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What are the games tankiest classes?

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cliffq Level 200 Renegades Kaiser 4
So yeah, what are like let's say the top five tankiest classes after Paladin? I'm thinking of making a class, but I would like for it to be a tank. Was considering Paladin or DK, but I feel like Paladin could get a little boring later on unless I'm partying with people...
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xxndxx Level 210 Bellocan Demon Avenger 4
What wall said, just add demon avenger who even unfunded are well over 200k hp at lv 200 and can tank pretty much any non %hp hit and have self recovery attacks and buffs.
Dec 05 2015
lynerus Level 206 Scania Phantom 4
Mihile is like 2nd best tank i think? mine has (had?) higher def then my paladin did somehow lol
But paladin can heal so
Id say DK is a good 3rd since he has like 2 heals
Dec 05 2015
fr0zenzap Level 190 Khaini Dark Knight
Dark Knights have high HP and some pretty good def, the main tanking abilities are their drain skill to recover HP and their revive skill that also reduces their main bossing attacks cooldown
Dec 05 2015
samusaranz Level 213 Galicia Kaiser 4
Isn't Mihile better than Pally now and deals more damage? #pallysobsolete?
Dec 05 2015
trumpet205 Level 205 Windia Aran 4
Tanky class:

* Shade
* Paladin
* Dark Knight
* Mihile
* Demon Avenger
* Shadower
Dec 05 2015
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