are Paladin specific
  • Rosarios cannot be scrolled
  • Approximately 2-3% higher DPM than 1H

  • 1H are averagely priced
  • Shields are much more common in the FM and are tradeable
  • Shields may be more expensive than Rosarios depending on the stats
  • Shields are scrollable for high ATT

Swords vs Maces

With the RED update, we get some very pretty new Mace animations. Many consider the Mace animations to be better looking than sword. But there's a few more differences between Swords and Maces for Paladins.

  • Cheaper than swords. 2H Mace is DRASTICALLY cheaper than anything else in the game
  • High Paladin gives Mace users 5% Defense Ignore. Which when multiplied with other %Defense Ignore, becomes much higher than 5%
  • Better looking Charge animations (Subjective)

  • More expensive than Maces
  • High Paladin gives Sword users 10% Max Crit Damage
  • Better looking Blast animation (Subjective)