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Was this worth 50 mil

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I bought a blazing dragon katara for 50 mil the other day, it had 2 star enchantment idk how you would say that but I think you guys know what im saying, and the stats were DEX +1, LUK +7, ATT 64, and it has 2 lined potential (again idk how to say this) with ATT +4 and luk 3%.
Was that worth 50mil?
After i bought it, I used another enhancement scroll to bring its att to 67, and I put a D rank nebulite giving it 5% chance to inflict level 2 what would it be worth now?
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The nebulite killed it
Apr 16 2013
TikeMyson Level 201 Bera Marksman
35 mil
post 2 short
Apr 16 2013
50m->180m. Good job mate, you made a huge profit.
Apr 16 2013
Yeah but can't i take the nebulite out anytime?...or no
Apr 16 2013
Yeah but can't i take the nebulite out anytime?...or no[/quote]

You can but it costs nx
Apr 16 2013
moonmirage Level 144 Yellonde Demon Avenger 4
Oh god that nebulite
Apr 16 2013
o. Well if i ever come across a better nebulite and some nx then i will give it a new one
Apr 16 2013
souevks Level 208 Scania Phantom 4
Why put useless neb...
Apr 16 2013
und3rknight Level 153 Bera Kaiser 4
The nebulite killed it[/quote]

he is right I suggest getting rid of the nebulite if possible (dunno if you still can), and put something better which is not rank D
Apr 16 2013
Im sorry guys.
Inb4 one more person scolds me for using a bad nebulite
Apr 16 2013
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