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What Joetangs updated Dps chart will look like Post-red

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lazershock Level 207 Bera Dark Knight
Wanted to make this so people can stop throwing the Insoya one around.
Assumes fast (2), 0% Defense, Adjusted Mastery, all at 0% boss damage (I could do the 100% and 200% categories if enough people want it) and such. All credit goes to Joetang for these numbers (I just complied them into an ordered list, the numbers all come from him though) NO OUTSIDE BONUSES On the normal chart, so no "no cooldown Final Cut" or "No cooldown Sacrifice"

There IS however a special section for no cooldown final cut and no cooldown gungnir at the bottom!

Just to clarify so people stop getting confused and ask how some classes are as high as they are: these charts depict unrealistic situations where a boss doesn't move, attack, etc; and all you do is attack and buff as needed over the course of 1 minute, this chart also does not factor weapon multipliers or pure attack; the ONLY time these charts are remotely realistic, is when you have a boss CONSTANTLY bound for an entire battle, these charts are made to give a basic idea of where classes lay strength wise, not be some end all be all bible on this game =P

NEW LINK TO CHART:;usp=sharing

Please post your thoughts on the chart in the comments section below!

  • Footnote: due to the way the random number generator works, Battleship Bomber is still overall the better skill to use since most of the time it winds up stronger than headshot.

  • Footnote Number 2: Paladin, I/L Archmage and F/P Archmage all has elemental reset, so they are unaffected by physical resist in any way.

  • Footnote Number 3: Zero's chart assumes CONSTANT tag-ins to achieve maximum damage output, doesn't use advanced throwing weapon as its actually detrimental to DPM

Warriors -

Archers -

Mages -

Thieves -

Pirates -

you can find the information of whats being factored on classes at the bottom of each list

Best edit ever: converted the entire chart over to google documents! NOW I can edit it freely and easily!
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SlyOne Level 210 Khaini Marksman
Poor Jetts. They don't even make it on the list.
Jul 17 2013
lazershock Level 207 Bera Dark Knight
Poor Jetts. They don't even make it on the list.[/quote]


Edit: added jett f3
Jul 17 2013
this, is a little more acceptable than the dpm thread
Jul 17 2013
David0696 Level 213 Windia Hero
Incising is not factored in for heros. **Edit: After looking at the links provided after, incising IS factored in.** It increases the damage of the party done on the monster(s) by 10%, which is also pretty cool. I am not sure if the hyper skill that increases damage range by 20% for some jobs like heros (example: [i]Raging Blow - Reinforce[/i]) is factored in. **The description in the link does not say if it was recognized as multiplicative.**

Although Xenon is ranked at #23, people forget how OP all stats are. Godly people make full use of tyrant equips.

Since this chart is based on percents only, weapon multipliers are not taken into account. If I remember right, staffs and wands have a multiplier of "1" (no multiplier). Although DPS charts are a good guide, by no way do they tell the whole story. Some jobs get some crazy skills. For example, heros get 50 attack from Advanced Final Attack, 30 attack from Rage, and an additional 50 weapon attack for one-third of game play.

I think this one looks a lot better than the one that was being passed around.
Jul 17 2013
IImaplers Level 200 Demethos I/L Arch Mage
This doesn't include hypers does it? What about SE?
Jul 17 2013
Regatzopunk Level 205 Broa Phantom 4
Wow no way phantom is in top 10
Jul 17 2013
lazershock Level 207 Bera Dark Knight
Updated original post with more information! now you can all math it out to your little hearts content!
Jul 17 2013
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