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thesecret Level 144 Scania Kaiser 4
@kaneki: I loved the Orbis Boat rides
Especially when this happens:;amp;list=PLFFF97B68BB6FE46E&index=8
It's the same song as the one in this thread, but omg the image and smegas in the picture tho T.T
When Crimson Balrogs did come, there was a different song
Aug 25 2016
kaneki Level 214 Bera Mercedes 4 See what games, anime & art kaneki is intoKaneki
when the crogs came, everyone would just head inside the cabin LOL. and a few afk people outside would die.. and there'd be those two or three people who would stay outside and FIGHT IT. it was amazing
Aug 25 2016
dutch Level 56 Reboot Evan 6th Growth
why are they taking a boat to orbis
why didnt they just use a hyper tele rock its not that expensive
Aug 25 2016
thesecret Level 144 Scania Kaiser 4
@mudkippiratez: Nice video
0:20 and the images in the Ant Hill Dungeon and the Iron Pigs got me in the feels
Aug 25 2016

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