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Wedding ring glitch?

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Sheckamaru Level 163 Bera Corsair
Well i just got married, I dced from the wedding altar once, and after we were done, the ring in my use inventory was still there; its basically stuck there.
It can't be dropped,and I can't double click it, because It says 'You're already married'.

what do i do..?
Posted: October 2010 Permalink


You have to redo the wedding.
Oct 25 2010
akibari Level 152 Bera Kaiser 4
Drop an use item and make sure your equipment section has atleast 1 free spot, should fix it for ya.
Oct 25 2010
Aren't you already wearing it?
Oct 25 2010
Aren't you already wearing it?
Lol Yea
Oct 25 2010

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