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Weapons and Passion 1 Video

By Asiaox123

Oct 02 2010 Weapons and Passion series by AznBubbleGum. I take NO CREDIT for the video whatsoever. There's episodes 1-13 available atm.
To sum up the series (quotes AznBubbleGum) "This is also a kind of love story just a little more actions involved."

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This is so asian drama...
Oct 03 2010
Horrible character development...and lack of narration makes the episodes go by so slowly.
Oct 03 2010
its not that bad, atleast it has good story i think its great, but it need more smoothnes on the animation, that's all^^
Oct 03 2010
reminds me of a boot legged version of the maplecombat series, but with poor character development laggy animation
Oct 03 2010
Lol @the bootlegged maple kombat series the entire series please. It's about nothing like Maple Kombat.
The animation I admit, could be improved upon, but later in the series, especially toward 9-13, the battle animation becomes superb imo. Maple Kombat: Typical, overused, spear slashes against claw swipes clashing in mid-air. Somewhere in 9-13: Bow defending a spear thrust lightning fast and adjusting position rapidly instead of repetitive BannedStory usable clashes...
And true, if you're not a fan of drama you probably won't like this series
I didn't get the story much in the first episode, but after you watch the first 9 episodes you understand the story: 4 rival clans, each trying to obtain the legendary weapons, fighting each other in opposing clans for it, Yue gets caught up in it cause they saw Ryuke and Jin burying the Legendary sword...etc
Oct 04 2010
Aw... the story is stuck in ep. 13... I hope ep. 14 comes out soon. ):
Oct 04 2010

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