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Well Since Yellondead

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happyboyd Level 45 Yellonde Evan 4th Growth
Well since yellonde is dead, which world, or should i finally give this game its long hiatus it deserves?

Theres only 3 TOTAL auctions for yellonde in basil now
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Well Since Yellondead

18%5 / 27Scania or Windia
40%11 / 27Bera or Broa
40%11 / 27Bellocan or Khaini


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you made a mistake in your title
//why would you put 2 worlds in one poll
May 28 2012
Broa it's quiet yet populated
May 28 2012
Faehyre Level 172 Khaini Wild Hunter 4 Lift Guild
Come to Khaini! It's not to over populated here, and it's full of nice people!
May 28 2012
jorge9213 Level 200 Broa Wild Hunter 4
Broa ofcourse
May 28 2012
Yachiru1385 Level 167 Windia Bishop
I remembered i made an acc on Khaini sometime ago.. It was a nice communtiy. I ran into alot of friendly players ~
I would say Khaini
May 28 2012
As overcrowded as it is, I can't not love Scania.
May 28 2012
I dont see whats wrong with yellonde, only difference is empty training maps and small fm
You can do anything else he unless your a loner with no friends
Im sure you will regret leaving in the future
May 28 2012
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