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What class did you make for Reboot? Lets discuss

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fruitloopdingus Level 188 Galicia Blaze Wizard 4
Theres probably already a thread like this but I cant find it to read the comments and kill time so instead id like to make one myself.
- What class did you make for Reboot?
- Why?
- Ign?
- Are you planning on maining or link skill your class?
- What level?
- Current Range?
- Any achievement so far? (Bossing, PQ, Weapon, Level goal, etc)
- Are you in a guild? If yes, wich?
- Are you addicted to One Punch Man like myself?
Personally, so far ive made a Xenon for link skill, its level 40. Planning on making a Dual Blade, as soon as servers are back up.

If you left you Ign and want to add me, pm me
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theandrewhu Level 46 Windia Hunter
+1 Bowmaster because Bowmaster
Dec 04 2015
shangz Level 211 Broa Night Walker 4 Contend Guild
Class: Night Walker
Ign: ItsNite
Why: Because its what I like
Link skills: Plan to make Da, Kanna and Xenon to 120 this weekend
Level: 116 or 118
Range: 32k buffed
Guild: No, I'm looking for one

Yes, One Punch Man is a sick show
Dec 04 2015
knolel Level 30 Bootes Spearman
I made a Dark Knight because its a class I always liked pre-bb and wanted to give it another try now that it's changed and yes I will be maining it. I'm only level 30 atm ;c and I don't have a guild as of yet.
Dec 04 2015
Lumi because kids tend to KS in over crowded servers.
Dec 04 2015
sprinkle Level 220 Windia Phantom 4 Revelation Guild See what games, anime & art sprinkle is intoJess
'Icie' an Aspiring Ice Lightning Arch Mage (atm a lv 13 scrub; 15min of game play op)
Missed using chain lightning as I job changed mine in Windia to a Bishop > ^ <
Dec 04 2015
Evan because the revamp looks awesome !
PLaining to make a active bossing and training guild at 150
add me homie
Dec 04 2015
tokitoki Level 185 Scania Angelic Buster 4 See what games, anime & art tokitoki is intoTokiToki
Wild hunter for pantherssssss.
I was gonna go with Phantom but I heard they're kinda weak unfunded and even though this is reboot i probably won't get that far.

I heard one punch man is good. Art style is kinda throwing me off tho.
Dec 04 2015
iamaurian Level 204 Reboot Blade Master
Decided to go with a shadower for 3 reasons:
1. LUK is just as affordable as any other stat in reboot (too expensive in other servers)
2. Explorer classes can change jobs, so if you get bored you can switch and keep equips (can't do this otherwise in reboot)
3. Shadowers get lots of mesos ^^
Dec 04 2015
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