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What a pretty dex staff.. :o Screen

By x3chocolatey

Nov 12 2010 :3 Pretty much what the title says ^u^
I was enhancing it and it gave dex...? :o

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u got rolled back a level? :O[/quote]

I did D: =[
Nov 12 2010
u got rolled back a level? :O[/quote]

That picture's a bit old, but I did :c
I was lv98 and went back to 97~ D:
Now I'm lv99 though :o Rawr, I could be level 100 :c
Nov 12 2010
killer852 Level 131 Scania Cannoneer 4
haha i got lucky n didnt get roll bak on my marauder
Nov 12 2010

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