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What are some blue medals in the game?

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xlgunshotlx Level 141 Scania Phantom 4
I honestly can't find many lol. So far I see the Magnus medal, what else is there? It's for a Phantom on Reboot btw. Can phantoms get the legendary thief medal? I haven't tried that yet.

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itszinna Level 219 Scania I/L Arch Mage
Celebrity/Maple Idol medals are blue, but require a lot of fame.
Feb 18 2016
xlgunshotlx Level 141 Scania Phantom 4
@itszinna: how much fame? Do you have any references of where I can see how it looks ingame? If it's under 1000 and it looks nice then I'll go for it.

EDIT: oh nvm it was fairly easy to find. I dislike how it says medal though. Any others?
Feb 18 2016
dominion Level 57 Scania Beginner
Spirit diviner is kind of teal.
DIPQ medals are like dark blue.
Cygnus' best friend (friendstory) is a very bright blue. Hawkeye's best friend (also friendstory) is closer to royal blue.
The one from KFT is my favorite, and it even has a nice name (Like Clouds and Winds).
Feb 19 2016
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