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We let the achivement thread die. Whoops

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gunsthesparkle Level 204 Bera Dark Knight
What a fun ride it has been, but man, was that sudden. I never expected to log on one day and see it locked. My only regret is that I never got that 1k post. Though, I did get the very last one, so that counts for something I guess.

I'm going to lurk around a bit, but if the thread doesn't revive (which at this point I don't think it will), I may leave basil permanently. Well, it's been fun.
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darkspawn980 Level 177 Scania Jett 4
i or cookie could ask for it to be reopened, but really if us old blood have all pretty much quit, and there's no new blood to even talk or achieve anything, does it really deserve to be reopened. i'm ok with it dying a nice death, rather than carrying it's corpse just for the sake of it.

i'll miss you dear thread ;_;7

and as cookie said, you can join or little group of mercenaries in skype.
Jun 28 2016
gunsthesparkle Level 204 Bera Dark Knight
@darkspawn980: Yeah, the thread had a good run, it's probably for the best.
Yeah I'd love to join you guys. I'm on skype all the time, really.
Jun 30 2016
ivege Level 10 Khaini

also there's a skype waaat
Jun 30 2016
panthaero Level 31 Reboot Mercedes 2
Even with the thread gone I'll make sure to travel all over the reboot server as LadyStrong to remind everyone of Dark Knights glory. You guys did great though.
Dec 07 2016
baroo Level 135 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art baroo is intoBaroo
Really wish Basil Market wasn't suddenly so obsessed with shutting down (old but popular) long running threads like this.
With threads like that gone, I really have no reason to even bother logging in anymore. -_-
Dec 07 2016

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