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What a cutie Screen

By royalsquishy

royalsquishy Level 203 Scania Shadower
Sep 17 2011 Just drawing this adorable alliance member a picchur. She's so cute and an amazing artist! >U<

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Why isn't this frontpaged?
Sep 18 2011
Glowy Level 64 Broa Angelic Buster 3
Why isn't this frontpaged?[/quote]

This. Nice job!
Sep 18 2011
TreeFiddy Level 105 Broa Blade Lord
she gonna lift up dat skurt uf hurs?
Sep 18 2011
Toadus Level 221 Demethos Shade 4
should be front paged.
Sep 18 2011
For a second I thought this was Gus until I saw Katie's Avatar. LAWLZ.
Sep 18 2011

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